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Deck Your Halls with Dianoche Designs

At Christmas time we love to deck our halls with garland, lights, stockings, and tinsel. Doing whatever we can to bring a festive look to our homes.  But during the rest of the year, many of us have bare walls and somewhat boring rooms. Our walls want art! Our beds beg for pattern! Our bathrooms should be bathed on color! We all want our home to reflex us, and now we can! 

DiaNoche Designs is the perfect company to put that pizazz in each of our homes. From Kitchens, to bathrooms, and bed spreads to pet beds DiaNocheDesigns has exactly what you need! 

DiaNoche Designs decorates and brightens homes with their signature Illuminated Wall Art, bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen decor, as well as tons more! The DiaNoche products are made only at the time of ordering, from quality products and made right here in the USA! They offer custom orders, all you have to do is ask! DiaNoche employes more than 70 artists from around the world. Such a cool company!

I was lucky enough to receive my very own illuminated art from DiaNoche Designs entitled The Four Seasons by Aja-Ann. What is illuminated art you say? It's awesome, thats what it is! Illuminated art looks like regular paintings but when the lights go out at night, you have the option of turning your art on. With a warm glow, your art comes alive! Check out The Four Seasons at the Harris house...

Im blessed enough to have a best friend who is an artist that loves to make art for me. Because my walls are full, I decided to put my illuminated art on our book/game shelf. Here it is during the day, just looking cute.  
Here is a close up of our gorgeous illuminated art; The Four Seasons. 
It was hard to get an awesome picture of our illuminated art when it was dark but here is my best shot. It surprisingly puts off a lot of light. It makes a great night light to keep on so if someone has to walk around in the dark it puts off enough light without blinding you.

I really like my illuminated art from DiaNoche Designs! It adds a great pop of color to our living room and looks super cool at night. I've had a lot of people tell me how interesting it is! Each illuminated art piece is also available in a regular canvas piece as well as many accent pieces for rooms. Check some of the other illuminated art:
DiaNoche Designs come in abstract art. 
Realistic Art.
Motivation Art
Fantasy Art. 
Travel Art.
Cartoon Art. 

DiaNoche Designs has tons of other nifty decor for every room in your house. Check out some of their awesome ideas:

What a gorgeous bedroom! 
Easily makeover your kitchen!
DiaNoche Designs has everything you need for your office!
Spice up your living room! 
Give your kids the room of their dreams! 
Get a rockin bathroom! 

DiaNoche Designs has something for everyone on your holiday list! From wall art to bedspreads, rugs, to shower curtains, you are sure to find something you love! Want your own decor from DiaNoche Designs? Check out any one of their websites listed below:

Official Website - https://www.dianochedesigns.com/

Official Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/DianocheDesigns

Google Docs - https://plus.google.com/+Dianochedesigns/posts

Wanelo - http://wanelo.com/dianochedesigns

Pintrest - http://www.pinterest.com/dianochedesigns/

Want it? Buy it! 
Put DiaNoche Designs on all your holiday wish lists today! Pick something up for everyone you love and especially something for yourself! I LOVE all of their awesome designs and decor! 

Special thanks to DiaNoche Designs for sponsoring this awesome review! I LOVE my illuminated art! 


  1. They have such a lovely assortment of products!

    1. Don't they though? Id love to decorate all my rooms with their products!


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