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My family knows a thing or two about making music. Both my husband and I come from families of musicians, and are musicians ourselves. My own father is a phenomenal pianist, organist, choral director, and my husband is a classically trained bass trombone player, and vocalist. I didn't inherit the ability to play the piano, though I do sing, and write music, some of which has been recorded and released independently. Neither my husband or I can play the piano. I took lessons as a child, and didn't like them, so I stopped taking them. I wish I hadn't! The ability to play the piano would be so beneficial to me now.

Our four-year-old son loves music, and it comes as no surprise. He's so young, that he's really interested in many different instruments, and loves to sing. Musical interest and ability run through his veins, and we absolutely want to encourage and support anything he'd like to pursue, musically. One of the best ways to lay a musical foundation, is for him to take beginner piano lessons. My dad doesn't really give lessons, so we would have to find a private instructor for B, when he's a little older, which we may very well do, but for now, we're beginning to introduce him to the piano and reading music in a really laid back and fun sort of way.

We recently connected with Schoenhut, a leader in the world of toy pianos. Schoenhut's history begins in 1860's, when a young Albert Schoenhut began crafting toys pianos. Schoenhut's father and grandfather were crafters of wooden dolls, rocking horses and wagons. 
In 1866, John Dahl, a buyer for Wanamaker’s department store, heard of young Albert's talent and brought the 17-year old to Philadelphia where he worked as a repairman on glass sounding pieces in German toy pianos that had been damaged in shipping. In 1872, Albert founded the Schoenhut® Piano Company. His business grew, and he expanded to offer not only toy pianos, but also a ukulele-banjo, xylophone, and glockenspiel. After Albert's death, the business was owned by different folks in different parts of the world, and in 1984, the company was purchased by Frank Trinca. Twelve years later, Frank asked his brother and sister-in-law (Len and Renee Trinca) to become partners, and together, they have expanded the business and moved operations from NY to St. Augustine, Florida.

Though styles and colors have changed through the years, Schoenhut still offers that same quality craftsmanship in their award-winning toy pianos and instruments.

We were thrilled to receive a special package from Schoenhut! I truly couldn't wait for B to be introduced to beginner piano through a Schoenhut toy piano!

B was immediately drawn to the colorful piano book, and adorable Raggs characters!

Happy boy- B couldn't wait to start playing some songs!

We had the pleasure of receiving a brand new product from Schoenhut- The Raggs Twinkle Tunes Piano. This beautifully made book with piano set is perfect for any child who has shown an interest in music, and is ready to be introduced to the world of piano playing!

We received not only the Raggs Twinkle Tunes Piano, but also a 3-book set, which includes even more songs, and a music CD!

The Raggs Twinkle Tunes Piano and books, features the Raggs Band!

Now, I didn't know a thing about Raggs before I was introduced to them by Schoenhut.
Raggs is a live action and animated musical preschool television series originally produced from 2006‐2009 in Sydney, Australia, with additional U.S. production in English and Spanish in 2012-2013. Raggs’ expansive library includes 195 finished half hour episodes and 200 original songs in multiple languages.

For Raggs and Schoenhut to team up is genius! The Raggs characters are well loved by children all over the world, and they bring a sense of fun to learning music. I remember when I began piano lessons, and I truly disliked them. They were so boring! Raggs and Schoenhut give children the opportunity to experience a musical adventure, right from the very first time they sit down to dabble at the keys and explore making music.

A few key features of the Raggs Twinkle Tunes Piano, listed right on the back of the product packaging.

The Raggs Twinkle Tunes Piano includes a songbook and CD!

The Raggs Twinkle Tunes Piano features an 8 key (1 octave) keyboard. They keys are all numbered, and correspond with the numbered notes in the music book, which sits directly atop the toy piano. The numbered notes make it easy for children to learn to play a simple song on their own, at a tempo they desire and can control.

The Raggs Twinkle Tunes Piano also comes with a Raggs music CD, featuring all of the songs from the piano book. B couldn't wait to pop the CD into the CD player at home, and listen to the music, as we tried to match it on the toy keyboard. With a simple press of each key, a near to true piano sound is produced. B had always enjoyed 'playing' the real piano with his papa, but the Raggs Twinkle Tunes piano gives him the opportunity to really begin to learn how to read music, and follow along as we play the notes on the keyboard.

We love the Raggs songs in the piano book(s) we received! 'What's the Dealio' is probably B's favorite. I know I can't help but dance around every time we hear it!

