Weekends with the Wigglesworths- Celebrating an Important 5th Birthday in Virginia!

Happy Saturday once again. We will be in Virginia this weekend, celebrating the 5th birthday of our nephew Zack! These birthdays come out of nowhere I tell ya. It was practically yesterday that we went down to both meet Zack for the first time and celebrate Thanksgiving and now this kid is 5 YEARS OLD! 

Because Zack Is Into Dinosaurs!

Because we live about 5 hours away from Zack (and his family), we only get together around the holidays and summer. We are surprising the girls with where we are going.  We have only told them that we are going for a road trip (Drew guessed Florida, but I think she'll be more pleased by where we actually go!). Drew and Reese love spending time with Zack and Libby (his little sister), and it will be great for the Matt and I to spend time with their parents (Matt's brother and sister in law). 

The hardest part of the trip, besides preparing for it (because unfortunately this is not a long weekend and I don't enjoy packing)  is going to be leaving to come home. Hopefully time will fly between this weekend and the next time we get to see them all!

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