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We had a fantastic (almost) week-long birthday celebration for B last week! He officially turned four on Saturday, but the celebrations began the previous Sunday! We had B's first party with my hubby's family, and then had a second party with my family on the following Thursday afternoon/evening, with even more birthday celebrations on Saturday! B always lets me know way in advance what type of party theme he'd like to have. Usually, I go way overboard, and we have one big party for B's birthday, but this year, I wanted to keep it a bit low key. That said, I still wanted the parties to be special for him. So, I set out to find some fun decorations and party items centered around Spiderman- B's favorite superhero!

I was lucky enough to connect with some really wonderful, talented ladies, one of them being Amy Wassell, owner of Little Crafty Cottage. Amy hails fom North Huntingdon, PA, and has quite a knack for crafting adorable Balloon Wreaths for birthday parties, and all sorts of celebrations! Amy has her crafty creations listed in her Little Crafty Cottage Etsy Shop, and boy- are there some unique, colorful wreaths to choose from! Amy was kind enough to make a special Spiderman themed balloon wreath for B's 4th birthday bash, and I couldn't wait to see what it would look like in person. Amy is so sweet, and I could tell that customer satisfaction is very important to her. Amy and I communicated quite a bit during the processs of the wreath being made, and Amy asked me about colors, special add-ons, etc. Before I knew it, Amy was shipping a custom-made wreath to my door!

Our wreath arrived in a nice, big box!

B was on hand for the big reveal, and couldn't wait to see the birthday wreath for his party!

'Cool! It's made of balloons, mommy!'

When B realized that there were also Spiderman picks scattered throughout the wreath, he was all the more excited about it!

I mentioned to B that this was a special wreath for his birthday party, and it had been made just for him! He held it very carefully, as we looked at all of the beautiful colored balloons and ribbons that were attached to the wreath. B was totally mesmerized by all of the balloons, and thought it was the coolest thing in the world to have a wreath made of balloons for his birthday party! I turned the wreath over, and noticed that Amy had the wreath ready to hang. There was a hanging wire attached to the back, so all we needed was a something to hang it on!

We hung the wreath on B's bedroom door for the time being, just to see what it looked like hanging up!

Check out this small section of the wreath up close.

This wreath is comprised of white, red, yellow, grey, and blue balloons, and curled ribbons throughout. This balloon and ribbon wreath measures approximately 16" and is made of over 400 balloons! Whoa- that's a lot of balloons!

Hey- Spiderman is hiding in the wreath, too!

When Amy told me that she found some totally cute Spiderman picks to use within the wreath, I was so excited! I knew that B would be just as excited to see his favorite superhero in the wreath, too!

When it came time to decorate for the party, B was a bit upset that I removed the wreath from his bedroom door. I promised him that I would put it back after the party, and explained that were were going to use the wreath as a party decoration. I couldn't quite decide where to put the wreath. I knew that I could have hung it on the front door, but I really wanted it to be seen, and enjoyed at the party.

Here's what we did with the wreath for the party...

...we made a centerpiece for the table with it!

I knew that we were all going to be sitting down to eat at the dining room table, so what better a place to show off the cool wreath? I put the Spiderman inspired balloon wreath around my hurricane, and then added a Spiderman decoration. We made a table runner out of stretchy spider webs and little plastic black Spiders.

The wreath worked perfectly as a centerpiece, and a conversation piece for the table during the party!

Family and friends, enjoying some good food and having lots of fun celebrating our special little guy, around a very cool centerpiece!

My mom kept commenting on the wreath, and how neat it was. I told her that I debated over where to place it during the party, and finally settled on the table, as the centerpiece, because I wanted everyone to see it and enjoy it, more than just in their comings and goings. Adding the little Spiderman decoration to the hurricane, the spider webs, and then tying on a couple of Spiderman balloons, made for a very cool and unique centerpiece for the table. Our guests couldn't stop talking about how cool the wreath was, and B proudly told everyone that it was going to be a new decoration for his room, too.

After the party, I did return the wreath to B's bedroom door, as promised. It looks really cool there, and matches the decor and colors in his room.

I couldn't have been happier with the way the balloon wreath turned out. Amy did such an amazing job on it, and was just so kind to make this special wreath for us, and to send it for B's party. It really made his birthday all the more special, and our guests really loved the wreath, as well. It was a wonderful addition to B's party!

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I have a feeling that we'll be displaying this awesome Spiderman inspired balloon wreath in B's room, until he outgrows superheroes! We're definitely going to proudly display the wreath for all to see, and of course, for B to enjoy. It was such a fun element and decoration for B's Spiderman birthday party. He loves the wreath, and our guests were really impressed by it! 

Amy's wonderful balloon wreath creations are available for around $45.00/each. Amy is able to work with your preferred color scheme, to make a custom creation for your party or special event. Just think of the color combinations you could do to make a special occasion wreath, or special gift for someone! Balloon wreaths would be perfect for- classrooms, front doors, an office door, for baby showers, bridal showers, wedding receptions, birthday parties, retirement parties, bringing home a new baby, for football season, college basketball, or for any of your favorite holidays. It would even be cool to have a general balloon wreath to hang up at home whenever someone in the family has a birthday! A balloon wreath crafted by Amy of Little Crafty Cottage would be a special decoration to add to your personal decor collection, a fun addition to your celebration, or a wonderful gift!

Want It? Buy It!

Head on over to Little Crafty Cottage on Etsy, to browse all of Amy's adorable balloon wreaths, and more! If you don't see quite what you're looking for, please contact Amy to discuss a custom design for your celebration!  You can also connect with Little Crafty Cottage on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Want It? Win It!

One lucky reader will win a $25.00 Gift Code from Little Crafty Cottage! You can put it toward the purchase of a custom balloon wreath, lollipop centerpiece, or memory bear! This giveaway is open to US residents, 18 and older. Just use the RC entry form below to enter for your chance to win!

Special thanks to Amy of Little Crafty Cottage for making and sending us such a special birthday wreath, and for offering this wonderful giveaway for our readers!

Good luck!


  1. I would love a balloon wreath for my sons 2nd birthday coming up in March. SUPER cute!!

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  3. The Dora Themed Lollipop Centerpiece would be great for our next little one's birthday party or even for our play group!

  4. My daughter would love the Spiderman wreath. But I think she would really love the Rainbow Wreat. I would love to have that to hang on her door.

  5. If I had a special wreath made I would have it made for my daughter's birthday. We would go with rainbow colors with some pastels in there and use it for a center piece for the party then hang it on her bedroom door.

  6. The Dora Themed Lollipop Centerpiece is what I would choose, I would love to have that for my brother's birthday to give to him!

  7. I would have to get the Dora Themed Lollipop Centerpiece for my daughter Ella. she would be beyond thrilled!

  8. Oh my gosh!! I would LOVE to have one in Christmas colors. For Na'Na's Elves return breakfast!! So CUTE!! Thank you for the chance!

  9. I would love a wreath for our Christmas party!!!

  10. It would be red and green, with elves or a santa and used for our family Christmas party.

  11. I would love the Pink and White Wreath!! It would be so cute for Valentine's day!


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