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#WaterWipes: The Purest Wipes On the Planet


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We'll soon be celebrating a special birthday in our family! B is just shy of turning four, and I have been having so much fun prepping for his special day. Like all mothers, I have vivid memories of the day he was born, and remember the joy I felt when I held my precious baby for the first time. In the hours, days, weeks and months that followed, everything was so new, and even scary. Hubby and I were brand new parents, and I remember being so paranoid over every little thing that had to do with caring for our sweet little baby. Even wiping his little baby bottom for the first time had me worried that he might have a reaction to the wipes from the hospital, or the ones we chose to use at home.

Every parent faces worry when it comes to their child, and it's only natural for us to want to do everything in our power to protect them, and give them the very best. The more we began to research certain products, we found that some of them might not be as safe as we initially thought, as far as our baby was concerned. The last thing I wanted as a new mom, was to face a nightmare of my baby having a bad reaction to something we bathed him with, or something we put on his skin. We tried to use as many natural products as possible, we cloth diapered, etc. I wish that I had known about WaterWipes, which are 99.9% water, and 0.1% fruit extract.

We received a few samples of WaterWipes, and I couldn't wait to try them (on myself, first).

I have always been wary of using baby wipes, because they do contain chemicals that can be harsh on baby's skin. We realized early on that B had sensitive skin, and we dealt with some pretty nasty diaper rash, baby eczema, etc. We tried to find hypoallergenic, gentle formulas when it came to baby wipes, and eventually, we just stopped using what we were buying in the stores, because B was breaking out. I found that mild baby wash and a gentle warm water cleanse worked best for his skin.

How Are WaterWipes Different?
  • WaterWipes are the only baby wipes on the market containing absolutely no chemicals, just 9.9% water and 0.1% Grapefruit Seed Extract.
  • WaterWipes can be used by anyone with sensitive skin: babies, toddlers, tens, or adults!
  • WaterWipes is the only baby wipe ever to be approved by the Independent Allergy UK.
  • Anyone with a skin condition like eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, etc. can use WaterWipes
  • without any negative effects or discomfort.

WaterWipes easy open and resealable pouch makes them convenient for use at home or on the go.

I stopped using baby wipes long ago. Many parents and teachers use them for cleaning up messes quickly, but I stuck with soft paper towels or wash cloths and clean water for clean-ups. I dislike the greasy residue and funky scents left behind, even by eco-friendly, fragrance free wipes. Plus, I have read some pretty scary stories about children having bad reactions to baby wipes, or even enduring burns from some of the chemicals. No thanks. I'd rather tote paper towels or a clean wash cloth around with me and just use water and soap. Now that I have WaterWipes on hand, I can still have the convenience of a wipe for quick clean up, and feel good knowing the wipes are safe for my son, because they contain 99.9% water, and 0.1& grapefruit extract.

Soft, durable and gets the job done- WaterWipes are the perfect choice to clean up life's little messes with.

Of course, I tested a WaterWipe on myself before using one with my son. I was impressed by how light it was, and it just glided smoothly across my skin with a gentle swipe. Nothing was left behind- no scent, no residue, just an overall fresh and clean feeling. We have been using our WaterWipes for all sorts of clean-ups, including sticky hands, chocolate faces, clean up after arts and crafts, cleaning hands after we've played outside, etc. I have stuck a few of the tester samples in my hubby's glove box, too. He works in home repair, and picks B up from school in the middle of the day, straight from the job site. The wipes allow him to give himself a quick freshen before walking into the school to pick B up. He loves having them on hand! I have also shared some of these with my mom, who really suffers from Eczema and has a hard time finding anything gentle enough to use on her skin.

We never leave home without our WaterWipes!

I have a pack of WaterWipes in our family cross body bag, which we take along with us pretty much anytime we all leave the house together. I no longer have to worry about bringing along extra wash cloths, an extra water bottle, etc. We have convenient, pure waterwipes which we can quickly grab for those unexpected little messes. Every now and then, we still need to use a wipe at potty time, so I am super glad to have a package of these on hand in our bathroom. Plus, these are great for little babies, because they prevent diaper rash

WaterWipes- perfect for baby's skin, little hands, or life's little messes.

Our friends are expecting their first baby this December, and I cannot wait to share WaterWipes with them! WaterWipes are safe to use on baby's skin from birth on out. I know that they'll appreciate learning about these natural baby wipes.

If/when we expand our own family, I will absolutely plan on using WaterWipes from the very start, but for now, they are just right for us to take with us when we're on the go, or to keep close by at home, for all of those unexpected little messes life sometimes throws our way.

Want to Learn More?

Visit the official WaterWipes site. You can also connect with WaterWipes on Facebook and Twitter.

Thanks so much to WaterWipes for introducing us to their amazing wipes!

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  1. these look great. I cant go anywhere without having wipes close by. I like that these are 99.9% water too


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