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One of the hardest things about being a parent for me, is dealing with discipline, With B being just days away from turning four years old, I have yet to find a tactic that works well for us, when it comes to disciplining my child. I love my son, but I know that I sometimes allow him to get away with far too much, and he does sometimes have a bit of a listening problem when it comes to mommy and daddy. We've tried everything  from time out to taking toys away, and nothing seems to work well enough. No parent enjoys feeling like they've been bested by their child, or like they're failing at the parenting thing.

I began looking for new ideas and new ways to introduce positive reinforcement, as I noticed how well the reward system worked when we were potty training. Now, I am not by any means suggesting that my child deserves to be awarded for good behavior- he's expected to behave well, however, he's just shy of four, and he's still learning, as are his mom and dad.

The Be Good Fairy

I was excited to find The Be Good Fairy, a magical book for kiddos and parents, written by Missy Wallen-Nichols. Over the last seven years, Missy has been putting together stories and examples of families whose lives have been changed by the Be Good Fairy. Becoming a mother later in life, Missy quickly learned that parenting was more challenging than she had realized. She and her husband wanted a way to discipline their child in a positive and inspiring manner, and a magical entity paved the way to a more peaceful and serene home.

Missy's family has been touched by the Be Good Fairy in so many wonderful ways. The Be Good Fairy helped discipline and growth become a fun and positive experience for their entire family. They feel compelled to share it with children and families whose lives have not yet been touched by this wonderful force.

I connected directly with author and fellow mom, Missy Wallen-Nichols, who shared a bit of her background story with me, and offered to send us a signed copy of her wonderful book, The Be Good Fairy.

Our signed copy of The Be Good Fairy- thank you, Missy- we'll treasure this, always!

I couldn't wait to read through The Be Good Fairy, myself, and become familiar with the fairy's practices, as well as the awesome resources available in the book. The Be Good Fairy is kid-tested, and psychologist approved, so I was very excited to share about it with my husband, and get him on board with a new system of discipline.

I love the book cover of The Be Good Fairy, which simply shows a colorful wand, since no one really knows quite what The Be Good Fairy looks like. The first page of the book has a place to print your child's name, which makes it all the more special.

You can add your child's name right on the first page of the book!

The introduction page of The Be Good Fairy is very helpful for parents. It gives a bit of information on what The Be Good Fairy is all about. When parents see beautiful fairy stardust, they are prompted to tell their little ones about it, and let them know that it means that The Be Good Fairy must be near, and is always watching. This can be done at anytime, or in those times where you and your children may need to focus on certain difficult behavioral issues. This helps the children know/remember to work extra hard to be good. If they have been good, they can hang their 'I've Been Good' door hanger on their door before going to bed. The Be Good Fairy book comes with a colorful door hanger (parents will need to help their children cut the door hanger out from the back of the book).

Just because a child has been good, that doesn't mean that The Be Good Fairy will visit the child's house... but you never know- the Be Good Fairy may choose to visit and leave a reward or surprise, like a favorite pack of gum (for older children), stickers, a new toy car, a quarter, etc.

B, checking out a couple of bookmarks, and The Be Good Fairy book.

I couldn't wait to introduce some of the stories in The Be Good Fairy book to B. We love reading before bedtime, so it seemed like the perfect time to introduce him to the magic of The Be Good Fairy. We talked a little bit about the magical fairy, and what it means to be a good boy. We're always thrilled to receive good reports from B's teachers, but he does sometimes have a bit of a listening problem when it comes to mommy and daddy. So, we talked about being a good listener, respecting adults, etc., and then read the story Addison Misbehaves.

Addison Misbehaves

In Addison's story, he misbehaves at school, and his mom and dad are a bit disappointed. Addison hopes that The Be Good Fairy will ignore the fact that he misbehaved, and still bring him a surprise, so he hangs his 'I've Been Good' door hanger on his door at night, anyway. When Addison woke the next morning, he rushed to see if The Be Good Fairy visited and left him a reward, only to find that the Fairy did not. This serves as a reminder to little ones that The Be Good Fairy is always watching, and that they should always try their very best to be good.

