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Perfectly Posh W/ Bonnie Dodge

At Home Spa Day!!

This time of year, my stress level is at orange, one step away from a code red! We had teacher conferences in Indianapolis, volleyball season ended, basketball season started, report cards went home, parent teacher meetings were held, my students sang in church and are singing again next week, my church choir has sang twice in the last month, Kindergarten was in charge of giving chapel, we went to a wedding, the holidays are coming and that is all on top of normal lesson planning and every day life. I needed a break, so I gave myself one!

Last Friday night, I was home alone and decided that I was going to relax and pamper myself! I painted my nails with some great new nail polish that will be mentioned in another blog, and I gave myself a Perfectly Posh Pamperology Honey and Annatto green tea facial that was sent to me by the awesome Bonnie Dodge. 

Cute little package. 

Honey is used to sooth and moisturize skin giving it a healthy glow. Also, did you know that honey can help prevent acne?! Annatto is rich in vitamins to give you more youthful skin. 

My 3oz container. Contains multiple uses. 

Each mask starts with the same powder foundation. 

The coolest part of these Pamperology facials is that you can pick what you want your facial to do for you! I picked the green tea facial because it's for reducing puffiness in your face as well as containing anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties. 

My letter from Bonnie about this fab new product. 

You can choose from 15 different types of facials to make at home. Some of the ideas Perfectly Posh provides you are milk for pore reduction, lemon juice for exfoliation, plain yogurt for lightening skin and many many more. 

Seeping my green tea for my facial.

When the powder gets mixed in your green tea facial will turn a lovely mustard color. I did have to add more powder than the recipe called for because it was just really thin.  

Here I am doing my green tea facial from Paperology.


During. Don't I look lovely!  
After, you can see my face is less puffy in my cheeks, chin, and forehead. My skin was less red and felt soft and fresh too! 

If you are needing some relaxation, and I know you are, give this great new kit from Perfectly Posh a try. Its refreshing, easy, and can really help after a long week. Even after a week of super cold temperatures and scalding hot showers, my skin still feels pretty great! Pamperology will totally get me through these next few months of torture I put my skin through. I can't wait to do another type of mask! 

Want it? Buy it!
You can get the Perfectly Posh Pamperology kit from Bonnie as well as an entire slew of Perfectly Posh products! I love their bath balls(bombinators)! 

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