Wordless Wednesdays: Growing Up So Fast

Happy Wednesday! Since the point of Wordless Wednesday posts are to keep the words out of it, I'll be brief. I love to share photos of my son, as he grows. He just turned four a couple of weeks ago, and each and every day since, he's been surprising us with his big boy attitude. We've had less tantrums, more hugs and cuddles, and we've fought far less battles over everyday stuff like eating meals, sitting and listening, being gentle, etc. B's been eating like a horse, so I know a growth spurt is in the works (yay- we just bought him new clothes, and in two or three weeks, they probably won't fit anymore!). We had a wonderful weekend- it was just so pleasant. I hope we can continue the pattern!

We were shopping at IKEA on Saturday, and didn't have to fight B about eating lunch. He ate everything on his plate, and even drank his milk from a milk carton.

The good behavior earned him a frozen yogurt- mommy and daddy were very proud of him!

I know that not every day will be as nice as last Saturday was, but regardless of good or bad behavior, I'll take every day I am given with the most precious gift I could ever be blessed with.

Wishing you all a beautiful Wednesday, and many perfect 'Saturdays' ahead!

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