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Organization is one of those things that I can either be amazing at one day and horrible at the next day! These next products have become a saving grace to my school year! I can't wait to introduce you all to some great new items that will help even the most disorganized person straighten up a bit.

Post-it is a stationary trademark, owned by 3M

Post-it has come a long way since I was a kid and all they had were those little yellow sticky notes. I was lucky enough to get to try some of their awesome organizational products meant for school and students young and old. I know I've put mine to work!

 The first product Im going to introduce you to isn't your every day Post-it sticky note. These are world traveling stickies! Each pack of Colors Of The World Post-it notes has a unique collection of colors to go along with the worldly theme it holds.

Greek reminds me of the deep blue waters and stark white buildings of Greece. 
Bangkok holds the colors of sunsets glowing against temples. 
New York City reminds me of the gray buildings, the blue sky, and the yellow city lights. 
Rio de Janeiro contains all the colors of Carnival! 
These are all the colors of the Greek collection. I love the teal/turquoise ones. 
They look great on my desk.
The next item up for introduction is the Post-it pocket. This pocket is great for home, lockers, or work. It holds all kinds of stuff like papers, pens, and more. I turned mine into a mailbox for outside my classroom. Now when the secretary or other faculty member has a message for me, they can leave it in my message folder instead of coming in during a lesson. 

Posted outside my classroom.
With a sharpie I turned my pocket into a message holder.

One of my favorite things in the package of Post-its was the full adhesive notes! I love regular Post-its but there have been so many times in my life that I wished the entire thing had sticky on it, my wish has been granted! These little guys are awesome, they are great for putting in books. 

The full adhesive notes also work great with the page markers. If you make yourself notes with the full adhesive inside a book, you can't really see it from the outside. Problem solved! Mark it with a page marker. If you're really organized you can even color code things because there are a variety of matching colors. 

I used my full adhesive notes and page markers in my Bible during our morning devotions at school. I use the full adhesives to mark favorite passages, favorite stories or important parts of text that I need to read often. 

I marked the 10 Commandments because we are studying those in my class right now. 

I marked the story of Jesus' birth because it I read it to my class every year. 

I also marked Joseph because it is my favorite Bible story.
I also received a pack of writable flags as well as the regular Post-it flags. Both of which really came in handy in my daily planner as well as my monthly calendar. Im always flipping through pages of my lesson plan book trying to find where the attendance section is then back to the daily lessons over and over every day... its annoying. Thankfully I now have my little flags to help me know where we are. I've also used one in my daily devotions book so I can just turn to the days devotion and then stick it on the next page. 

Writable flags are great for marking certain pages.

Flags are great for color coding as well as marking pages or passages that are important. 

The writable flags come in a handy pop and go holder.

The flags also come in a handy pop up holder. 

Here is my calendar with my writable flag. 
I used a variety of flags for my lesson plan book.

Using a flag to mark my daily devotions.
I used a variety of Post-it products on my copy of our musical that we are working on for Christmas, 

Here is the inside It's so nice to be able to leave myself notes that I don't have to erase.

All in all, I love every Post-it product I received. They are all great and have really come in handy. 

All my awesome Post-it products ready for me to use! 

As a teacher, I am a strong believer in the fact that you can never have enough organizational tools within your reach.  Post-it makes it so easy. 

Want it? Buy it! 
Post-it brand products are available practically everywhere you go! If you want to find less popular items that might not be in stores check them out online

Special thanks to Post-it for working with me on this fabulous review! I've become way more organized and things are so much easier to find! Thanks a million!! 

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  1. I am a visual person and I still prefer to write down things than put them in a computer. I couldn't make it through a day without post it notes. I love them! I use them in the ways you do and others as well. I use almost all of the items you showed here too!


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