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Tip Tuesday- Thank a Veteran!

It's Tuesday and Veteran's Day, which means the girls and I will be talking about the holiday and most importantly why we are thankful for our Veterans.

Drew is old enough that she has a basic understanding of Veteran's Day. I  plan on starting the conversation with her by asking what she can tell me about Veteran's Day and see where it takes us. Usually when she has questions (which is like every 2.5 minutes) that I can't answer (more often than I care to admit), we look them up online. Since Reese is so young and antsy, it'll be fun to see how long we can keep her attention. 

I also plan on attempting a few activities like having Drew write a thank you note similar to this one and maybe making up a character traits chart. If you are looking for some activities to help your kiddos learn more about Veterans Day (and maybe learn more about the holiday yourself), you can always search for "Veteran's Day Activities on Pinterest or check out this great list of activities. 

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