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Splash Math Kids Educational App #Review #FreeMathApp

Splash Math - First Grade Learning Math Games for kids. The grade 1 free apps cover 13 chapters and 185 math skills in addition and subtraction, counting money and other math skills. All are activities aligned to US Common Core State Standards.

Over 8 million kids are learning with the Splash Math learning games.

Grade 1 Math - Splash Math App lets first graders preview up to 20 questions for free every day. You can unlock full access with an in-app purchase.

I couldn't wait to download Splash Math and try it out with B! Splash Math is a wonderful learning app for little ones who are just starting out with simple math. From simple addition and subtraction to early word problems, Splash Math provides a fun way for children to learn- either with mom and dad by their side, or on their own. The graphics are colorful and fun, and the overall app is encouraging . I was able to introduce simple math problems to my four-year-old through this awesome app. He was instantly engaged, and showed a desire to problem solve. This is a wonderful learning tool and resource for parents, who want to continue the learning fun at home or on the go!

Here we are, doing a few math problems...

Hubby helping B with his math problems during a lunch break.

Splash Math offers voice narration, and a scratch pad!

Plus, your child earns rewards along the way!

We think Splash Math is truly awesome! I love that it's something we can use now- to go ahead and prep B for Kindergarten. I stink at math, so this will also help me get back into the math groove as we look toward future homework (yikes!).

Parents can track their child's progress and receive weekly e-,mail reports!

Compatible with common core, and available 24/7!

Want It? Get It!

Download Splash Math for free on GooglePlay!

Have fun, and keep learning!

This post was created in partnership with Mom Buzz Media and all opionions expressed are my own.

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  1. I have a little niece who loves math. I think she would really love this on her tablet. I mean after all, 8 million kids can't be wrong!


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