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'Tis the season to be jolly! I have been resisting putting up Christmas decor in my home. One of my favorite traditions, is decorating for Christmas the day after Thanksgiving, while everyone else is fighting the crazy crowds at the stores. I like to stay home and take advantage of online deals, and get into the festive holiday spirit with my family while we decorate. Part of having a well dressed holiday home, is having beautiful pieces displayed throughout, as well as warm and inviting holiday scents filling the air.

Presented by Independent Consultant, Kim Getchell

At Mommy's Block Party, we have had the pleasure of working with our friend Kim Getchell, who is an Independent Consultant with one of our very favorite companies- Scentsy! Kim has been hooking us up with awesome Scentsy Warmers, Scentsy Bars, and accessories for a long time, and allowing us to feature these wonderful products so you can see how truly wonderful they are! When Kim and I began chatting about what would make a great feature for our 2014 Holiday Gift Guide, I sent her quite a few options of products that caught my eye. I wasn't sure what Kim would wind up sending to me, and was excited to be surprised.

Just a couple of weeks after conversing with Kim, this pretty Scentsy package was at my door!

Scentsy really takes pride in their products, and they stand by them. They take care to package their products well, so that nothing is damaged during shipping, and the warmers arrive in pristine condition. The Authentic Scentsy Product seal lets me know that this is the real deal from Scentsy!

I was so excited to see these colorful Scentsy products in my Scentsy box from Kim!

My package contained three Scentsy Bars, a 2014 Holiday Warmer, and a Fall/Winter 2014 Catalog

Every holiday season, Scentsy offers a beautiful collection of warmers and scents. I love lighting up my home for the holidays, and filling the air with scents that bring back holiday memories from years past. There were several Scentsy Holiday Warmers that I thought would look great in my home, or make a wonderful gift this Christmas, but one in particular stood above the rest, and I was giddy when I realized that Kim decided to send it to me!

Inside of this box was the Scentsy 2014 Limited Edition Holiday Warmer.

The warmer's box itself is a keepsake, and has a place to write down special holiday memories. This is one box I'll be hanging onto!

When I opened the warmer box, I found instructions laying right on top of the product.

Here's a quick look at the instructions for use of my new Scentsy product.

If you have never experienced a Scentsy Warmer before, you'll definitely want to read through the directions. I own several Scentsy Warmers, but wanted to read through the directions, anyway- just in case anything had changed. The instructions show you how to set up the warmer bulb (which is included with your warmer), how to use the Scentsy bar in the warmer dish, how to plug it in, turn it on and off, etc. After a quick read, I was ready to unwrap my new warmer, and set it up for use.

A tiny preview of the warmer- a bonus 2014 Holiday Ornament from Scentsy! What an adorable nutcracker! The warming dish and lid were also laying next to the ornament.

Underneath the ornament and lid, was the actual warmer...

...and here it is! This is the beautiful 2014 Scentsy Limited Edition Nutcracker Warmer!

I was so tickled to see this warmer in person. It looked so adorable on Kim's Scentsy website, and looks even better in person. The nutcracker is a festive, cheery little guy, dressed in a red coat with black and gold trim. His hat is the warming dish (where you place the Scentsy Bar), with lid. So cute!

Here's a look at the elements that make the warmer do its thing.

It couldn't be easier to set your Scentsy Warmer up for use. Simply screw in the little warmer bulb that comes with the warmer, remove any plastics or papers that may have been inside of the warmer, and then plug the warmer in. Place the warming dish on top, place in one or two Scentsy Bar squares of your choice, place the lid on, and then turn the warmer on at the switch.

All of the components of the Scentsy 2014 Limited Edition Nutcracker Warmer- Warmer, Dish w/Lid, and the bonus 3D Nutcracker Ornament.

Look at the beautiful craftsmanship of this festive nutcracker!

I don't have a nutcracker collection. My sister has always loved nutcrackers, and has quite the collection, herself. I have grown fond of nutcrackers over the years, however, and have been adding them to my holiday decor. My son thinks they're so much fun! My goal is to eventually have a different Christmas theme in every room of our home, and I'd love to have a nutcracker room! For now, this adorable warmer is in my living room, and when I bring out the rest of my Christmas decorations late next week, I will probably place him in a more prominent spot- perhaps in my living room or dining room. I want him to be in a place where our guests will be able to see and enjoy him, as he is quite the showpiece!

