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It's amazing how quiet my house is when I'm the only one in it. B has just started preschool, and now for three hours a day, three days a week, I have the house to myself. Looking around, I have started noticing the things I may have missed while busy playing, cooking, doing the laundry, and trying to squeeze work in- in those rare moments of quiet time. I try to keep a pretty clean house, but I also try to be realistic. I have a preschooler, he makes messes, thus, my house is sometimes messy. We're pretty busy folks, and that busyness is about to majorly pick up, so I am trying to spend less time cleaning, and more time with my family, when we're home together.

My husband has tried to convince me to just let the messes go, and my mother has taught me a few quick cleaning tricks, so that I don't have to spend hours cleaning to make my home presentable. One of her best tips is to do a quick sweep over an area rug, with the broom, to pick up debris or crumbs, without having to drag out the vacuum cleaner. She's right- it's a great tip, quick and easy, but it sends dust everywhere! I was in desperate need of a cleaning product that would offer the same ease of sweeping and cut down on my time spent cleaning, while actually picking up the dirt, dust and crumbs.

Enter Casabella, a fun company that designs and manufactures functional and fun-looking housewares and cleaning products. Many years ago, Casabella had the idea to bring housewares to consumers that worked well, were fun to use, and looked just plain cool. Casabella aims to create products that owners are proud to use and even show off- like hot pink gloves for washing the dishes, an awesome colored broom that you can actually leave out, and a mop head that detaches and can be cleaned! The challenge has been and always will be to design products that are attractive, intuitive and supremely functional.

I had zero previous experience with Casabella or their products, but after taking just one look through their lineup, I knew that their stylish and functional products for the home might just change my life a little bit.

We were sent our very first product from Casabella, and B couldn't wait to see what it might be!

My helper, uncovering our Casabella product.

When we removed the packaging materials and uncovered the Casabella Neon Carpet Sweeper from their new Neon Collection, I was excited. My husband was not at all surprised that I would be so excited over a cleaning product. I remember my mom having a carpet sweeper when my sister and I were little, and I don't know that I have seen one since! I was excited to own one, and really couldn't wait to put it together and start using it in my house.

The Casabella Carpet Sweep from the Neon Collection

The Carpet Sweep came packaged in a colorful box, with a carry-handle. The box displayed both product photos, and simple instructions for putting the carpet sweep together, and for first time use. I was excited to see that this carpet sweeper needs zero batteries or electricity- it can be taken and used pretty much anywhere.

Be clean, Be happy- what a great motto!

The back of the carpet sweep box showed us all of the parts of the product, and how to use it. The box claimed it would be easy as 1-2-3, and I was ready to put it to the test! B was eager to help me open the box, and remove the pieces (which weren't very many).

The contents of the Casabella Carpet Sweep, all laid out.

I appreciated that the connecting pieces for the carpet sweep pole were banded together, and not rolling around loose in the box. The sweeper was protected by a plastic covering, the detail brush and instruction booklet were also included.

First things first- we needed to put the carpet sweep together.

In just a few easy steps, the carpet sweeper was ready for use! The pole came in three sections, which just screwed into one another with a simple twist. B was happy to help me hold the pole, as I twisted it onto the sweeper. There was a non-slip grip handle at the top of the pole, which would make moving it around easy peasy!

We held the pole over the area to attach it to the sweeper, and B helped me hold it in place as I twisted it securely into place on the arm.

It couldn't have been easier to put the Casabella Carpet Sweep together!

Once we put the Casabella Neon Carpet Sweeper together, we were ready to give it a whirl. I hadn't yet swept the floors the day we received the carpet sweeper, so I wanted to try it in all of the rooms of the house! B loved the awesome neon orange/red color, and asked me if he could help me test it out. Since the carpet sweeper is so lightweight and moves back and forth so easily, I couldn't see any reason why not to let B try it out. I was happy to have his help!

B easily grasped the handle, and began to push the carpet sweeper and pull it back again, sweeping the area rug in our dining room.

B, checking to make sure he didn't miss any spots with the carpet sweeper!

