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Make a Stylish Statement this Holiday Season with #EyecandyLA

Do you have the holiday fashion blues? It seems like we often get excited for fall fashion, and as soon as it's time to bundle up, our style becomes burried beneath layers of coats, sweaters, scarves, etc! We may need layers to keep us warm outside, but inside is a different story! I like wearing a light sweater with a blouse or top, in case I am chilly, because it can easily be removed if I become too warm. Blouses and cardigans are great style staples for fall and winter, because they can really be dressed up with statement jewelry!

I recently had the opportunity to connect with the awesome team at Eyecandy Los Angeles, where statement jewelry and high fashion are a top priority! Eyecandy LA started with the vision of providing the latest for the fashionably hip along with providing exceptional value, quality, and superb customer service. Since its inception in 1996, Eyecandy LA has grown from a mother-daughter dream to one of the web's most outstanding shopping experiences. They offer a select choice of clothing, shoes and accessories. Their brands consist of emerging new designers and their buyers travel the world so that you can find a style to call your own. They buy in limited quantities as many of their available items come fresh from our designers' studios.

I couldn't wait to be surprised by Eyecandy LA, who offered to send me a statement necklace. I did select a few styles that caught my eye, on the Eyecandy LA website, but those wound up being unavailable, so I had no idea what I would wind up with.

Check out my surprise! No reason to have the fall fashion blues when you have a gorgeous piece, such as this!

I received a beautiful blue and gold statement necklace from Eyecandy LA! The necklace sits on a thick gold band, which featured a blue and crystal leaf-out design on the left and right sides of the necklace, and a beautiful statement burst in the middle. The entire necklace is set in gold, and embellished stones are surrounded by lovely, delicate details.

Take a closer look at this beautiful necklace!

This piece is absolutely different from any other statement necklace I own. This necklace from Eyecandy LA truly makes a statement! No matter what you wear it with, the necklace is what catches people's attention. I have worn this necklace multiple times, and each time I've worn it, I have noticed people peering at it. This isn't something that I would have chosen for myself, because I don't normally wear a lot of gold jewelry, or wear anything quite this large- however, I am so glad that I received this piece! This gorgeous necklace is sort of out of my comfort zone as far as jewelry goes. It calls attention to itself, and becomes a true showpiece!

The double thick chain makes this necklace wearable art, rather than just a piece of jewelry!

This beautiful necklace isn't super long, which I like, because that means that it won't get lost underneath whatever you're wearing. I chose to wear this with a simple blouse. It would look great with black or white, and if you're daring- it would look really beautiful paired with the right colors. I'm not super bold or daring, so I decided to play it safe with the blouse, and let the necklace speak for itself!

Lookin' pretty in peek-a-blue!

A stylish statement for work or play!

Eyecandy LA offers gorgeous designer styles for men and women- from jewlery to clothing and more!

Gemstone My Neck

Michelle Necklace

Bead My Neck

Stone Drop Earrings

Love My Druzy Ring

Leaf Clip My Hair

If you're looking to amp up your everyday style or glam it up for the holidays, Eyecandy LA is the place to shop! Browse their entire collection of beautiful statement jewelry, and add to your personal collection, or purchase a beautiful gift for someone else! Eyecandy LA keeps their styles super fresh, so check back often for more beautiful jewelry!

Want It? Buy It!

Head on over to Eyecandy LA to see all of their gorgeous statement jewelry offerings, or to browse their current lookbook. Here's a special holiday treat- Eyecandy LA offers free shipping!! You can also connect with Eyecandy LA on Instagram, where you can see and share style posts, and more!

Special thanks to our friends at Eyecandy LA for allowing me to share about their beautiful jewelry this holiday season!

Stay stylish!

Eyecandy Los Angeles


  1. I am guilty of not using accessories to help "make" an outfit like I should. I love the necklace and you look so pretty. This company is new to me, but I LOVE that they offer FREE shipping! I've bookmarked their page. Thanks for the review.

    1. I am too, Robin. I have a lot of accessories that I just didn't bother with for a really long time. I find myself going back to old pieces, and having fun with the new ones, too. Eyecandy LA has some amazingly beautiful pieces- and yes- free shipping is always a plus!!

  2. The necklace is so pretty on you! I love how it pops against your outfit.

  3. Wow that is a stunning necklace! It looks beautiful on you and really adds extra color to your outfit. I haven't heard of Eye Candy before but it looks like they have lovely pieces of jewelry.


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