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Our family loves to attend live concerts and events. Since B was a baby, we have been taking him everywhere, right along with us. We love to travel, we love music, and we love entertainment. My husband and I have been attending concerts and live events for a long, long time, and one of his biggest complaints has always been how obscenely loud everything is. My hearing is probably semi-shot, because I have dealt with loud music for so long, that I hardly notice it being too loud anymore. As musicians, our ability to listen mimic/minipulate/repeat what we hear is of utmost importance, so we try to make more of an effort to protect our hearing.

We noticed early on, that B's ears were sensitive to loud noises and sounds, as is often the case in young children. Up until now, we have had to use headphones to muffle the noise, or simply clamp hands over his ears at parades, live shows, etc. We knew that we needed to find a better solution to muffling the noise for B, so he could enjoy the entertainment more.


I recently learned that one of my favorite companies for infant and children's protective gear, also offers Infant and Children's Earmuffs. Baby Banz Inc. came on the scene in 2001, in Australia, which is one of the harshest UV climates in the world. One Australian's search for a proper pair of 'sunnies' for his infant son, forced him to take action, leading to the inevitable development of the now popular Baby Banz sunglasses.

Baby Banz sells its products nationwide in a variety of outlets including optical and specialty baby stores. Baby Banz has not only made a name for itself in Australia, but across the globe as well. Baby Banz products can be found in countries such as United States of America, South Africa, Japan, Germany, Switzerland, England and New Zealand.

When I found that Baby Banz offered earmuffs (not your typical earmuffs to keep warm during the cold months of the year), I definitely wanted to check them out. We were offered a pair of our choice of earmuffs (they are available in two sizes, and various colors) to try out, and we were excited for their arrival.

We asked for the Black Children's Earmuffs from Baby Banz.

B was very excited to receive his very own pair of 'headphones,' and couldn't wait to test them out.

The Baby Banz Children's Earmuffs are one size. There is a smaller size available for infants/newborns. We went with the black, because it's a basic color that goes with everything, and because B and his daddy love black electronics, accessories, and gear.

The earmuffs fit B perfectly. The band fits his head snuggly, not too tight, and not at all loose. There is a soft, cushioned portion over the plastic band that goes between the band and your child's head. This definitely helps to keep the child comfortable while wearing their earmuffs. The cups that sit over the ears are very cushioned and soft. They are comfortable to wear over a long period of time.

Take a look at me, demo-ing the Baby Banz Children's Earmuffs. They are a comfortable fit, even for me!

I realize this may look silly, but I definitely wanted to be able to show you how these earmuffs are worn.

The Baby Banz Children's Earmuffs are not adjustable. They are one size. They can be slightly stretched, over the backs of two chairs, if need be. They are pretty stretchy, though, so I have a feeling that if these fit my head comfortably, they will fit your child's head- no problem.

I can tell you that these work very well, as far as muffling loud noises. They do not completely block the sound, and that's not what they are meant to do, as they are not silencing earmuffs. They are really just intended for blocking out the loudness. I can still hear sound when I wear the earmuffs, so I know my son can, as well.

The true test for these (for us), came when we attended MARVEL Universe Live last week. The live shows we usually attend in the arena are so incredibly loud, and B winds up with his hands over his ears for most of the show's duration. This time, he wore his Baby Banz earmuffs comfortably during the show, and was able to sit through the show without complaining or having to bury his head in daddy's shoulder. We were so thankful that the Baby Banz earmuffs worked for the purpose intended. We won't go to another movie, show, etc- without our Baby Banz earmuffs. We even plan to take them with us to the Christmas parade in a couple of weeks, because the emergency vehicles in the parade are always super loud. This will help B enjoy the parade more than ever before!

Details of the Baby Banz Earmuffs

These funky Earmuffs not only look great but will also protect your childs ears from potentially harmful noise.Weighing only 190 grams they fit in the palm of your hand making them easy to carry with you or store away.The soft cushion cups will also ensure that your child will be comfortable whilst wearing the Earmuffs.

What ages are the Earmuffs for?
Earmuffs can be worn by children of all ages.  However, it is recommend that they are not used for children less than 6 months old.  This is due to the fact that newborns heads are quite soft and the Earmuffs are a reasonably tight fit.  

Earmuffs are perfect for taking to your favourite outings like:

Sporting Events
Drag Races
Car Racing
Air Shows

Price: $21.95 (prices may vary depending upon retail location)

We highly recommend this product! If you have little ones- children or infants, please consider adding a pair of Baby Banz Earmuffs to your gear stash! They would make a great gift for a child (they'll think they're totally cool and actually want to wear these), or for parents of infants. 

Baby Banz has an incredible product line of protective gear for kids!

Ski Banz

Retro Banz

Beach Tent
Beach Tent

J Banz

Swim Goggles

Why not give the smart gift of protection this holiday season? The little loves in your life will thank you for it, and you'll be giving yourself the gift of peace of mind, as well!

Want Them? Buy Them!

Head on over to Baby Banz to learn more about their wonderful protective gear for infants and children, to shop Baby Banz products, and more! Stay connected with Baby Banz on Facebook, Twitter, and check out their Baby Banz YouTube Channel for videos!

Want Them? Win Them!

One lucky MBP reader will win their very own pair of Infant or Children's Baby Banz Earmuffs, in their choice of color. This giveaway is open to US residents, 18 and older. Just use the handy RC giveaway entry form below to enter for your chance to win!

Special thanks to our friends at Baby Banz for allowing us to try out their wonderful protective Earmuffs, and for offering this awesome holiday giveaway for our readers!

Good luck & stay safe!


  1. These would be perfect for the little one we're expecting this winter! We would use it when we go to parades, concerts or anywhere loud.

  2. I would love to try the Beach Tent as well. We live in a sunny place, close to the beach and would use it a lot!

  3. I would also love to try the Retro Banz to keep my baby's eyes protected from the sun!

  4. They would benefit my youngest son who has very sensitive hearing.

  5. We always use plenty of sunscreen!

  6. It would benefit my grandson because he is very sensitive to loud noises. This would be great for when we ride go karts or go to a loud parade, etc.

  7. I'd like to try the J Banz sunglasses on my grandson. I protect him from outdoor elements by wearing sunscreen and a hat.

  8. I would love to try the Baby Banz Hatz as well!

  9. I'd love to try the UV Short Sleeve Rash Tops on my daughter!

  10. This would be beneficial for my son because we love to go to monster truck shows!

  11. I try to protect my son from the elements by making sure he is always dressed appropriately and that we have other clothes on us in case the weather randomly changes!

  12. I would love to use these for my son during a storm because he is terrified of the loud thunder! :)


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