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When I was engaged to my husband and planning my wedding, I received a lot of advice and words of wisdom from many women who were 5-6 older than me, and from others who had been married for many, many years. One conversation I remember having was with a women who was a new mom, and she was admiring a shade of eyeshadow I had on. We began talking about cosmetics, favorite products, and I gave her a rundown on the products I loved to use on a daily basis. She tossed her hair and gave me a smile, saying, 'Honey, those days are soon to be in the past. Enjoy that stuff while you can, because once you're married, you'll be making cuts to save money, and using generic toiletries that the whole family can use.'

I didn't want to believe that what she said could be true for me, but after being married for almost seven years, and being a mom for just about four years now, I have to admit that she was right. I almost never buy bath/shower products that can't be used by both my husband and myself. We try to save money where we're able to, and spending tons of money on personal products just isn't always in our budget. However, hubby has come to love a certain brand of shampoo and body wash for men, which left me using the unisex stuff we'd both been using before hand. There's nothing wrong with a fresh and clean scent, but I definitely began to miss using bath and shower products that had a feminine scent to them.

Presented by Karen Marder, Advanced Consultant

MBP Spotlight Sponsor, Karen Marder knows a thing or two about making women feel confident, beautiful, and empowered. Karen is an Advanced Consultant with Pure Romance, in NY. The MBP team has had the pleasure of working with Karen over the past couple of years, and we all love the wonderful bath, body and beauty products that Pure Romance has to offer. September is the last month in our Summer Spotlight series with our Spotlight Sponsors, and I was so pleased for the opportunity to work with Karen, once again. 

Karen always has great ideas about which products she thinks I might enjoy, and that as a busy mom who doesn't get to pamper herself very often, I would probably love to try a brand new shower gel. Pure Romance has a wonderful collection of bath and body products, and I have previously tried and reviewed several of them. There hasn't been one product that I didn't love, so I had a feeling that I was also going to love whatever Karen chose to send to me.

Pure Romance SPLASH Shower Gel in Radiant Orchid

I knew that Karen would be sending me a new shower gel by Pure Romance, but I didn't know which scent it would be. I love the element of surprise! I was pretty excited to be able to try a new shower gel, because I was getting pretty bored with the same old scents that I was used to purchasing, and was truly tired of the unisex shower gel I'd been using. 

The Splash Shower Gel collection by Pure Romance is wonderful! It's an energizing body wash, and is a treat for your skin, and senses! I couldn't wait to try it, and from the very first morning I used it, I have been hooked on it! The scent is beautiful- a sweet, mild orchid scent. When I think about orchids, I immediately think of how beautiful and delicate they are, and this beautiful scent truly embodies those themes. The gel is clear, and while there is a lot of body to the actual product, it's very light. I have found that I only need a small dot of the shower gel to wash with, because a little bit of it goes a long way.

Splash Energizing Body Wash
Beautiful bottle of Splash Radiant Orchid Shower Gel by Pure Romance- perfect for gifting!

The Radiant Orchid Shower Gel is made up of a gentle, PH balanced formula, which is safe for various skin types. This formula is paraben free, and is infused with pheromones. This yummy shower gel makes your daily morning or evening shower feel like you're receiving a pampering spa treatment, leaving your skin feel soft, and silky, leaving a gentle orchid scent that surrounds you and enchants those you encounter.

My hubby noticed the beautiful scent right off, and kept commenting on how good I smelled. After having used this shower gel for a few short weeks, I can honestly say that it may be my favorite shower gel of all time. I love the scent, love the way my skin feels after using it, and can't say that I mind the attention it draws from my hubby!

His and hers- I'm so happy to have my own special shower gel from Pure Romance once again!

Details of the SPLASH Radiant Orchid Shower Gel by Pure Romance

pH-balanced formula is gentle on skin
Fruit and flower extracts enhance the experience
Infused with pheromones
Paraben free
8 oz./240 ml

Other available scents:
Pink Cupcake
Exotic Escape
Sweet Fantasie


Take a look at some of the other wonderful bath, body and beauty products available from Pure Romance by Karen...

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Pure Romance is a fantastic company, with some truly amazing products! Whether you're interested in spicing up your love life, or adding some pampering spa products to your at home bath and body collection, Pure Romance has a little something special for everyone. Every gal deserves to feel pampered every now and then, and with these sweet products, you can pamper yourself right at home, when it fits your schedule!

Pure Romance products make great bridal shower gifts! One of my favorite bridal shower gifts was a gift basket of spa products. Mix and match Pure Romance products to make a special gift for the bride-to-be, to surprise your partner with, to stuff stocking with at holiday time, etc!

Karen Gives Back Through Pure Romance...

Each year, a portion of Karen's Pure Romance sales for the month of October, is donated to a different organization that helps women. This year, Karen will be donating to the Project Athena Foundation. I so admire Karen for doing this, and choosing to support such wonderful organizations.

About Project Athena

Mission Statement: The mission of Project Athena is to help women with breast cancer and other medical or traumatic setbacks live their athletic and adventurous dreams through the Project Athena Foundation. Awareness for Project Athena will be achieved through the ultra endurance endeavors of an experienced and high profile all-female adventure team who embody the spirit of Athena.  

You can learn more about Project Athena by visiting their website, or through the Project Athena Facebook page.

Along with having such wonderful products, Pure Romance also offers an awesome hostess program, and a fantastic business opportunity! If you'd be interested in hosting a party or girl's night, or would like to begin your own career with Pure Romance, just contact Karen! She'd love to hear from you!

Want It? Buy It!

To learn more about Pure Romance, or to purchase Pure Romance products, please visit Karen's personal Pure Romance website, Please be advised that you must be 18 to enter the Pure Romance site. Karen often shares funny stories, jokes, beauty and romance tips and advice, plus info about special sales through her Pure Romance by Karen Facebook page, so be sure to stop by and give it a 'like,' so you never miss out on updates from Karen!

Want It? Win It!

One lucky MBP reader will win their very own bottle of Pure Romance SPLASH Shower Gel, thanks to our friend Karen! This giveaway is open to US residents, 18 and older- no PO Boxes, please. Just use the RC giveaway entry form below to enter for your chance to win! Please be sure to first leave your comment on this post, check it off on the entry form, and then continue to the additional optional entry options for this giveaway.

Special thanks to our friend and MBP Spotlight Sponsor, Karen Marder for sponsoring this wonderful Pure Romance giveaway, and for allowing me to review and share about another fantastic Pure Romance bath product!

Look for our next Pure Romance Spotlight Feature in our Holiday Gift Guide!

Good luck!


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    1. Pink cupcake is so yummy smelling- like fresh vanilla cupcakes right out of the oven.

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    1. Radiant Orchid is our newest scent and it is so sweet and sensual. I love it!!!

  3. Anything really, I am always up for new smells!! :)

  4. I would love to try Pink Cupcake!

  5. Radiant Orchid sounds amazing!

  6. Pink cupcake has me intrigued!

  7. I would like to try the pink cupcake.

  8. I would love to try, Exotic Escape

  9. My event planner was excellent. She showed up on time for all those meetings with venue, florists, cake chef, decor etc. and gave me multiple options while always having my best interest in mind. She was reliable, intuitive, and professional.


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