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A Monthly Mission with MissionCute {Review and Giveaway}

The world can be a scary place, just watching the news or listening to the radio, you hear so much negative. It does bother me that my kids are growing up in a world with so many problems, but they are really still blissfully unaware, which is fine with me. We try to do things to help keep our world as happy as we can make it, we volunteer, we recycle, we donate, we do what we can in small ways. I think it is important to keep showing our kids ways to make the world better and that every little bit helps.

While browsing online, I came across a company that focuses on just that, "Making the World a Better Place." I was intrigued by this and wanted to learn more, so I contacted them. I quickly heard back from the founder of the company, who thanked me for reaching out to them. At MBP, we love to showcase companies that not only have great products, but we also LOVE to share how they are using these products to help others. This company is definitely doing their part on supporting small business, working with non profits, and just doing good things for others.

MissionCute was founded by mom, Samantha, in late 2013, in North Carolina. Samantha was looking for a way to serve her community and make a larger impact. Her young son was her primary motivation, making the world a better place for his future. MissionCute was born to help out small business and give back to those around. MissionCute is a monthly membership box filled with fun accessories, home goods, and more, and 50% of the net proceeds go to a nonprofit organization. How cool is that!?! MissionCute is giving back to the community every single month, how fun and easy is that? As Samantha says, "Cute stuff on a mission."
~MissionCute has three main missions~
  • We support small businesses.
    • Supporting small businesses is a big deal here at MissionCute.  We work hard to support small businesses and local artisans by including their goods in the monthly MissionCute boxes and promoting their story.  Each MissionCute box comes with at least 2 items made by small-but-mighty artisans and local businesses.  By joining MissionCute, you'll receive a box of cute stuff that comes straight from small businesses and local artisans. 
  • We partner with nonprofits.
    • Each month, we work with a very special nonprofit to help promote their mission, raise awareness, and donate 50% of our monthly net proceeds from the MissionCute boxes to their organization.  We encourage our MissionCute community to suggest nonprofits they love through our Community page.  You can learn more about the nonprofit organizations we have worked with on our blog, Facebook page and our monthly newsletter!  
  • We do work.
    • For us, it's not enough to just write a check every month.  It's really important that we actually get out into the community and make a difference.  We regularly sponsor a service project in our community where we volunteer at a local organization that needs some extra hands.  We hope this inspires others to get out and make a difference in their community!  
How Does MissionCute Work?
MissionCute is an easy way to get a surprise box of goodies each month, while benefiting others. First you must choose your subscription preference: 1 Month/$39 monthly, 3 Month/$36 monthly, 6 Month/$33 monthly or 1 Year/$29 monthly. You do get some great savings by purchasing more months, and shipping is free to US and Canada. Once you have chosen your frequency, you will register all of your information and you are set. To receive the current month's box, you must register by the 10th of the month and boxes ship out on the 15th of each month. Plans automatically renew, but you can cancel at any time.
 What Comes in a MissionCute Box?
Each month you will get some amazing products that are carefully chosen. There will be 2-5 items, they could be home goods, accessories, and more, that are from local artisans and small businesses. To sneak a peek at previous months, click here.

