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Celebrate the Reason for the Season with The Mouse and the Miracle by Oriental Trading

With so much excitement filling the air, the closer we get to Christmas, it's easy for all of us to get lost in it. Endless toy commercials, Christmas displays everywhere we go, and holiday mail truly gets the young ones, and the seasoned folks into the Christmas spirit. We're a Christian family, and my husband and I make both worship and involvement in our church a priority. We do our best to put od first in our home, and in all that we do, and our hope is that our son will grow in faith by our example, and our fostering his own relationship with God.

We receive numerous products to try out in our home, and many of those are children's items, or toys and games. Even though we receive these items, my four-year-old still points out all of the other things he wants, and I suppose it's only natural. I want to raise my child to be grateful, thankful, and to have the heart of a giver, because there are so many who have much less than we do. So, we make dontations when and where we are able to, and involve our son service projects, so that he can experience the joy of giving, rather than the never-ending excitement of receiving.

Thanks to our friends at Oriental Trading, I was about to be gifted a wonderful story to share with my son during the Christmas season, which would be a beautiful reminder of what Christmas is all about. Oriental Trading offers so many wonderful resources, and products. In my mind, they have always been a go-to company for party supplies, but they offer much more than that, and their collection of religious products is absolutely wonderful!

This Christmas, Oriental Trading is sharing the opportunity to start a new Christmas tradition, with The Mouse and the Miracle story and plush mouse.

B was so excited to see what we were sent by our friends at Oriental Trading Co.

Meet the Mouse, and take a look at the beautiful storu of The Mouse and the Miracle.

B was so excited to meet this cute little mouse, who is quite the world traveler! He quickly named his mouse Charlie, and asked if we could read the story together. We sat down on the couch, and opened the book to find it was beautifully illustrated, and quite colorful!

The inside cover has a place to write in your child or children's names, so it becomes a special Christmas keepsake.

About The Mouse and the Miracle

This new religious Christmas story shares the message that Jesus is the best gift of all. “The Mouse and The Miracle” is about a traveling mouse that came upon Mary and Joseph, who offered him a spot to travel along with them. He traveled to the inn and stayed in the stable with Mary, Joseph and the animals and witnessed the miraculous birth of Jesus. He was there as the shepherds and kings came to visit and share the good news. The mouse knew he had witnessed a miracle, and that it was his job to spread the good news of Jesus. This mouse represents the sharing of good news in your own household. When children find him, it is supposed to remind them of the amazing adventure he had, what he witnessed, and how they too can share the news of God's love and be kind to others like Mary and Joseph were kind to the mouse. 

Tip for parents or caregivers- before giving this special gift, place a note in the mouse’s backpack explaining that each day before Christmas he will move throughout your home with messages about giving and sharing. Year after year, kids will look forward to the day the mouse makes his first annual appearance! Notes can be placed in the backpack from parents or children and can be used to share good wishes and the joyous spirit of the holiday season. 

Here's our 'Charlie' Mouse... isn't he cute?

The Mouse wears a little backpack for his travels, and this is where parents can place a special note for children, encouraging them to be givers.

We love The Mouse and The Miracle, and it has quickly become a favorite bedtime story. We kicked off our adventure with 'Charlie,' by his reminder to B, to help out with this year's Operation Shoebox project, through Samaritan's Purse. We had planned on participating with our church, and this cute mouse's involvement and encouragement definitely helped B's excitement grow. Charlie the Mouse encouraged B to select some toys for a special little boy (B's age), and help pack the shoebox.

B had a great time shopping for Shoebox items...

...and packing them, himself.

Our first 'giving project' of this Christmas season was a beautiful experience for our family, and we can't wait to do more!

Right now, Charlie the Mouse is moving throughout our home, and each day, B looks in his backpack for a note. The notes during November are reminders of things we are thankful for. In December, the notes will be little reminders of different ways we can bless others.

I am truly looking forward to The Mouse and the Miracle being a new tradition in our home. We love our Elf tradition, but this is so much more meaningful, and puts the focus on Jesus, and on helping others, instead of on ourselves. Check back soon for more posts showing what we've been up to with our mouse!

Want to start your own Mouse and the Miracle tradition this Christmas?

Head on over to Oriental Trading to browse all of the wonderful Mouse and the Miracle products. Whether you're wanting to start a new tradition in your home, or you'd like to share this with your Sunday School group, your class, etc- you'll find everything you need, from the plush mouse to the storybook, activity sheets, coloring pages, treats, and more! Stay connected with Oriental Trading through Facebook and Twitter, so you never miss a moment of inspirational ideas or products this Christmas!

Special thanks to our friends at Oriental Trading for allowing us to begin and experience a new holiday tradition with The Mouse and the Miracle!

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  1. I love this! I'm going to call in Mouse in the House, kind of like the Elf on the shelf that creeps me out.


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