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One of the things that I love most about being a mom is watching as my girls become interested in new and exciting things. Reese is 2, so her interests are basically whatever her sister is doing and "Doc McStuffins".  Drew, having just turned 7, has quite a variety of interests. Most recently, she has expressed an interest in science! Luckily, we recently got to work with Discover with Dr. Cool to review the Purple Amethyst Crystal Growing Kit.

Discover with Dr. Cool, created by the husband and wife team of Jordan and Katie Willing, offers a line of science kits that aim to show kids the cooler side of science. Each kit offers an exciting hands-on experience that will inspire young learners with the wonders of the natural world. Based on our experience, I can say that these kits will definitely catch your young one's interest and will lead to some great conversations in the days to come!

Drew Was Pretty Happy!

Contents of the Kit

Drew was so excited to discover what was in the box. Reese was pretty excited too, but since she is a little too young to participate in a hands on sort of way, we had her (mostly) play spectator. 

Drew Was Very Cautious and Did a Great Job Including Reese In a Safe Way

We were happy to watch our crystals form over the next few days. We made sure that our jar was in a spot that a little monkey (Reese) could not easily get to and where it wouldn't be moved because moving it would interfere with how the crystals formed. Drew was really interested in keeping track of the daily changes, sometimes checking on her crystals upwards of 10 times a day! 

The First Few Days of Growth! We Put a Light Underneath To Help Highlight What Was Going On!

We definitely had a blast with our Purple Amethyst Crystal Growing Kit and think it would make a great gift for any science enthusiast on your holiday shopping list, but Discover with Dr. Cool has much more to offer. Check out some of the other kits that we've added to our personal wish list!

Dinosaur Dig Kit

The Ultimate Volcano Science Kit

The Lightning Dig Kit

Shark Teeth Dig Kit

Want It? Buy It! 

You can find all of these science kits, and many more, on the Discover with Dr. Cool Website. Any child, and even some adults, would love to receive any of these awesome kits as a gift this holiday season! While you are browsing the Dr. Cool site, you should also check out the free science project ideas they shared. Be sure keep up with Discover with Dr. Cool on Facebook and Twitter.

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