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Rock Your Style this Fall in Anatomie #Review

I'm not sure that I could sum up my personal style in just a few words. My style tends to be like me- sort of eclectic. I like a lot of different styles of clothing and accessories, and what I wear just sort of depends on my mood. I do like to follow the fashion trends, and wear what seems like it would be a good fit for me and my daily routine. Most of the time, I opt for comfy and casual, yet stylish. Since I don't have a fancy corporate job, or work in a traditional office setting anymore, I don't have to get super dressy. Every now and then, however, I love to play dress up (what girl doesn't?). Having a couple of go to dresses for a nice night out with my hubby, to wear to an event (party, wedding, fundraiser, etc), or even to wear to church, are important to me.

When I get dressed up, whatever I wear still has to be comfortable to be in for several hours, and underneath it all, I'm still mom- so whatever I wear will be hugged, kissed, and cuddled. I also like for my dressier clothing to be versatile, and work for the majority of the seasons through out the year.

When I ran across Anatomie, a beautiful and chic women's apparel brand,  I found myself drooling over their gorgeous designs! Anatomie is the brainchild of Kate and Shawn Boyer, who worked together to pool their skills and creativity and turn it into a beautiful line of chic, modern, functional apparel for the modern woman. Anatomie blends ultra modern fabrics with classic, modern design, and flattering cuts. A line of women's designer travel wear, Anatomie is glamorous designer apparel that women can actually wear- comfortably, and be proud to show off.  Anatomie is about encapsulating the glamour and style that every woman wishes to achieve, no matter where she may be or what she may be doing.

I was thrilled to be able to connect with the wonderful team at Anatomie, who offered me the opportunity to select an item from their catalog to share about. I poured over their collection for several days before I finally reached a decision. Anatomie offers so many gorgeous options- from dresses to jackets and pants. Ultimately, I wanted to choose something that I believed would have a bit of a wow factor for me when I wore it, and something that I could wear over and over again during the fall and winter seasons.

I chose the gorgeous Patty Pattern Dress, which features a trendy color block design.

Details of the Patty Pattern Dress by Anatomie

This designer dress is perfect for that casual-but-elegant party in Paris, or as daywear. Made from fine Italian-milled fabric, this light-weight sleeve-less, above-the-knee beauty packs easily and travels well.

Vuelta Italian fabric : 85% polyamide 15% elasthane

Anatomie has so many lovely dresses, which are perfect for the fall season. The Patty Pattern Dress immediately caught my eye. I am often drawn to blue, and love the blue and black color combo! I knew that the dress would look great as it was, with a sandal or a pair of pumps, or could be given a different look by adding a cardigan and a pair of boots.

Once I had the Patty Pattern Dress in hand, I couldn't wait to wear it. I tried it on right away to make sure the fit was correct. I had some fantastic help from the Anatomie team in choosing the right size. I sent them my measurements, and they suggested a size Small for me. I noticed right away, that the dress was lined with a soft and fuzzy material, which would really make it fabulous for the winter time, and help to keep me warm.

I'm in love! I felt like a million bucks in the Patty Pattern Dress by Anatomie.

I have only worn the Patty Pattern Dress once thus far, but wearing it was truly special for me. I wore this lightweight beauty a couple of weeks ago, and received so many compliments. I felt like the dress truly fit me just right- it wasn't too tight, but it hugged my body in all of the right places. The dress wasn't loose of baggy anywhere, but I was able to move freely, and didn't feel restricted by the skirt. Falling just above the knee, the length is appropriate, and the dress is classy, and non-revealing. I still felt super sassy, while being modest.

The dress that needs no introduction, and needs very few accessories!

When I wore the Patty Pattern Dress, I simply paired it with black slingback pups (shown here, from Target), and simple pearl stud earrings. I didn't want to overload on additional accessories, because this is a dress that can speak for itself! The color block pattern is striking against the bold blue color of the dress, and draws the eye vertically, which gives the illusion of extra length and height (a slimming feature that is every gal's best friend!).

Change up the look a bit by adding a sweater or jacket and heels or boots!

I did want to experiment with the look of the dress a bit, so I added a black cardigan (Casual Corner), and a pair of black high heeled boots. I still went easy on the jewelry, though- it can make or break a look, and I feel that this dress really doesn't need a lot of extra accessories. My black cardi is just an old favorite, and if I had my choice, I would pair this dress with a black moto jacket, again with the boots, or even black ankle booties. This look could even work if you wanted to add black tights for a bit of added warmth in the winter.

A look to love and feel good about, with the Patty Pattern Dress by Anatomie as the showpiece!

Everyone who saw me in this dress really commented on my look, my style, and that just gave me a great big confidence boost. I have been working hard, following a pretty strict Pilates routine each week, and I was so excited to wear this dress, and let some of that hard work show through a bit. My husband especially loves this dress, and I know he will be encouraging me to wear it more often this season. In my cosmopolitan dream world, he and I would go to dinner and a show in NYC, and I'd proudly wear this beautiful dress for a fun night out on the town!

Anatomie has so many gorgeous styles I would love to own and wear this fall season!
Check out a few of my favorites...

Amber Jersey Tee

Letty Jacket

Skylar Skinny Pants

Aida Legging

Hallie Dress

With so many pretty options to choose from, I could have a closet filled with pieces from Anatomie, and never get bored with mixing and matching them with apparel that I already own!

Selfie time!

It may seem silly, but I absolutely snapped a selfie of myself in my chic Patty Pattern Dress from Anatomie, as I was getting dressed the morning this dress made its debut. I felt amazing wearing this dress, and it just goes to show that when you have the right pieces of clothing for your body type and that fit your personal style, it can really give you a huge boost, and make you feel like you can accomplish anything you set your mind to. Whether you're looking for a flattering style to show off at a party, need a classic choice for a business trip, a spa weekend, overnight flight, etc., Anatomie has the perfect look for you! Be sure to check out their Set to Jet section for personalized travel picks!

Want It? Buy It!

Head on over to Anatomie to learn more about their beautiful designs, and to browse their entire line of gorgeous women's designer travel apparel. You can get my look by purchasing a Patty Pattern Dress of your own! Anatomie has friendly customer service, standing by to answer your questions. For more style tips, check out the Anatomie blog. Anatomie is social and would love to connect with you through Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and YouTube.

Special thanks to our friends at Anatomie for allowing me to feature their gorgeous Patty Pattern Dress. We can't wait to feature even more beautiful styles from Anatomie!

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