Carry a tune with you, wherever you go! This piano runs on batteries, and has a handy on/off switch on the back.

Since we're a musical family, we enjoy music wherever we go- even if we're making up our own songs on the fly, while in the car! With larger pianos, we don't really have the ability or option of taking those along with us, and roll-out keyboards can be bulky, and take up a lot of space. The Raggs Twinkle Tunes Piano can easily sit on the floor, a tabletop, or your child's lap! It can fit into a suitcase, a tote bag, can be played with in the car, etc! It is the ultimate learning activity on the go!

It didn't take B very long to figure out how to read the numbers from the song book, and then play the corresponding keys to produce a Raggs song on his own!

These playable keys are numbered, and color coded with the corresponding notes above them.

To be honest, sitting down with B and introducing him to reading/following along with the music, was a scary thought to me. I don't read music all that well- but I am the one who is home most often, with my son. I knew the teaching would fall to me. I wish that learning how to play the piano (when I was just starting out) would have been this fun! The piano keys are numbered, colored and labeled by note (for the natural keys, the accidentals are not included).

To switch out the song book, simply unscrew the hard back book cover from the Schoenhut toy piano, and replace with a different one!

The Raggs Playtime Songs are so much fun! They have given B a fantastic start to playing songs on his own. We also received a 3-book set of other Raggs music books, including Learning Songs, Celebration Songs, and Sing-a-Long songs. Each book includes a music CD, and twelve songs to play and sing along with! Even more fun is to head online and see/hear some of these fun songs on Raggs TV! I love that the song books attach directly to the piano. Nothing is worse than fumbling with a piano book while you're trying to learn how to play a song!

Details of the Raggs Twinkle Tunes Piano by Schoenhut

Schoenhut’s popular Twinkle Tunes Piano book enhanced with a limited edition song book and CD featuring the music loving characters from the award winning children’s television show Raggs. Twinkle Tunes is a 1-octave (8-note) keyboard that electronically produces lovely piano sounds. This instrument, designed for the child who has no previous piano study, is paired with Schoenhut’s patented Tri-Play Learning System. Easily portable for young children, this unique toy provides hours of musical fun. Battery included. Additional books sold separately.
Ages 3+

Details of the Raggs Piano Book Set

Three 24-page full color, hardbound books featuring 12 simple songs that are ideal for all Schoenhut toy pianos but are specifically created to correspond with Twinkle Tunes Piano Book snap-in, snap-out interchangeable design. These delightful Raggs songbooks utilize the Schoenhut patented Tri-Play Learning System for the child who has no previous piano study. Each book features activities to accompany the songs and a corresponding Raggs CD to assist the child while learning the tune. Titles include: Sing-A-Long Songs, Celebration Songs (holidays) and Learning Songs (ABC’s, numbers.)

The Raggs Twinkle Tunes Piano and Piano Books would make a wonderful gift this holiday season! Whether you'd like to introduce your little loves to the world of music, or you'd like to futher encourage your child's love of music and learning, a basic knowledge of and understanding of piano will lay a beautiful musical foundation for your little music maker!

Want It? Buy It!

Head on over to Schoenhut to learn more about their wonderful company and award-winning musical products. Schoenhut products are available at all major online retailers and specialty toy shops worldwide. You can easily do a Google search to find your preferred retailer, or the best deal. I definitely recommend checking out the Schoenhut Blog that highlights relevant Schoenhut news and musicians’ latest work. 

Stay connected with Schoenhut for the latest and greatest through their accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram! You can also check out Raggs Facebook page for more Raggs fun!

Want It? Win It!

One lucky reader will win their very own Raggs Piano Book + 3 Song Book Set from our friends at Schoenhut! What a wonderful holiday giveaway! This giveaway is open to US residents, 18 and older- no PO Boxes, please. *Please note that prize delivery before December 25th is not guaranteed.
Just use the RC giveaway entry form to enter for your chance to win!

Notice that Facebook options are missing from the entry form? Due to new Facebook regulations, we are no longer able to ask readers to like our blog's page or our sponsor's page on Facebook as a giveaway entry. Please be sure to visit and 'like' both pages on your own- to show your support for our sponsors and the MBP team.

Special thanks to our new friends at Schoenhut for allowing us to experience and share about their wonderful products, while making beautiful music! We also thank Schoenhut for offering this awesome holiday giveaway for our wonderful readers!

Good luck!


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