I was really impressed by how easy it was for my three year old son to use this awesome carpet sweeper! In just a few easy sweeps, our carpet was clean! It had been covered in little crumbs and debris that came in with shoes, paper bits, etc. I wasn't super surprised that this did such a great job of getting the carpet cleaned- and knew the real test would be how it handled the dirt and dust on my tile and hardwood floors.

That's right- the Casabella Carpet Sweeper can be used on all floor types! No more dragging out different types of cleaning products for all of your rugs, and different floors! I ran the carpet sweeper over the hardwood floors, and watched in amazement as the crumbs disappeared. I went back to the area I had just swept over to make sure there were no scratches on the floor- and there were none! I was so pleased, that I took the carpet sweeper to the tile floor in the bathroom and kitchen, and once again watched as the dirt and debris disappeared!

I love the Neon Carpet Sweeper from Casabella. I used to spend close to an hour every couple of days, sweeping and vacuuming all of the rooms in my home, and now I don't have to do that! I can clean the floors with the carpet sweeper... I mean all of the rooms in my house, in less than fifteen minutes!

Details of the Neon Carpet Sweeper by Casabella

No electricity needed
Works on all floor types
Bristle comb cleans roller brushes
Bumper keeps furniture safe
Easy to empty dirt chamber
Metal construction for durability
Hang to store
44" x 11" x 2"
Uses brush head refill # 01009_2

I love that the sweeper is not only easy to use and cuts down on my time spent cleaning, but that it works the first time that I sweep over an area with it. I don't have to keep going back over spots, just hoping that it will pick something up. Also, it's a nice, sleek design, and takes up very little space. Sometimes things get left out around my home, and I don't mind looking at this handsome carpet sweeper. At the end of the day, I hang it right up in my laundry room, alongside the broom, the mop, etc.

There are a bunch of other neat products from Casabella that I wouldn't mind having!

Neon Bath Scrubber

Neon Ratchet Roller

Neon 4 Gallon Bucket

Neon Quick Sweeper

The Casabella Neon Carpet Sweeper is now my favorite cleaning product in the whole house! I have been excited to show it to our family members when they have been over to our house- especially to my mom, who I know gets tired of having to drag her vacuum out to vacuum up dog ha
ir off of her area rugs. The carper sweeper is great to have in any home, and I would absolutely recommend this product for parents of little ones, for college students, and for teachers who have carpeted areas in their classrooms and might need to quickly clean the area.

I can't wait to see what Casabella rolls out with next!

Want it? Buy It!

You can learn more about Casabella and check out their full line of products, on the Casabella website. Casabella is proud to partner with fine retailers- check here for a list of stores that carry their products.
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Special thanks to the fine folks at Casabella for allowing our family to experience and share about the Neon Carpet Sweeper, and for offering this awesome Back to School giveaway for our readers!

Good luck!


  1. The Neon Carpet Sweeper would be great for me. I just moved and I need something to keep my carpet looking pretty. I would also like to try the Neon Ratchet Roller.

  2. I would give this to my sister. She has MS and a regular vac is just too heavy for her. This would be just perfect and a blessing! Thank you for the chance!

  3. For me, I'd like to try the Ratchet Roller.

  4. I would use this in my kid's room every day! How nice to not have to lug my big vacuum upstairs! Thank you for the wonderful giveaway.

  5. I would also love to try the Neon Bath Scrubber.

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  7. I would also love to try the Neon Bath Scrubber. It's just what my bathroom needs!

  8. Their Grate 'n Store™ Rotary Cheese Grater is really neat!

  9. This is fantastic. I've used my broom in the past on the carpets but it doesn't work as well as I wish it too. I would love to not have to haul out the heavy vacuum every time!

  10. I would use this in the rooms upstairs or the dining room.

  11. The Neon Quick Sweeper is really nice too!

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  18. The 4 Gallon Bucket would come in handy inside and out.

  19. Another product I would like to try is the Quick Spray™ Window Washer.

  20. Their Neon Bath Scrubber would be a huge help in the shower.


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