Weekends with the Wigglesworths- Fair to Share

Happy Saturday everyone! This weekend is going to be one of the rare weekends that things (mostly cleaning) get done around the house! The girls will be going with their Grandparents, which will allow me to actually clean without interruptions. Honestly though, I'd rather keep them home and have the interruptions because I miss them like crazy when they are not here.

A while ago, I read this article that said you have just 940 Saturdays with your children between the day your child is born and the time they turn 18. I CRIED! It still makes me a little weepy thinking about it, and it is partly because of that article that I have such a hard time sharing my kiddos.  I love spending time with them (even if they drive me up the wall sometimes). I love hearing stories about their day and watching them figure things out. I know gradually things will be different, first they will be teenagers and then young adults and I am going to miss everything about when they were smaller(even the times they drove me up the wall).

Tomorrow is Grandparents Day, so I thought it would only be 'fair to share' the girls this weekend. They love their Grandparents so much, and the 940 Saturdays (weekends really) are going by just as fast for them as they are for us as parents. It's good the girls to have some of those weekends filled with things other than their parents I suppose, even if I do miss them like crazy!

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