Fitness Friday: Walk the Walk (and Shed the Weight)

Happy Friday, fitness friends! I am gearing up for a super busy day and weekend. We're headed to the Marvel LIVE show in Charlotte tonight, and then hubby and I will be celebrating our anniversary with a little trip to the mountains. Happy seven years to us!

Anyway, I wanted to be sure to get in a little workout today and tomorrow, because I'll be in the car for a few hours on Sunday. I'm sure that I'll get plenty of exercise on our planned walking tours on Monday and Tuesday, so I am less worried about next week. I can do quick pilates or yoga pretty much anywhere, but I wanted to share a favorite cardio workout. Years ago, my grandmother introduced the ladies in my family to Leslie Sansone's popular Walk Away the Pounds in home walking program. This is aerobic walking, and it's awesome for toning/firming, weight loss and overall good health. I have used Leslie's programs off and on for the past ten years, and really enjoy them. They are fun, upbeat, can be gentle, mild, or intense- depending on the level you'd like to work at, and Leslie is a Christian wife and mother, and it shines through in her programs.

Here's a quick 1 mile walk, in 20 minutes!

I love reading people's comments on their own success stories. The ladies in my family love this program, and my mother in law has been faithfully using this program since the summertime, and has lost close to 40 pounds, combined with a change in her diet. I enjoy mixing this routine in with my Pilates and Yoga, because we need the cardio- we need to get our heart rates up, and we need to burn those calories. This is the way to go. You have no excuses when it comes to using this program. You can do this in your home, and don't need very much room to do it. Raining outside? Doesn't matter- don't let that keep you from getting a daily walk in! Even my four year old son loves to do this program with me. Leslie's workouts will get the whole family moving to the beat!

Choose a 1 mile walk, 2 mile, 3 mile, 4 or 5 mile walk. Start off easy, and work your way up! Check YouTube for more great WATP videos and get moving today!

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