Here are the holiday scents I chose to try out this season:
Autumn Blaze Maple
Christmas Cottage
Peppermint Dreams

It's important to note that the Scentsy Warmers do not come with Scentsy Bars. You will need to purchase these separately, and they run about $5.00/each. I have never met a Scentsy Fragrance that I didn't like. I definitely have a list of favorites, but I really wanted to try out some new scents that would fill my home with holiday aromas. I love sweet, bakery scents, and fruity scents, which is why I chose Autumn Blaze Maple (a lovely, sweet fall scent), and Christmas Cottage (which sort of reminds me of Red Hots or Cinnamon Snaps). My husband loves the scent of mint, which is why I chose the Peppermint Dreams. I like to use the sweeter smelling scents in the kitchen and living areas, and then use the clean scents, like Peppermint Dreams in mine and my hubby's bedroom, and in our bathroom.

There are tons of holiday scents that I would love to try out this season! Scentsy Bars offer a truly nicely balanced scent that doesn't overpower, but is a strong scent that lasts and fills your home. Use one or two wax squares from a Scentsy Bar at a time. I usually start with just one. To remove used wax, you can do what I do- place the room temperature warming dish in the freezer for a while, and the wax should easily pop or slide out. Scentsy also makes a handy little wax removal tool, which you can purchase for an additional fee.

And let's not forget the adorable 2014 Scentsy Limited Edition Nutcracker Ornament!

He bears an official Scentsy stamp- a holiday collection!

I can't wait to add the beautiful bonus 3D Nutcracker Ornament to our tree this year! Each Christmas, we add three new ornaments to our collection, and I am proud to have this festive friend join it! 

Nutcracker Scentsy Warmer and Ornament
Details of the 

The traditional guardian of good luck and goodwill, this limited edition, numbered 2014 Nutcracker is an iconic symbol of Christmas. Sharply dressed in opulent shades of red, black, and gold, a warmer dish is cleverly hidden inside his cap. This spirited sentry is paired with a matching 3-inch Christmas ornament to adorn your tree or holiday decorations for years to come!
Price: $60.00

This beautiful warmer would make an incredibly thoughtful gift this holiday season! Whether you, or someone on your gift list is a nutcracker lover or Scentsy collector, this is definitely a warmer worth purchasing! It'll be cherished by the recipient for many years to come!

Scentsy has tons of great Holiday Gift options!

Mossy Oak Break-Up® Plug-in Scentsy Warmer
Mossy Oak Break Up Plug In Warmer

Campus Collection

Santa's Sleigh Scentsy Warmer ELEMENT
Santa's Sleigh Element Warmer

Scentsy Buddies (safe for children 3+)

Scentsy Layers (Great for Stocking Stuffers!)

Scentsy Layers Bath & Body

Scentsy is celebrating 10 years of home fragrance! They offer amazing, quality products, as well as wonderful incentives for hosts/hostesses, fundraisers, and a fantastic business opportunity! If you'd like to purchase Scentsy product, host a party in home or online, set up a fundraiser, or would like more information on how you can start your very own Scentsy business for just $99.00, please contact Scentsy Independent Consultant, Kim Getchell, who would love to hear from you, and is standing by to assist you this holiday season!

The Cardinal Element Warmer is the November Scentsy Warmer of the month, and the Scent of the Month is Very Snowy Spruce. 

You can purchase the warmer of the month for $27.00, and the scent of the month (bar) for $4.50. The warmer and scent of the month will change December 1st, so be sure to check and see what's new for December in a couple of weeks!

Want Some Scentsy? Get Some Scentsy!

Head on over to Kim's personal Scentsy website to shop the latest and greatest from Scentsy. Every month, there is a featured warmer and scent, offered at a discounted price! Scentsy also offers customer specials, and a loyalty program- so be sure to ask Kim about those! Kim is always standing by the answer your Scentsy product questions, or to assist you with placing your Scentsy order. Be sure to get those orders in ASAP to ensure holiday delivery!

Special thanks to MBP Spotlight Sponsor and Independent Scentsy Consultant, Kim Getchell for allowing me to review, experience and share about the beautiful Scentsy 2014 Limited Edition Nutcracker Warmer! I will cherish it, always! Look for more featured Scentsy posts in 2015!

Happy Holidays!


  1. I love my Scentsy, especially holiday scents - it really helps create the holiday atmosphere! The nutcracker is soo cute!

  2. I have a Scentsy and I do love it. Along with my oil burners I can keep my entire house smelling awesome for the holidays. I would really love to have the Nutcracker Scentsy!


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