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Kick Off the Holidays with a Magical Experience at Build-A-Bear Workshop!

When I was little, one of my very favorite Christmas 'specials,' was Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. I loved watching Rudolph and his friends prove their worth and bravery, escape the abominable snowman, and ultimately save the day by lighting the way for Santa on Christmas Eve. Rudolph is a classic holiday story, and one that my own son has taken a liking to. When we introduced him to the classic holiday movie last year, B grew quickly attached to Rudolph, and who could blame him? Rudolph is so lovable!

When I learned that one of our favorite brands/stores was going to be offering a special 50th Anniversary Limited Edition Rudolph (and friends), I was so excited for the chance to invite a Rudolph plush of our own into our home! Build-A-Bear Workshop was created by Maxine Clark, and her friend Katie (who was ten years old at the time). They were shopping for stuffed animals, and realized that they looked easy enough to make themselves. Katie had a craft project in mind, but Maxine had quite the vision! The first store opened in 1997 at the Saint Louis Galleria in St. Louis, Missouri. Today there are over 400 stores worldwide and over 125 million furry friends adventuring around the globe.One 10 year old girl was the inspiration for this entire company! Think of the difference you can make!

We excited waited for Rudolph to arrive at our door. I didn't tell B that he would be coming to our house. When our package from Build-A-Bear arrived, I couldn't wait for B to sit down and open it. I told him that he had some special mail from the North Pole, and he rushed over to see what it might be.

B, super excited to check out his special mail!

Our Build-A-Bear 50th Anniversary Limited Edition Rudolph came to us in a special Build-A-Bear Box, just like one we would have gotten if we had visited a Build-A-Bear Workshop near us.

'Mommy, is this Rudolph!?'

Fast friends- Rudolph and B.

I told B that Santa must have sent Rudolph to us, so he could make friends with B's elf, Max. We haven't seen Max yet this season, but figure that he'll soon be making an appearance. In the meantime, we would need to be kind to our new friend, Rudolph and show him the ropes around our home.

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer © is celebrating its 50th Anniversary! 50 years & still glowing! This special reindeer includes gold antlers and a light up nose. 

Our Rudolph came with a special tag, letting us know that he's a special Limited Edition Rudolph.

The inside of the tag has a place to write in the name, and has instructions for continuing the fun online!

Rudolph is so soft and sweet! B couldn't stop petting Rudolph, and couldn't wait to introduce him to some of his other Build-A-Bear friends, like Chilly, and Piggy. B has been so excited for Christmas (already), and this special delivery just upped the excitement, big time! I had a feeling that Rudolph would be joining the select few stuffed friends that B keeps on his bed when he goes to sleep at night (just like his mommy used to do!).

The 50th Anniversary Limited Edition Rudolph is beautifully made, and includes a special feature that we just love!

Press Rudolph's ear to make his red nose light up!

B was so excited to see that Rudolph's nose lit up! We don't have many stuffed animals that do special things like this, so this was truly fun! B spent the better part of an afternoon watching Christmas movies with Rudolph, and pressing his nose! Rudolph also features lovely gold antlers! He is super soft, and cuddly!

Our Rudolph came to us, dressed for winter weather. Check out his boots! Maybe he'll bring some snow with him?

Rudolph was also wearing this handsome holiday sweater, which I'm sure kept him toasty warm on his journey to Salisbury from the North Pole!

B thought that Rudolph's outfit was really cool. He especially loved Rudolph's boots! At the end of the day, B helped Rudolph get ready for bedtime, by removing the boots and sweater, and letting Rudolph borrow a t-shirt to sleep in. So, so sweet!

The 50th Anniversary Limited Edition Rudolph is available in a variety of sizes:
15 inch plush- $25.00
21 inch plush- $50.00

Personalize it with clothing, accessories and a sound to make the perfect Christmas gift. Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer © & ® or ™ The Rudolph Co., L.P. All elements under license to Character Arts, LLC. All rights reserved.

Check out some of these other 50th Anniversary Limited Edition Rudolph Plush Toys and Accessories...


Rudolph PJ's

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I have no doubt that Rudolph will be a part of many of our special holiday activities this season. It will be so much fun to have him helping us trim the tree, wrap presents, entertain our Elf, etc! This is such a beautiful, magical time of year, and we're so happy to have our pal Rudolph by our side. He certainly brings back special childhood memories for me, and I look forward to making new memories with our new friend Rudolph, and B!

Build-A-Bear Workshop®

Want One? Get One!

Rudolph and Clarice would make wonderful holiday gifts, or visiting your local Build-A-Bear Workshop to make your own, would be a fun way to kick off the holiday season with your little ones! You can shop Build-A-Bear Workshop online for plush friends and accessories, or head to a store near you, to get the full Build-A-Bear Workshop experience! Stay connected with Build-A-Bear Workshop through Facebook and Twitter.

Special thanks to our friends at Build-A-Bear Workshop for allowing us to review and feature their wonderful 50th Anniversary Limited Edition Rudolph plush with accessories. This is a special gift which we will always cherish!


  1. I just recently saw that they have a Longhorn (steer) which I like!

  2. Okay, that is one of the cutest things ever! I've never been to one of their stores but I sure hope I get to sometime. I would love to take my little niece and let her "build" something!


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