B didn't like hearing that poor little Addison didn't get a surprise, so we tried to explain to him that there are no rewards for bad behavior, and there may very well be consequences. He immediately took that as a serious sign that he needed to strive to be good, always.

Jackson Shares, another great story about sharing and caring!

Reading 'Jackson Shares' together before bedtime.

After we read through the stories in our The Be Good Fairy book, I started noticing a general improvement in B's overall behavior. He is generally very sweet natured, but since starting school in early September, I have noticed him being a bit more rough. He has been helping more around the house, offering to help me with chores with me having to ask him to help, cleaning up his toys on his own, etc. I am so proud of him, and have been very happy to hand him his The Be Good Fairy door hanger before bed. Doing this makes him excited to go to bed each night, and though the fairy doesn't visit all the time, when the fairy does visit, it's very special for us!

Here's the adorable door hanger that comes in the back of each The Be Good Fairy book! Just cut it out and hang it on the door!

The back of the book also has space to keep a journal, and to draw a picture of what you think The Be Good Fairy might look like.

You can also purchase The Be Good Fairy Journal to go along with The Be Good Fairy book, to make a special gift package. The journal is spiral bound, and includes pages for kiddos to document their good deeds, and add their name and date to the page. On the page that follows, your child is invited to draw a picture of their reward from The Be Good Fairy.

We have been having lots of fun documenting B's good behavior!

We are so thankful to have had the opportunity to experience The Be Good Fairy, as a family. Not only is it helping my husband and I to be more understanding and encouraging when it comes to our son's behavior, it's encouraging our four year old to certainly still be a kid, but to strive to be a good listener and help others, We're so proud of his sweet nature, and loving heart!

Dr. Caroline Sherril, licensed clinical psychologist says this, 'The Be Good Fairy is a fun and magical way to recognize young children's good behavior and to give them the positive attention and encouragement they need in order to keep being good.'

The Be Good Fairy is a wonderful resource for parents, and a special, magical experience for families. We have seen positive changes in attitudes at our house, in just a short few weeks, thanks to this wonderful book! I encourage you to check it out, and consider gifting it to parents in your life, no matter what their child's behavior has been, because this just encourages them to keep on being good.

The Be Good Fairy has been receiving lots of buzz, and has been featured in/on:
Best Self Magazine twice, and are in the present issue under "The author next door."
Forsyth Magazine.
11 Alive with Valerie Hoff

Want It? Buy It!

Head on over to The Be Good Fairy to learn more about author Missy Wallen-Nichols, learn more about The Be Good Fairy, or to purchase your copy. The Be Good Fairy is also available in Georgia at Duck Duck Goose, in Dacula Ga., Swoozie's in Atlanta, and Norcross, Perrywinkle's gifts in Marietta, and Humpus Bumpus Bookstore in Cumming. You can also find The Be Good Fairy through Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Booklogix. You can also connect with The Be Good Fairy on Facebook and Twitter!

Want It? Win It!

Not one, but THREE lucky MBP readers will win a copy of The Be Good Fairy (signed by author Missy Wallen-Nichols)! A huge thanks to Missy for offering this special giveaway for our readers! This giveaway is open to US residents, 18 and older. Just use the RC giveaway entry form below to enter for your chance to win a signed copy of the book!

Special thanks to author Missy Wallen-Nichols for allowing us to experience The Be Good Fairy, and for offering this special giveaway for our readers!

Good luck & be good!


  1. I like you can learn how to encourage them with their good behavior so they keep it up.

  2. I like that it has the journal so that they can reflect on those times that they were good and what they did.

  3. I like how encouraging it is.

  4. Positive rewards for positive behavior keep them behaving!

  5. I think I may need to get something like this. It might be her age (3) but we are having a terrible time getting her to listen. I like that this book encourages good behaviour. We could use that!

  6. I love that the book encourages good behavior, something we definitely strive to share with Carter.

  7. I love that it encourages good behavior and has a somewhat interaction feature to it with the journal.


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