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The kiddos are back to school and fall is here! While I'm glad for the cooler temperatures, we're still battling it being chilly in the mornings, and getting up into the 70's and 80's during the day. It can make it difficult to know how to dress, especially when it comes to the kiddos. I am constantly worried about B being warm enough when he's at school, because the kids go out on the playground, and sometimes his class walks across the street to the public library for story time.  We've been sticking with short sleeved t-shirts (for now), and lightweight hoodie jackets, because those are an easy on/off, and easy for B's teachers to keep up with. 

While wearing t-shirts is fine, they are becoming harder to find because of what time of year it is, and B just had another growth spurt, so most tees that he wore during the spring and summer are now snug or too short. I don't mind shopping in children's clothing stores or departments in large stores, but I have to be honest, I love for B to have at least part of his be different than all of the other children he's around. So often we see other little boys, and they're all wearing the same shirts as B- we don't have a lot of places to shop around here!

Every now and then, I like to connect with awesomely talented people, like Crystal Tracy. Crystal owns Sweet Jane Clothing, an adorable line of vintage inspired, handmade children’s clothing. An antidote to the mass produced cheap children’s clothing found at chain stores, Sweet Jane Clothing is high quality and made with love at Crystal's home in the Canadian prairies. Whenever possible Sweet Jane Clothing is made with vintage fabric, giving life to the fabric that Granny bought but didn't use.

I enjoyed browsing the adorable pieces handmade by Crystal, in the Sweet Jane Clothing shop through Etsy. I loved everything I laid eyes on, especially the cute little girls' dresses! There were equally cute pieces for boys, and the Robot T-Shirt caught my eye for B. Not only does B love robots, but the design of the shirt was so cute and different from your average children's tee, I knew it would be a big hit!

Crystal was sweet enough to send B his very own Robot T-Shirt, all the way to NC from Canada! It's so much fun to receive packages from our neighbor to the north! When I told B where this special package came from, he ran to his room and grabbed his miniature globe, so we could find Canada.

Our package from Sweet Jane Clothing arrived, and we couldn't wait to see what was inside!

I took care to carefully remove the shirt packaging from the packing envelope. Sometimes items we receive are very prettily wrapped, and our package from Sweet Jane Clothing was all dolled up!

Crystal truly went the extra mile for us- look at the beautiful wrapping paper, ribbon, card and business card that we found when we slid back the packing envelope!

Special packaging made us feel oh, so special!

I just have to take a minute to thank Crystal for taking the time to package our shirt the way she did. Wrapping our package up so nicely really says something about Crystal- how she values not only her products, but she values her customers, and customer service. I sort of feel like we got a glimpse of Crystal's personality with the way she presented the shirt to us, and what a lovely person she is! Thank you, Crystal!

I called B into the dining room, and let him know that the package that came from Canada was for him to open. He loved the pretty wrapping paper and ribbon around the package, and couldn't wait to open it!

'For me!?'

B, opening his package to find... a very cool Robot T-Shirt, handmade by Crystal from Sweet Jane Clothing!

Here's the adorable blue T-Shirt with an appliqued robot design front and center!

Check out the cute stitching around the edges and across the head of the robot!

I love that Crystal's creativity really shines through the design of this shirt. Using bits and pieces of vintage fabric, cut into rectangles and squares, and pieced together, Crystal has created a truly unique design that is one of a kind! I love the zig-zag stitching around the robot, and his friendly face!

About the Design

This fun robot is made from Crystal's coveted collection of 1940s feedback fabric and appliquéd to a super soft royal blue t-shirt.

The t-shirt and robot are 100% cotton and can be thrown into the washer and drier - super easy wash and wear for your busy little guy.

All the robot pieces are cut out by hand and appliquéd to the t-shirt. Crystal has zig-zagged around all the edges of the cut pieces to prevent fraying and ensure durability. 

Price: $29.00 US

B was so excited about his new Robot T-Shirt that he couldn't wait to wear it!

The shirt was a wonderful fit for B. This is a 5/6 American Apparel tee, and a great size for B, who is somewhere between a 5t and 5 in little boys. The all cotton shirt is comfortable, soft, durable, and wears well for school days, playground visits, or just being at home or out and about!

B, chilling at home after school, playing a learning game, while wearing his awesome Robot T-Shirt from Sweet Jane Clothing.

B loves his fun and funky Robot T-Shirt from Sweet Jane Clothing!

We paired B's blue t-shirt with a pair of red cotton shorts, a play on the red in the fabric used to create the robot. B wore his robot tee to school, and his teachers, especially, went crazy over it! Even my mom, who loves to sew and create with fabric scraps thought this design was completely adorable! B loves having this cool shirt in his wardrobe- it makes him feel very special to have cool shirts that are different from what many of the other boys are wearing, and his momma loves to share about the designer with the other moms!

We have worn this tee a couple of times already, and have received tons of compliments, and have been asked if we made it, or where it came from. I have happily been telling everyone who asks about Crystal and Sweet Jane Clothing! The shirt not only wears well, it washes well, too! We just toss it into the washing machine for a cold wash on the gentle cycle, and I lay this shirt flat to dry to prevent it from shrinking, but it would also be fine to dry it on low in the dryer.

Boys' Clothing / Robot T-Shirt

**not sure what size to buy?** 
Here are a few things that might help you decide:

- Crystal has pre-washed/pre-shrunk all the t-shirts.
- The shirts fit a little bit small. 
- If you are unsure about the sizing, it's usually a good idea to buy the larger size since kids always grow!
-If you're still not sure, feel free to contact Crystal, so she can answer any questions you might have.

Since B has room to grow into this tee, I expect that we'll be layering grey, white or red long sleeved tees underneath this t-shirt so he can wear it into next spring! When you have a shirt as cool as this one, you want to get as much wear out of it as possible before it's outgrown.

There are so many adorable designs available from Sweet Jane Clothing, and I just had to choose a few others to share with you all. Take a look at some of these designs I'm loving...

Girls Dress / Lady Bug Dress / Red, Black and White / Party Dress / Mod Dress
Girls Ladybug Dress

Personalized Kids Cardigan, Custom Monogrammed Sweater, Boys and Girls Initial Cardigan
Personalized Kids Cardigan Sweater

Girls Owl Dress / Red and Blue Owl on Royal Blue Dress /
Owl Dress

Baby Bodysuit / Unisex Baby Onesie / Fox Onepiece
Fox Onesie

Aren't those cute? Any kiddo would be excited and proud to wear one of these adorable designs from Sweet Jane Clothing! They would make precious baby shower gifts, or special surprises for the sweet little ones in your life!

We can't thank Crystal enough for taking the time to make and send this special robot t-shirt to us. We love it, and will cherish it, always! I think Crystal is super talented and creative, and her designs are just way too cute for words!

Want Them? Buy Them!

Head on over to Sweet Jane Clothing on Etsy to browse Crystal's adorable handmade children's apparel and accessories. Crystal is kindly offering MBP readers a 15% discount on all orders placed from 10/8 - 10/21. Just use the code FALL2014 at checkout in the Sweet Jane Clothing Etsy Shop. Sweet Jane Clothing is social and would love to connect with you through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Questions? Don't hesitate to contact Crystal- she can't wait to hear from you!

Special thanks to Crystal Tracy of Sweet Jane Clothing for allowing us to review and share this special robot t-shirt with our readers!

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  1. I love this Vintage inspired box for kids, and cuteness! This will be one on the possibility list for my new Grandson thanks for the review.


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