#MondayMotivation: Kindness Counts- Kids Edition

Happy Monday MBP readers! I hope you all had a great weekend. I stayed offline as much as possible, because I wanted to spend some time with my family. We've all been busy, running in different directions, and for once, we were all home for the entire weekend!

I wanted to share a quick little saying for the kiddos this week. I know that we usually focus on self worth and adult motivation on Mondays, but our kids need a little motivation, as well. I know that being a kid can be tough- we've all been there, and now that my little guy is in school, and making friends, I can't help but remember what it was like for me, when I was younger. See, I was one of the girls who was nice to everyone- showed kindness and love to the kids that most wouldn't talk to or play with. God loves all, and so should we. 

Create a kindness tree...

Encouraging our children to show kindness, and to be a friend to someone who needs a friend is so important. Kindness really can go a long, long way. I talk with my son often about what it means to show kindness. He's only four years old, but that's not too young to make a difference in the life of another little one. No matter the age of your child, do encourage them to be friendly, and show kindness to others. You could even create a kindness tree on  a large piece of paper, and every night at dinnertime , write down a way you can show kindness to others on a paper leaf, and attach it to the tree. Hang it in a place all will see it, so it will be a daily reminder to show love and kindness to all we encounter. 

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