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Fashion and Fitness with Ellie {Review}

I have been working out consistently for over a year now. I have logged almost 700 miles of walking, hiking, biking, and running, even including a mini-marathon and a variety of 5ks. I am very proud of myself and look forward to continuing on this journey. I now love shopping for workout apparel and have tried to find stylish and fun things to reward myself.
I was provided with an opportunity to work with a company that combines function and fashion in workout apparel. I was very excited about the possibilities and couldn't wait to learn more. I was in contact with Riquel, the social media coordinator and we began moving forward.
Ellie, launched in early 2013 out of Santa Monica California, is a fitness apparel company. Their focus is on creating high quality active wear for women. The Ellie designs are made to be worn for working out or out on the town, they are comfortable enough for whatever the day may be. Each month a limited collection is released, using fabrics that are moisture wicking, UV protected, and breathable, while being trendy and unique.
How Does Ellie Work?
Ellie works in two ways. First, you can just shop online like any other shop, purchasing whatever pieces you would like. Second, if you currently have a membership with Ellie, you can be a part of their monthly program (this only applies to current members).  Shipping takes 4-7 days from your order being completed and processed.
Riquel was excited to partner with us and let us help spread the word about Ellie. She sent me a link to browse all of the apparel currently available and asked me to pick out 4-6 of my favorite pieces. For our review, she would send me one complete outfit, so I made sure I really took my time and looked at all my options. There were so many possible pieces I liked, I had a really hard time choosing. I finally decided my top 6 items, sent them off to Riquel, and then waited to see what she would surprise me with. 

Here were my top 6 picks:
MoonBeam Shorts
Wave Runner Capri
Conquer The Dawn Tank

My Ellie package has arrived!
A bright pink bag is always something I can get excited about. I was really looking forward to finding out what was inside.
I opened it up to find my shipping information sheet and 2 pieces of Ellie apparel.
For my outfit, I was sent the Wave Runner Capris and the Go With the Flow Top. I ordered a Large, even though I normally wear a medium, based on their sizing chart.
The Wave Runner Capri pants are really pretty. They are a navy and white pattern that is super eye catching and completely unique. I was really impressed and hadn't even tried them on yet. The capris feature polyester and spandex in a moisture wicking fabric. They also have a built in key pocket on the label.
I ordered a large, which I am really glad that I did. The medium would have been really tight and the large was perfect. The color and design are flattering too. They are very soft, comfortable, and moved well with my body, I could wear them all day long. They have a uniquely shaped waistline that actually stays put while running and doesn't cut in to my "mommy chub". I like the capri length too, fine to wear when it is a bit warmer or even cooler. The Wave Runner Capri seems very well made and uses high quality material. I have worn them quite a few times and they seem to be holding up well after washing too.
The Go With the Flow top was my absolute favorite of all the items available from Ellie. It has a solid front with a decorative seam and the back has a really fun cutout. I got the gray color, but it was also available in black. I couldn't wait to see what this looked like on. It also has my one workout shirt requirement, thumb holes, I sometimes wish all shirts had them.
I again ordered the large, but I may have been able to pull off the medium with this tee. It is made of polyester, spandex, and tencel (a form of rayon) and feels very smooth, almost silky. I really, really, really, like this shirt and wish I could wear it on every run. It fits well and doesn't cling, even when I get sweaty. I think the peek hole in the back is a nice feature, it gives a little extra breeze but is still covered. I have not dried the shirt in the dryer, but it has washed very well.
Front view of my Ellie outfit
Side view
I completely forgot to have my husband take a picture of the back, so here is a peek at what it does look like
I really love my Ellie workout apparel and will be putting some on my Christmas list. Here are my top 4 choices:
Riquel was wonderful enough to provide us with a personal promotional code for you to receive 20% off your first order. That special code is: mommysblockparty20, please use it at checkout. A special bonus that MBP was given, was that for every 5 orders, we will get a new Ellie outfit too, so thanks to all of you who order!
 Want It? Buy It!
I highly recommend Ellie apparel to all of you who love working out and looking stylish. Ellie has some great new products to see and you don't want to miss out. Remember, our MBP readers can use the special code: mommysblockparty20, to save 20% off their first purchase. You can also follow Ellie on all of their social media outlets- Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or the Ellie Blog.
Huge thanks to Riquel and Ellie for my beautiful new workout gear!

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  1. I am loving their product. I think you picked a great top with the Go With the Flow shirt. My favorite is their Om Sweet Om Tank in Black. Love all the fun patterns they have.


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