We were given the opportunity to receive and review the September MissionCute box. In September, MissionCute chose to support Bright BlessingsBright Blessings has a mission to celebrate, inspire, and support homeless children and their families, while offering fun and meaningful volunteer opportunities for both adults and youth.
Our MissionCute box is here!
First look at what surprises are inside
As you open the box, you find a MissionCute pamphlet. This has all the social media information on the front.
Inside has all the really important stuff. On the left side is information about Bright Blessings, the Non Profit they are donating to in September, remember 50% of the net proceeds are donated. It shares the goals and impact Bright Blessings has and how they go about it.
On the right side is a list of all the things included in the September box.
On the back, I think is a great thing, information to pass on to a friend so that they can learn more about MissionCute and their missions.
On to the box! I love the black and white polka dot paper.
The black and white theme has carried throughout the whole box--awesome!
Item #1: Bearsley & Bumski Kraft Notebook
Retail Value $8
Inspire "good vibes only" with this Bearsley & Bumski Kraft Notebook! Created by hand and perfect for notes and doodles. Find more at Etsy.com/shop/BearsleyandBumski.
The Good Vibes Only Notebook is really neat. It comes wrapped in soft brown paper, clearly labeled with logo and company information.
This notebook is handmade, includes 20 pages of acid free, blank white paper, with ink stamping on the cover.
Item #2: MissionCute Drawstring Bag
Retail Value $12
Great for a day trip or even hitting the gym, the MissionCute Drawstring Bag is the best accessory. Get it monogrammed to add a personal touch.
This bag is perfect for our soccer balls. With 2 kids in soccer and 1 husband coaching, we have to take an assortment with us to the fields for practice and games and we have discovered these types of bags hold 2 balls perfectly. I love the design, it is really bold, and great for S to use for her soccer balls.

Item #3: Sable & Snow Print
Retail Value $14
"Do What You Love" are words to live by and serve as an excellent reminder to us all. Designed by the talented women of Sable & Snow, frame this for your desk or home. Find more at SableandSnow.com.  
This 5x7 print is truly beautiful and a great inspiration. It is bright, colorful, and has a great message. I need to get a frame for this to display in our house.
Item #4: MissionCute Polka Dot Watch
Retail Value $19
Our schedules are about to kick into high gear so this is the perfect month to introduce MissionCute's Polka Dot Watch. Black and white polka dots in true MC fashion. The perfect mix of style and functionality.
The large face on this watch is great, stylish, bold, and a nice wrist piece. It is very comfy to wear, I hardly noticed I had it on. I love how the polka dots are just the opposite of the tissue paper from the box.
Item #5: Paper Trail Pens
Retail Value $5
Spread some positive cheer with these Positive Pens from Paper Trail. The "Make it Happen" and the "Future is Bright" pen set is sure to keep a smile on your face all day long. Find these pens at PaperTrailShop.com.
This set of 2 pens is a great match. The black and white combo is functional enough for everyday use but trendy enough to grab your attention. They are ballpoint tips and contain black ink. I love pens but constantly loose them, I will be trying to keep these two safe.

Item #6: Thatch & Thistle Stickers
Retail Value $3
We just partnered with Thatch & Thistle for some new packaging designs and in honor of this, we included some hot pink heart stickers in the September box. Need party supplies, gift wrap or more cute heart stickers? Check them out at Thatchandthistle.com.
Who doesn't love hot pink heart stickers. I will completely be using these for sealing envelopes and decorating little notes for my kiddos. These are a 48 count package.

The September MissionCute box is filled with cool black and white and hot pink fun. All of these items are things I would use in my home and daily life, which I appreciate. The value of this box is easily seen with this breakdown:

Bearsley & Bumski Kraft Notebook-$8
MissionCute Drawstring Bag-$12
Sable and Snow print-$14
MissionCute Polka Dot Watch-$19
Paper Trail Shop Pens-$5
Thatch and Thistle stickers-$3
If you had paid for just one month of MissionCute, it would run you $39, so the items in this box are of a much greater value. I think all of these items were great choices, I would be very happy with seeing this quality in all the boxes. I believe that MissionCute has a great future, it is a good value and benefits so many different people, while making a difference in the world.
Want It? Buy It!
Did you think that MissionCute was neat too? Sign up now for October's box (only one more day to register for this month). You can follow and like MissionCute on all of their social media outlets-Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and the MissionCute blog. Give the Gift of MissionCute here. Refer a Friend, when two friends sign up for MissionCute, you will receive a free box. Have a Non Profit you would like to recommend, visit here to nominate your choice.

Want It? Win It!
One lucky reader will win a one month subscription box from MissionCute. Just use the Rafflecopter entry form below to enter to win. Remember- if the entry field appears in BOLD, it's mandatory. Giveaway is open to US residents, 18 and older. Click 'Read More' to go to the giveaway.

Thanks to Samantha and MissionCute for the box of goodies and giveaway!


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