Weekends with the Wigglesworths-

It's Saturday, the start of another weekend, and we will be busy running errands and completing some tasks around the house. Well, the girls and I will be running errands while Matt completes some tasks around the house. 

I am excited because I get to pick up one of Drew's birthday gifts today! She is turning 7 on the 19th and we will be celebrating next weekend! In addition to Drew's gift, we have to pick up a few of the party supplies. She has decided that she would like a "Frozen" theme with a Barbie cake that is a pink (strawberry) cake with purple frosting!  I'm hoping that I can find an Elsa Barbie-type doll, but honestly I am not sure how I am going to swing the purple frosting. 

This One Looks Amazing And Thankfully Directions Are On Pinterest! 

Tomorrow I am looking forward to going to church and then visiting with my Gram for a little while. Other than that, no big plans. What are you doing this weekend?

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  1. I would be scared to death to attempt to make a cake like that. But it sure is a pretty cake and I cannot imagine any little girl not liking it for their birthday!


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