Motivation Monday: Wonder Woman

A few weeks ago, I was feeling particularly low- experiencing all sorts of anxiety, and feeling the need to examine my self worth. Nothing seemed to be going right, and though I tried to see the positive in everything, it just wasn't happening. Then, I received a surprise in the mail from my friends at Hallmark- a card, with an adorable Itty Bitty Wonder Woman plush. 

My special Wonder Woman gift from Hallmark.

Th card was simple, just a reminder that I am an awesome person. That Itty Bitty Wonder Woman really made my day and lifted my spirits. I don't usually see myself as 'Wonder Woman,' but my hubby does often call me 'Super Mom,' because somehow, I make it all happen at home, and away.
I now keep my Itty Bitty Wonder Woman beside my bed, on my night table. She's just a sweet little reminder that I am loved and appreciated by many people in my life.

So, my little bit of Monday Motivation for you, is to just keep trucking along, doing what you're doing. You're awesome- and don't let anyone else tell you otherwise!

Have a great Monday!

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