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Style wise, this is my favorite time of year. Since the weather is cooler, there is so much more fun we can have with layering and accessorizing. That said, the weather is often completely spastic in NC this time of year. One day, it'll be in the 30's, and two days later, we're reaching near 70 degrees, as was the case this past weekend. Having transition pieces in my wardrobe, that can be mixed and matched for warm or cool weather is important to me. I don't have a ton of time or unlimited resources to do a lot of shopping for tons of clothing. I need pieces that will look great on me, are low mantinance as far as care goes, and that can be worn with jeans or leggings to create different looks.

KendallJane Boutique

I grow tired of shopping at big box stores, which you find in the mall or shopping centers. Everything looks the same. I live in a smallish city, and definitely don't want to be caught wearing the same outfit as someone else. For this reason, I love to shop online boutiques, and a couple of weeks ago, I ran across KendallJane, an online clothing boutique offering adorable styles at affordable prices! KendallJane was founded by two girls who happen to be best friends- Maria and Kelsey. These two believe that girls everywhere should be able to dress comfortably, look and feel classy and beautiful, without having to pay top dollar. 

I fell in love with so many styles available from KendallJane, and was excited for the opportunity to connect with Kelsey and Maria. They offered me the opportunity to select three pieces that caught my eye, and they would send me one of those which was available. Several of the pieces I really loved were out of stock in my size, but it didn't take long for me to find other pieces I loved just as much!

These were my top three choices:

Animal Print Top

Burgundy Chiffon Blouse- $26.99

Olive Crochet Long Sleeved Top

I had no idea what top I would wind up with, and couldn't wait for my package from KendallJane to arrive! I was in for a sweet surprise! My package arrived via USPS, in a standard plastic mailer. When I opened the package, I was delighted when I saw a cranberry colored top inside! The ladies at KendallJane decided to send me the Burgundy Chiffon Button Top Blouse. I was so excited, because this piece is a wonderful transition piece, and it's 3/4 length sleeved with a roll up button option to make it short sleeved.

The ultimate holiday color to rock at home, the office or those holiday parties... gorgeous burgundy.

I couldn't wait to try this lovely, holiday blouse on. The chiffon is so light and flowy! I knew right away how I wanted to wear the blouse. It's not quite tunic length, though I could probably get away with wearing it with leggings. I chose to wear the blouse with dark, almost black skinny jeans and black boots.

Comfy, casual style- can be dressed up or played down, depending on how you wear the blouse.

I actually wore this outfit to church and it kept me comfy as I lead worship, and gave a bit of holiday style, as well.

The blouse is completely comfortable, and classic, with a modern cut. I really love how it hangs loose, and offers a longer length than your traditional blouse. It offers rolled sleeves that can be buttoned up, and buttons partially in the front. There is also a single button detail on the back of the blouse. I paired a cranberry colored cami with this, a black leather bracelet, black boots and jeans. This blouse would also look super cute if paired with a black skirt, and was worn tucked in, with flats or slingbacks. I kept my jewelry pretty simple, because I wanted attention focused on the blouse, and not my accessories.

I tend to get warm when I lead worship on Sunday mornings, because I am moving around a lot, so this airy blouse was a truly wonderful choice. I don't work in an office outside of the home anymore, but if I did, I would totally wear this to work! We have some holiday parties coming up, and I am reserving this blouse for those parties, because it's festive looking without being in your face about it.

I love everything that KendallJane Boutique has available in their store right now, and you will, too! Take a look at some of these other great pieces...

Black and White Plaid Zip Hoodie

Black Chevron Multi Tunic

Emerald Cuff Top

Navy Colorblock Cardigan

What's not to love? At KendallJane Boutique, you'll find something for all of the ladies on your holiday gift list, and perhaps a few things for yourself! I can't wait to add even more beautiful styles from KendallJane Boutique to my personal wardrobe!

Want It? Buy It!

Head on over to KendallJane Boutique to do a little holiday shopping! You'll love their trendy, yet modest and classic collection of apparel! Stay in touch with KendallJane Boutique by signing up for their newsletter, or by connecting with them on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or Google+.

Special thanks to KendallJane Boutique for outfitting me for the holiday season, and allowing me to share about these beautiful style options!

Stay stylish!

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