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Getting to Know You Thursdays

Thanks for dropping by to get to know the MBP team of bloggers a little better. This week , we're catching up with MBP Founder, Ondria.

Good Eats- What's for Dinner Tonight? 
We're having homemade chicken noodle soup, which I have been slow cooking in the crock pot!

Whatcha Reading?
I am still reading a lot of articles and blog posts related to worship, and worship leading, and have been spending a lot of time in prayer. My church is going through a big transition, and I just really need to be fully in God's presence during this time, so that I can do what is required of me, by Him, and what is asked of me by our church leaders.

Listening to Anything Good?
K-Love radio, and you'll think this is weird, but Summer Hits of the 90's on Pandora. Throwback Thursday never sounded so good! How is it that we never forget the lyrics to hundreds and hundreds of songs?

Whatcha Been Watching?
You guys, I am addicted to Reign. Have you seen it? It comes on the CW, and my parents introduced it to me a week or so ago. It's all about Mary Queen of Scotts (Bloody Mary), and her life at French Court, under King Henry. I can't stop watching it! Some of it is completely far-fetched, and not at all close to the truth of what actually happened, but hey- that stuff makes for great TV!

I Dreamed a Dream of...
My dreams have been so strange lately. The latest weird one was that I totally ruined my best pal's wedding. She's getting married, and asked me to be her Matron of Honor (and I'm totally honored). In my dream, I had one catastrophe after another on her wedding date and made her late for her own wedding! Let's home that wasn't some sort of premonition!

What I'm Loving This Week...
Halloween is over! I mean, I love Halloween, but I'm glad it's over. Now I can look forward to Thanksgiving, and focus on thankfulness with my family this month, instead of skipping stright to Christmas.

I am so Done With...
Cold Season. Yes- already. B is sick with his third cold since school started in September. Seriously- I cannot keep the child well! And of course, once he gets sick, hubby gets sick, and then momma gets sick. I really dislike saying 'Ain't nobody got time for that,' but it's true! Ugh- bring on the Airborne, gross as it is! Hopefully, you are well, and stay that way!

Thanks for catching up with me!
I'd love to hear about your week, so leave a comment with an answer to a few of these 
questions, if you dare!

Have a Great Thursday!

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