A Birthday Fit for a Superhero- Klassi Kreations Spiderman Inspired Superhero Cape Set #Review + #Discount Code

When B requested a Spiderman party for his birthday this year, I have to admit that I was a little thrown. He had previously mentioned wanting to have a Minions party, and I had already started making a few plans and collecting ideas for that. Then, he really started getting into superheroes, and out of nowhere, decided that Spiderman was the coolest hero of all. I knew he'd want a superhero party eventually, I just wasn't quite prepared to put that together this year. 

When I began looking for some specialty party decor, I found Klassi Kreations on Etsy. Klassi Kreations is owned by Karen Beaudoin, of OR. Karen has always has a passion for sewing and creating, and with a strong family history of dress-making, quilting, and more, you could definitely say that Karen's passion for sewing is in her blood. Karen loves creating unique gifts through sewing, and her daughter created an Etsy shop for her in 2011. Karen creates some pretty adorable things, including superhero capes and sets that have been inspired by some well known superheroes!

When I saw that Karen made Spiderman inspired superhero capes, I knew that I had to reach out to her, and invite her to be a part of B's 4th Birthday Bash. Karen and I connected, and she sweetly agreed to make a special superhero set for B, in the Spiderman theme. Karen took care to ask me about colors, preferences, etc- and before I knew it, we had a special superhero cape set on its way to our house!

Our package from Klassi Kreations included a special thank you note from Karen, herself!

Our Spiderman inspired superhero cape set was neatly folded, and protected by a plastic package.

Now, B had no idea that he was going to be receiving such an awesome surprise for his birthday. I actually had to keep this set hidden from view, and opened it up to sneak some photos, before his birthday party rolled around. Karen and I had communicated about the cape color, the mask, etc, so I sort of knew what to expect, but I have to say, when I removed the superhero cape set from its packaging, and laid it all out to look at it, I was beyond pleased.

Side one of the Spiderman Inspired Superhero Cape Set.

The Spiderman inspired cape is actually double-sided. One side is black, and the other is red. The cape is made out of a silky, satin-like material, so it is super soft, and shiny. On the black side of the cape, a Spiderman inspired applique is sewn front and center!

Here's a closer look at the Spiderman-inspired applique, sewn directly onto the cape.

On the reverse side of the cape, a spider, of course!

The opposite side of the cape is red, which again, is a striking color, and is very shiny and silky. This side of the cape features an unmistakable black spider icon, right in the center of the cape.

A closer look at the spider decal...

I love that Karen thought to make the cape double-sided, with a different look to each side. This makes the superhero cape 2-in-1, and gives your child options. B loves to make his own decisions, and like many four year olds, often changes his mind. The option to switch the cape around will give him endless ways to play superhero while wearing just one cape!

The top of the cape fits around the neck, and has double Velcro circles on each side, for an easy and adjustable fit.

I appreciated that Karen thought to include more than one place to fasten the cape around the neck. Since not all kiddos are the same size, this is perfect to help them find a good, comfortable fit, and allows the cape to grow with the child.

Our Spiderman inspired superhero cape set also came with a mask!

When I saw the Spiderman inspired mask, I couldn't help but smile. B was truly going to love it! I'm not sure exactly when Spiderman became his favorite hero, but right now, that guy is huge in our lives. B even plans to be Spiderman for Halloween, and this mask will be a great alternative to a mask that would fully cover the face (which I wouldn't let B wear).

This mask is made from a felt like material. It's very soft, and gentle against the skin, and has an adjustable stretch band across the back, to keep it secure on the child's head.

We actually added this Spiderman inspired superhero cape set to B's birthday gifts, at his pre-birthday party with my husband's family. I couldn't wait to see his little face when he realized what this was. My husband helped him remove the cape from its package, and as soon as he saw the Spiderman applique, and the spider decal on the opposite side, his face lit up, and he exclaimed, 'Spiderman!' He immediately asked for help in putting the cape and mask on, and showed it off to everyone at the party.

B has been loving his new Spiderman Inspired Superhero Cape and Mask Set from Klassi Kreations...

B, zipping through the house, in his Spiderman inspired superhero cape and mask.

B, doing his superhero cape swish!

My mother-in-law, grandmother-in-law, and my mom, especially, all thought that this cape set was so, so cool! The cape and mask fit B perfectly, and he definitely has a little room to keep growing into the cape! B has been having so much fun playing superheroes in his new cape set from Klassi Kreations, and he has already asked if we could incorporate the cape and mask into his Spiderman Halloween costume. I think the red side of the cape will go really nicely with his full body costume, and again, the mask will be a great alternative to the one that came with his costume, and covers the face.

1 BAT CAPE & Special MASK Superhero's Great for Birthday and Party Gifts

Features of the Superhero Cape and Mask Sets

Karen uses fabrics to withstand lots of hours of playtime with lightweight fabrics such as 100% Poly Bridal Satin. She also add a soft adjustable elastic around the mask for ease and usability for the child's and Parents convenience! 

A second logo/decal can be added to the opposite side of the cape for an additional $7.00.
The cape can be personalized for an additional $7.00

Personalized Bundles also available

I can only imagine the countless hours of play we'll be getting out of this wonderful cape set, and we truly thank Karen for taking the time to make this for us. It has been a fun and exciting part of B's 4th birthday treats and festivities!

Karen is super creative, and has lots of other designs up her sleeve and in her shop. Check out some other favorites...

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Karen's Klassi Kreations are so adorable! Any little guy or gal will feel like a superhero in one of these wonderful capes! You can customize a cape/cape set with just about anything you desire! Select colors, logos, add personalization, and accessories to create a very special gift for a wonderful child in your life! A special Superhero cape or cape set would make a wonderful gift for a birthday, special occasion, for the holidays, etc!

*Please note that Halloween orders must be placed no later than October 16th. Last ship date for Halloween orders is Oct. 20th.

Want It? Buy It!

Head on over to Klassi Kreations to take a look at all of Karen's creations, and to browse the many different styles and options available! MBP readers can receive 10% off anything in the Klassi Kreations shop- just use the code KLASSIGIFT10 at checkout! Klassi Kreations is social, and Karen would really love to connect with you through Facebook

Special thanks to Karen of Klassi Kreations for sharing her talents with us through this wonderful Superhero Cape and Mask set! It was an absolutely special treat for B's 4th birthday bash!

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