Artisanal Gourmet Delicacies from Try the World: Special Edition Holiday Box

I know I'm not alone in this, but one day I'd love to travel the world and sample cuisine from all over! Looking at our budget, I'm pretty sure that day is pretty far from today, but thankfully I can still sample goodies from different countries with the Special Edition Holiday Box from Try the World.

Try the World was founded by Kat and David, who met while studying at Columbia University. Their passion for travel and discovering new cultures inspired them to create the first subscription program that helps the user discover the best gourmet food and cultural finds from across the globe by shipping it right to their door! The company believes that "life is too short to not try everything that's out in the world" and I tend to agree.

Founders Kat and David Sharing Their Try the World Story....

The subscription boxes from Try the World usually contain special treats from a single country. Mommy's Block Party Founder, Ondria, got to sample and review their "Rome" box a short time ago and really enjoyed it. This season, for the first time, Try the World has gathered gourmet products from different countries into one box, allowing the recipient to experience winter culinary traditions from around the globe, without the need for a passport! 

Drew Could Not Wait to See What Was Inside of the Beautiful Box!

I Love the TTW Logo!

A Culture Guide Was Included...

...With This Sweet Note Inside!

We Also Got This Informative List About the Products Inside of the Box! 

Drew and Reese Enjoyed Removing the Crinkled Packing Paper! 

Our First Peek! 

Now, we were all very interested to find out what was in the box, but after the first peek, the three of us (the girls and I, because Matt is just too cool) were essentially bouncing around with excitement at the thought of what we would see next. This was just as exciting as opening a gift on Christmas morning!

Le Palais Des Th├ęs- Combining the Allure of the Orient with the Panache of French Tea Culture! 

Favarger- One of the Oldest Brands of Swiss Chocolate Still in Production Today and Geneva's Most Famous Chocolate Manufacturer!

I was excited about the tea, but Drew made sure to stake her claim in the chocolate bar right away. I mentioned what a great gift the box would make for the holidays, and she said it would, but she wanted to keep our box because she "really wants that chocolate bar"!

Anna's Pepparkakor- A Traditional Swedish Holiday Cookie

Mystery Seasonal Product- The Koska Hazelnut Snack Bar 

Doce De Leite- A Sampler Trio of Brazilian Spreads

I could not wait to dig into the spreads. I was trying to imagine all of the uses for them, but could only get as far as toast and pancakes. I'm definitely going to have to do some research to see how to use these for baking.

Rip Van Wafels- A Traditional Dutch Treat, Often Enjoyed with a Mid-Morning Coffee! 

Les Confitures A L'Ancienne- Made with Only the Finest Cocoa Beans

Urbani Tartufi- Long Associated with the Finest Italian Tasting Truffles. We Received 2 Chocolate Truffles and a Sample of Truffle Oil! 

The Special Edition Holiday Box definitely gives one the opportunity to experience winter culinary traditions from around the globe, and is basically bliss in a box! While I am looking forward to trying all of these goodies in their country of origin one day, I'm so glad to sample them now through Try the World

Want It? Buy It! 

The Special Edition Holiday Box would make an excellent gift for the person who wishes to or already has traveled the world! Visit Try the World today to see which subscription box is the best fit for your gift giving needs. Thanks to the fine folks at Try the World, you can receive 30% off of your first subscription box (the $39/box option) with the coupon code MOMMPARTYTRAVELS . Be sure to stay connected with Try the World on TwitterFacebookPinterestGoogle+, and Instagram

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