PLANES Fire & Rescue Review Now on Disney Blu-Ray and DVD

Disney's "Planes Fire & Rescue" has landed on Disney Blu-ray™  Combo Pack, Digital HD, Disney Movies Anywhere, DVD and On-Demand platforms! The follow-up to last year's "Planes" comes the world famous racer Dusty Crophopper who joins an elite fire and rescue unit and learns what it takes to be a true hero. The high-flying comedy adventure also comes jet packed with an all-new exclusive animated short, deleted scenes, music video and more!  



Landing on Disney Blu-ray™ Combo Pack, Digital HD, Disney Movies Anywhere,
DVD & On-Demand Nov. 4, 2014!

~ Includes All-New Exclusive Animated Short “Vitaminamulch: Air Spectacular” and More! ~

BURBANK, Calif. September 12, 2014 — Disney’s Planes are back in the high-flying comedy adventure “PLANES: FIRE & RESCUE,” landing on Disney Blu-ray Combo Pack, Digital HD, Disney Movies Anywhere, DVD and On-Demand platforms Nov. 4, 2014. In this heart-pumping, laugh-filled follow-up to last year’s smash hit “PLANES,” world famous racer Dusty Crophopper joins an elite fire and rescue unit and learns what it takes to be a true hero. Featuring non-stop action, memorable characters and never-before-seen bonus features, “PLANES: FIRE & RESCUE” is this fall’s must-own animated family film!

After flying to the top of the box office this summer as the #1 animated movie in America three weeks in a row, “PLANES: FIRE & RESCUE” soars to spectacular new heights on Blu-ray and Digital HD, featuring wondrous high definition picture and sound, plus thrilling bonus features, including the all-new exclusive short “Vitaminamulch: Air Spectacular;” the mock-umentary promotional piece "Welcome to Piston Peak;” “CHoPs” TV Promo and “Air Attack:  Firefighters From The Sky,” an exciting inside look at the making of the film featuring real-life smoke jumpers and firefighters. Additional bonus features include Spencer Lee’s "Still I Fly" music video, deleted scenes with filmmaker introductions, and two “PLANES: FIRE & RESCUE” shorts: “Dipper” and “Smokejumpers.” Exclusively available on Disney Movies Anywhere (DMA) are the bonus shorts “Blade Ranger” and “Piston Peak.”

“PLANES: FIRE & RESCUE” is fueled by a star-studded voice cast that includes Dane Cook (“Planes”) as Dusty, Julie Bowen (“Modern Family”) as Dipper, Ed Harris (“Gravity”) as Blade Ranger, Captain Dale Dye (“Saving Private Ryan”) as Cabbie, Cedric the Entertainer (“Ice Age”) as Leadbottom, Erik Estrada (“CHiPs”) as Nick “Loopin” Lopez, Brad Garrett (“Everybody Loves Raymond”) as Chug, Teri Hatcher (“Desperate Housewives”) as Dottie, John Michael Higgins (“Pitch Perfect”) as Cad, Hal Holbrook (“Into the Wild”) as Mayday, Stacy Keach (“Planes”) as Skipper, Regina King (“Ray”) as Dynamite, Anne Meara (“Night at the Museum) as Winnie, Jerry Stiller (“The King of Queens”) as
  Harvey and Wes Studi (“Avatar”) as Windlifter. It was directed by Roberts Gannaway (“Secret of the Wings”) and produced by Ferrell Barron (“The Fox and the Hound 2”).

Bonus Features:
Blu-ray Combo Pack, Digital HD/SD & Disney Movies Anywhere
·       Exclusive Animated Short - “Vitaminamulch: Air Spectacular”

·       "Welcome to Piston Peak! - This mock-umentary promotional piece shows off all the highlights of the acclaimed Piston Peak National Park and its aerial firefighting team.

·       "CHoPs” TV Promo - An in-world TV promo with announce.

·       Air Attack:  Firefighters From The Sky - This high-energy, music-driven behind-the-scenes piece takes an inside look at the real smoke jumpers and firefighters who attack wildfires from the air as Director Roberts Gannaway and Producer Ferrell Barron take us through their journey in making the film.

·       Spencer Lee Music Video "Still I Fly"

·       Deleted Scenes with Filmmaker Introductions:

o   “Honkers”

o   “Dusty's Dream No More”

·       Animated Shorts:

o   “Dipper”

o   “Smokejumpers”

*Digital bonus offerings will vary per retailer

·       Spencer Lee Music Video "Still I Fly"

Exclusive DMA Discover Content:
·       Animated Shorts:

o   “Blade Ranger”

o   “Piston Peak”

Disc Specifications:
Feature Run Time:                             Approximately 83 minutes
Rating:                                                        Feature Film: “PG” in U.S.; “G” in Canada (CE + CF)
                                                                        Additional Bonus Features Not Rated
Aspect Ratio:                                         Blu-ray Feature Film = 2.39:1
                                                                        DVD = 2.39:1
Audio:                                                         Blu-ray Feature Film = English 7.1 DTS-HDMA, French & Spanish 5.1 Dolby Digital, English DVS 2.0 Dolby
DVD = English, Spanish, & French 5.1 Dolby Digital, English DVS 2.0 Dolby
Languages/Subtitles:                        English, Spanish, & French

Our Thoughts...

B was more than excited to receive a copy of Disney's Planes Fire & Rescue!

'Can we watch it now, mommy? Please, oh please?'

We loved the packaging, with Dusty front and center!

Our copy contained a Blu-Ray disc, DVD, digital HD copy, and Disney Movie Reward points code!

We popped some popcorn, and sat down to watch Planes Fire and Rescue, which was a great way to spend a rainy, cold Saturday. We zipped right to the movie, and when Dusty appeared, B zoomed around the living room, rght along with him. 

It was wonderful to see old friends like Dottie, Chug, and Skipper, around Prop Wash Junction. We were sad to see Dusty hit a snag in the road with his racing career, but looked out with hope, when Dusty befriends some of the members of the fire and rescue squad, and takes an interest in what they do. Dusty realizes that they risk their lives everyday, for vehicles they don't even know- they are selfless, and brave!

Dusty decides that he wants to stop feeling sorry for himself, and do something with his life once again- and if he can't race, he wants to do something else worthwhile. Dusty is prompted to join the rescue squad, but it isn't an easy road for him. As with racing, Dusty has to be trained, follow the guidance of his elders, and those in positions of authority, and follow his heart, as well.

Planes Fire and Rescue is an exciting tale of strength and perserverence, as well as selflessness, teamwork, and bravery. It's very lighthearted and fun, just like the first Planes movie was. There are a lof of fun jokes that the parents will 'get' and enjoy, and there's lots of action and adventure for the little ones! I loved hearing familiar voices through out the movie- especially Julie Bowen (of Modern Family)- she's a tripp!

The bonus features with this disk are great! We love the music video, and the special short film! What wonderful 'extras'!

Want It? Buy It!

We give Planes Fire and Rescue 5 stars, and definitely recommend that you add it to your personal Disney movie collection. Planes Fire and Rescue would make a wonderful Christmas gift or stocking stuffer this season! Look for Disney Plaves Fire and Rescue wherever you prefer to purchase home entertainment, or head to the Disney Store online to purchase the movie, as well as Disney themed toys, apparel, and more!

Special thanks to our friends at Disney and Click Communications for allowing us to review and experience the magic of Disney, and fun and adventure that comes along with Planes Fire & Rescue. We can't wait to see what Disney will roll out with next!

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