The Sweetest Party Treats: Sweet Treats Custom Confections #Review

This year, B's birthday was Spiderman-themed, and we had the pleasure of being able to celebrate his birthday at school! I was semi-surprised when we were informed that we'd be able to bring in homemade treats for B's class. I definitely wanted his class birthday treat to be super special, so I went looking for Spiderman treat tutorials. There were so many treats that looked amazing, and delicious- but complicated! I don't know much about baking, and decorating confections is not a skill that I posses, so I decided that I best leave the treat-making to the pro's!

I was very excited to happen upon Sweet Treats Custom Confections, owned by Maha Mortada, of Campbell, California. Maha specializes in homemade, fresh baked confections of all kinds, and accepts custom orders. Whether you're in the market for party treats or wedding cakes, Maha is very talented, and loves to showcase her talents by working passionately to create specialty treats for her customers.

Maha and I connected, and I shared by idea with her, regarding treats for B's class. I knew that I wanted the treats to look amazing, and taste great, and wasn't willing to settle for store-bought cupcakes. When I saw the beautifully iced Spiderman cookies that Maha had previously made, and was showcasing through her business page, I knew that I didn't need to look for anything else! Maha very sweetly agreed to make us a few cookies, and send them out for our review, and we couldn't wait to see them in person, taste them, and share them with B's friends at school!

When our box of goodies arrived fro, Sweet Treats Custom Confections, I couldn't wait to see what the Spiderman inspired cookies looked like in person, and of course- couldn't wait to show them to B! They were all wrapped up in bubble wrap, for sake-keeping during shipping.

Here they are! Look how cool they are! The web design on the mask is especially impressive!

It was really neat to see a collection of homemade Spiderman inspired sugar cookies, spread out in my dining room. I called B over to have a look, and could see the excitement in his eyes as he looked the cookies over. He asked me if they were for his party, and when I told him that we'd be able to take these to school and share with his friends, he was even more excited!

We had fourteen cookies, which was pretty perfect- as there are fourteen kiddos in B's class.

Each cookie was individually bagged and tied with a matching red ribbon, which made it super easy for us to share these sweet treats with friends!

We did take the cookies to school, and since they were wrapped, I asked B's teachers to send each of the children home with a special Spiderman cookie at the end of their school day. They were impressed by the design, and the children were so excited to receive such a cool treat from their friend B, to help celebrate his birthday!

As much as B loved sharing the cookies, when he got home from school, he told me that three of the kiddos were out sick, and he had cookies leftover. So, we had a few cookies left to enjoy at home. B especially couldn't wait to try one, so we let him have one with his lunch.

I helped to hold the cookie while B took bites, because the black icing was very messy, and B had on a new shirt.

I snuck a bite of the cookie, and have to say, it was truly scrumptious! Not only was it beautifully decorated, it was very tasty. The cookie itself was nice and soft, and the icing gave it a nice coating, rather than a yucky-tasting, dull topping. B ate the cookie right up- every last bite, and washed it down with a cup of milk.

The Spiderman cookies from Sweet Treats Custom Confections were a true hit for B's birthday celebration! Maha is a talented baker and decorator, and can make just about anything one's heart desires! We have lots of special celebrations coming up in the next year- hubby turns 30, my bestie is tying the knot, and I have a feeling that I will be contacting Maha once again to create special treats for these special occasions!

Take a look at some of Maha's sweet creations...

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Special treats from Sweet Treats Custom Confections would be a wonderful addition to your special occasion, and would definitely be a topic of conversation for your guests! Maha's creations are visually stunning, and absolutely delicious! They look so pretty that you won't want to eat them, but once you take a bite, you'll know you made the right decision!

Want Some? Buy Some!

Whether you're looking for a custom cake, cookies, cake pops, gift baskets or trays for a special occasion or low key event, Maha has got you covered! She would love to create special confections for you, and does take custom orders, so don't be shy! Maha has a huge portfolio of past creations available for browsing, so be sure to take a look at all of the amazing creations she has previously made for her customers. Head on over to Sweet Treats Custom Confections on Facebook for more information, or to connect with Maha and place an order for your event. *Even if you're not local to Maha, she can and will ship her confections directly to you!

Special thanks to Maha of Sweet Treats Custom Confections for making and sending these amazing Spiderman Inspired Sugar Cookies to us for B's special Spiderman themed birthday! They were delicious, and they were a huge hit!

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