Weekends with the Wigglesworths-Hooray for the 3-Day Weekend!

Hooray, the weekend is finally here. So many exciting things have been happening at Wigglesworth Manor (Drew started a new school, Matt had a birthday, and Reese has been potty training) and it's nice to have a weekend (with an extra day and everything; WOO-HOO!) to kind of kick back and take it easy. 

Last night, we started our weekend with a Mom and Daughter date night and watched the newest episode of Girl Meets World. It's our Friday night "thing" and I love that Drew loves the show as much as I loved it's predecessor Boy Meets World

Today, we don't have too much planned. The forecast is rain, rain, and more rain so we might just have to build a fort, read some awesome stories and maybe start Drew's school project! She has to choose a fiction book, then answer some "interview questions" about the story, and make a life sized drawing of the main character (head and shoulders) on a piece of poster board with the hole cut out for her face so that she is the character.

Something Like This! (photo from Cottage on Blackbird Lane)

 Tomorrow is church day and later on we might be getting together with Matt's parents to celebrate his birthday with them. I'm not sure what the exact plans are, but I am pretty sure that cake will be involved, and even though I don't need it, I am pretty excited about it's possible presence! 

Since Drew has Monday off, I think we might be hitting the Friends of the Danbury Library book sale with my Grams. It's been sort of a yearly tradition for the last three years. I love going through the massive piles of books and adding to our collection. The only downside about the book sale is having to find space for all the books that we will be bringing home! I guess I'll be on the look out for new bookshelves. Craigslist here I come! 


What are your plans this weekend? I'd love to hear about them, so leave a comment below!

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