Wordless Wednesdays: Our Friend Mac

B has been enjoying going to school since it began a couple of weeks ago. We thought it would be a hard adjustment for him, but after just a couple of days of tears, he began to understand that he could go to school and have fun with his teachers and friends, and then we'd come back for him. B's class has a cute little stuffed animal mascot named Mac the Monkey. Every month, each of the kiddos in his class have a 'special day,' and take a turn bringing Mac home to have him spend the night. B was so excited to come home with Mac and introduce him to us, and had so much fun playing with him!

Sharing a cuddle with Mac...

Enjoying an ice cream party with Mac and Puppy.

Bottoms up, everyone! Chocolate milk is the best!

We love playtime!

We enjoyed having Mac around, and B really was a most gracious host with him. He got five star treatment, and even got a special cuddle spot with B and puppy at bed time. We jotted down all of the fun things we did with Mac in the class 'Special Day' notebook. Each of the children are asked to write a little paragraph about what they did with Mac, and then draw a picture. B drew a picture of Mac at the ice cream party in his room. It was so sweet!

We can't wait to have another turn hosting Mac at our house next month- we'll be sure to share our next Mac adventure with you, too!

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

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  1. Your little guys looks quite pleased! I like the idea of Mac for the classroom...


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