2014 Holiday Gift Guide: Super Swell Stocking Stuffers w/ #Tervis

Super Swell Stocking Stuffers

I can't believe the holidays are right around the corner! Where has this year gone?! I honestly feel like it should still be mid August not the end of November! 

Regardless of how I feel, those holidays are coming and they are coming fast. Today I want to tell you about a great product that is perfect for everyone on your holiday shopping list. From young to old, and women to men these products are sure to please! 

Tervis will provide those products for you! Tervis produces the coolest glasses and accessories around. I was lucky enough to get to review the coolest of the coolest glasses from Tervis...

A Chicago Blackhawks water bottle!!! 

Josh and I are HUGE Blackhawks fans so this water bottle is perfect for me... I might share if Josh is nice but probably not. 

Each Tervis bottle comes with oz markings on the back which is great if you are using a mix or making a shake. 

The Tervis water bottle has an easy open top that secures tightly so there aren't any dribbles. It also has a hole to hold on to or to connect to stuff. 

All Tervis glasses are dishwasher and microwave safe but there are specific instructions on how to use them so please make sure you read all information fully before you try to microwave or wash your Tervis cup. Tervis glasses can also hold cold or hot beverages. I haven't tried it with anything hot though because I've been trying to drink more water so I like to use it for that. My Tervis water bottle keeps my drinks cool a lot longer than any normal water bottle around. Its great to pack for school every morning!! 

Someone else was really interested in my Tervis water bottle too but he can't have it either! 

Want it? Buy it!

Tervis Tumblers are the perfect shape, size, and idea for a super swell stocking stuffer! I would LOVE to wake up on Christmas morning with a new Tervis Tumbler in with my presents! The best part about Tervis Tumblers is there is literally one for every member of your family!

12oz Tumblers for tiny tots!

Just pick up a Tervis lid and these cups become friendly for any aged kiddo! 
What little girl wouldn't love this small 16oz tumbler?!

Send your teenagers to back to school after winter break with a sweet new tumbler to hold their favorite drinks. Hot or cold, Tervis tumblers are great for traveling through the halls and depending on the lid, wont spill if they are knocked over. 

16oz Trendy Tervis Tumblers for Teens

I love this silly design! 

The mustache is super "in" these days. Check out all the cool designs Tervis has for your teen!

Pick up a set of his and hers Tervis Tumblers for the retired couple on your list. There are so many gift sets available for your loved ones! 

Tervis is so helpful with gifts, they even have their own Pintrest page for gift ideas. 

Check out this really cool new Tervis tumbler that I've never seen but think everyone should! 

Tervis Goblet 

How fun would this be to drink wine out of?! 

Check out Tervis for the perfect gift for your students teacher!

This is actually a mug I wouldn't mind getting from a student! Its even microwave safe!

Tervis even has a new shot glass avaliable!! These would make great collectables! 

How cute is this little guy?! 

Once you stock up on all your Tervis tumblers, make sure you grab all the accessories to go with them! Lids, handles, straws, and shaker parts fit most Tervis products. They even come in a variety of colors!

This handle is best for the large tumblers. 

Fits the smaller tumblers.

Shake, shake, shake it up! 

I hope you all get a chance to check out Tervis for your holiday needs! Have a fabulous holiday season, and enjoy this special time with your family!


  1. I love the Tervis Goblet! It would be great for sipping wine at picnics.

  2. Wouldn't it though?! Id never seen it until I got the opportunity to do this review.


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