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Fitness Friday- Footsteps Toward Fitness

It's Black Friday! The Friday after Thanksgiving that has tons of people waiting in longs lines and marks the official start of the Christmas shopping season. It's also the day where tons of people are worried about how much they indulged the day before, what they will do with all of those leftovers, and how they will (or will not) stay on track for the remainder of the year.

In the beginning of the year, I was a lady on a mission. I was going to lose the "baby weight" I gained over two pregnancies. I started off strong and did really well incorporating exercise into my daily routine and I was eating much better. I even lost 30 pounds and was the smallest I have been since I found out I was pregnant with Drew!

Fast forward a few months, and I found that I was easing off of my routines. I'd over indulge once in a while and convince myself that it was okay since it was only once in a while. I'd miss exercising one day and tell myself it was okay because I was still looking and feeling pretty good.

Pretty soon, overindulging became more than a once in a while thing and then I just "did not feel like" exercising. Before I knew it, my pants were not as loose as they had been and I was not feeling so great about myself.  I stepped on the scale and found that I gained back 17 POUNDS!  Needless to say I am not happy about that gain and I am working hard to get back on track.

I have gone back to using the MyFitnessPal app daily, making sure I account for everything I eat. I find it helpful to plan ahead the night before as much as I can. I am also making sure that I am drinking as much water as I need to. The amount of water you need to drink depends on who you ask.  I have  read that you should drink 8 glasses a day (64 ounces) and then I read that you should drink 1/2 your body weight in ounces of water (if you weight 160 pounds, you should be drinking 80 ounces of water) a day. I know that I personally feel better if I drink at least 8 glasses of water a day.
I am also making sure I exercise at least 3 days a week. I have been thoroughly enjoying my Shazzy Fitness DVDs. I love the uplifting music and the moves get me feeling really energized.

I am working on this NOW! I am not waiting for the holidays to be over because that kind of thinking does not help me reach my goals. If you are like me and are attempting to get on (or even stay on) track during and after the holidays, let me know what helps you out by leaving a comment below.

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  1. Not drinking enough water is a major downfall for me. I don't like to drink water- so I don't. I know I need to drink much, much more of it. I stared caryying around a big water bottle with me, and find that I drink more water out of that than I would re-filling a regular glass. I try to fill up the water bottle at least 3 times a day, and find that adding lemon helps me drink more water, also. I'm with you- I have to be careful, especially this time of year with so many treats floating around! I have to make myself exercise, even when I don't feel like it.


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