How Are You FeelN? Check Out Hallmark's New Streaming Channel! Plus- FeelN Annual Subscription #Giveaway

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How often do you take the time to sit down and chill out? I must admit, that it's not something that I do very often. There's always another chore or project that needs to get done, and with the holidays upon us, our to-do lists seem to grow longer by the minute! I have made it a personal goal to spend a little bit more time on myself, and that includes dressing for style and comfort, taking the time to exercise daily, eat healthier, and it also includes some chill time. Hanging on the couch with my laptop doesn't really count, because I'll just find more work to do, or head to Pinterest and start creating more projects for myself. The best thing for me to do, is to put my devices down, and just get lost in a good movie or television program for a little while.

I have always been a big fan of Hallmark- from their wonderful, heartfelt products, to their wonderful Hallmark channel programming. There's something about Hallmark that just makes you feel all fuzzy, and that's a feeling that I can never get enough of! 

FeelN is a a movie subscription service, which offers classic Hollywood films, educational films, original series, and more! All of Feeln's offerings are family friendly. Feeln is available to view on your computer or tablet, and is also compatible with Roku, and XBox! 

Just a few of Feeln's offerings...

I was lucky enough to receive the opportunity to try FeelN for myself, and was thrilled for the chance! I couldn't wait to jump right onto the FeelN website, and familiarize myself with all that was available for viewing. I was immediately impressed by the way the website is set up. Everything is so bright, and cheery- and the movies and shows are categorized in such a fun way! Feeln takes the time to categorize each movie or series by mood, and asks the viewer what they'd like to see, based on how they might be feeling- adventurous, romantic, inspired, like laughing, like a kid, etc! 

I couldn't wait to get FeelN set up for streaming to my TV. I have both an XBox, and Roku- but figured the easiest thing to do would be to set it up for the Roku. I just grabbed my activation code from Roku, plugged it in on the Feeln' website, and that was it- in no time, I was able to pull the FeelN channel up right on my TV screen, and browse from the comfort of my couch!

One of the things that I truly appreciate about FeelN, is that it is entirely family friendly. Nothing that I could find on there, content wise, would offend my mother or grandmother, and I very much enjoy being able to quickly find something that all three of us could watch together.

Check out just a handful of movies and series that I have been enjoying at home, thanks to FeelN...

Annie! Remember this one? One of my favorites!

RUDY- Another family favorite.

Ferris Bueller's Day Off (I never get tired of this movie!)

Unscripted Series (Love Bob Barker!)

FeelN also has an incredible selection of documentaries (which my husband, who loves to know things, just to know them, has been enjoying), and series/movies for kids! I was so pleased to see some of my old childhood friends, like Paddington Bear, Madeline, and Rainbow Brite, which has been revamped, and reintroduced to the kiddos! The new Rainbow Brite series features a voice cast of Emily Osment, and Molly Ringwald! I found myself watching Rainbow Brite, and flashing back to my own childhood, which left me wishing that I still had my Rainbow Brite doll!

FeelN makes it so convenient for us to take a little time out for ourselves during the holidays, or anytime! FeelN offers classic movies and films, documentaries, origial movies and series, shows and movies for kids, and so much more! Re-connect with an old favorite, or enjoy something new! A FeelN subscription would make an awesome holiday gift! I'd certainly love to gift FeelN to my mom, or to my grandmother, because they would both really love the content offered through FeelN, and I know they would enjoy sitting down with a nice cup of tea or coffee, and just enjoy relaxing and watching a feel good movie or show. I highly recommend FeelN for gift giving this season- or as a treat for yourself, and your family!

Want It? Get It!

Head on over to FeelN to learn more about this award-winning subscription service, or to sign up for a 7-day free trial! FeelN is available for $4.99/mo or $47.99/anually (which brings the cost per month down to $3.99/mo). You can stay up to date on the leatest and greatest from FeelN by connecting with FeelN on Facebook and Twitter.

Want It? Win It!

Five lucky readers will win their very own Annual Subscription to FeelN! Just use the RC giveaway entry form below to enter for your chance to win! *Please note that MBP will not be responsible for notifying the winners of this giveaway, which is also being hosted by other participating bloggers.

Special thanks to FeelN for allowing our family to try out their wonderful subscription service, and for offering this wonderful giveaway for our readers!

Good Luck!

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  1. I would love this because watching movies and tv is a great thing to do in the winter since we live in Connecticut and get snowed in A LOT! :)


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