Let's Get Building with CitiBlocs #Review

Now that school is in full swing, I am finding that my time spent at home with B is all the more precious. Part of me is seeing that B realizes this too, as he's been even more well behaved, and has been wanting to spend more time just being with his mommy and daddy. This means that we're spending much more time just playing together, and we've been having fun with a special new set of building blocks, which have provided us with endless options for creativity, and hours of fun!

We love building and stacking. My husband once considered going to college and majoring in architecture (he chose a music major instead), because he has always been interested in building and design, so it's no surprise to us that our son is interested in it, as well. We recently received an opportunity to once again work with our friends at ALEX Brands, which carries CitiBlocs under their fabulous umbrella of children's brands.

CitiBlocs are not your average sets of building blocks. These unique blocks are made from precisely cut  wood, from Grade A Radiata Pine from certified renewable forests in New Zealand. Each block is exactly the same shape and size, and requires no gluing, snapping together, etc.- just gravity and balance. 

We were thrilled to receive a special CitiBlocs package from our friends at ALEX Brands!

B couldn't wait to see what was inside of the big box!

Awesome! A big set of Cool Colored CitiBlocs for countless hours of building fun!

As any little boy would be, B was absolutely delighted to discover the CitiBlocs 200-piece Cool Color Wooden Building Set! He immediately noticed that the blocks were in 'boy colors,' as he put it. The cool color set features natural, green, navy, and turquoise colored blocks. He also noticed some of the photos on the colorful box, and quickly asked his daddy if he would help him build the ship.

B was one excited little guy when he discovered these awesome CitiBlocs were just for him!

The Cool Colored 200 piece set of CitiBlocs is indeed a big set of blocks. In all of the neat toys that we have reviewed and experienced, I couldn't believe that B didn't really have a set of blocks yet. I felt great about him getting the chance to try out the CitiBlocs, because they're perfect for ages 3+. They're light, easy to pick up and work with, and the colors make them all the more special and unique.

Our CitiBlocs were all stacked and packaged in plastic inside of the box they came in.

What a colorful pallet of blocks! We couldn't wait to take a look at the idea book, and get building!

The CitiBlocs Set came with a fun idea book, which had lots of pictures of things we could attempt to build with our new CitiBlocs Set!

B had a blast looking through the idea book. Right away, he decided that he wanted to try to build a pirate ship, a truck, a castle, and a rocket ship. I just looked at my hubby with big eyes, and wished him luck!

B couldn't wait to get his hands on this colorful pile of CitiBlocs!

Sometimes it's fun just to push the blocks around, you know?

B, working on his very first CitiBlocs tower, having fun using all of the different colored blocks.

Once Sacha (hubby) was ready to get to work on his creation, he enlisted B's help. He wanted to build a big, fancy tower, and really test how the blocks would stack and balance. He and B built a tall base, and then set to work with the top, which wound up looking like a beautiful starburst!

Hubby and B's tower. You're impressed, right? I was!

Remember- no cuts or slats in these blocks, they are just stacked, and balanced on top of one another. That's what makes these blocks so cool!

B, so proud of the creation he helped daddy build. Also, he couldn't wait to knock it over!

Sacha and B have been having so much fin with our new set of CitiBlocs. They had been making such cool creations, that I definitely wanted to get in on the CitiBloc building, too. I am far less creative than my husband, and am even worse at trying to follow the pictures in the idea book, so B and I just sort of do our own thing when we play with the blocks. We leave the fancy creations to daddy!

I did have fun, however, helping B build some buildings for his cars and 'dudes.'

I also had fun building towers with B. We like to see how tall we can build them up, before they fall over on their own.

All three of us love the Cool Colored CitiBlocs Set we received so much. If we're not playing with them daily, we're at least playing with them every other day. We have started introducing simple math to B on his days off from preschool (T/Th), and I have been using the CitiBlocs in some of our lessons, to make them more fun and hands on for B. I always enjoyed hand on learning. We like to count out the blocks, use a set amount to build a tower, and then see what happens when we add some more, or subtract some of them. B's favorite activity is building a 'Tower of 20.' There are endless ways to use and enjoy CitiBlocs, from at home play, homeschool lessons, or even in the classroom.

CitiBlocs 200-piece Cool Color Wooden Building Sets by ALEX BRANDS Details

MSRP $57.99
Ages 3+ years
200 piece COOL colors building block set- with 5 different vibrant colors to add a little pizazz to building fun. Colors include: blue, turquoise, light green, dark green and natural (40 blocks of each color). Build towers, towns, castles and more! Building guide included.
Building with Citiblocs is simple: stack one block on top of another. Made of eco-friendly pine wood from New Zealand, their specific size and shape and weight allows building that is simply not possible with other building toys. Build a small cabin by the lake or a tower that reaches the stars!

I am so pleased to have the CitiBlocs 200 piece Cool Color Wooden Building Set both is B's personal toy collection, and as a homeschool resource. I love that we can play and learn with these awesome blocks, which are safe for little ones to play with, and fun for the entire family. I'd love to purchase an additional set of CitiBlocs so that B can have a set at my mom and dad's house. I know he'd have a blast building with his Grammy and Papa, too!

CitiBlocs has many wonderful building sets to choose from...

CTBLB22_LB 2 copy
Little Builders Wooden Blocks
(We own this set and love it!)

CTBN100_Neon with Buildup copy
Neon Building Set

CTBSL300_ 300 piece Citiblocs
Natural Building Blocks

Doll House Blocks

Camo Colored Building Blocks

0BCTBSW200_ 200 hot colors CitiBlocs
Hot Color Building Blocks

We'd love to add to our CitiBlocs collection, and I think that these award-winning blocks would make great Christmas gifts for the little ones in your life. I don't know a single child who doesn't love to build and create with blocks, and these eco-friendly, non-toxic blocks are the perfect choice! Choose from the Little Builders Sets, or some of the larger sets for ages 3+. 

Want them? Buy them?

Head on over to ALEX Brands to browse and shop the entire CitiBlocs collection! MBP readers can save $5.00 off any ALEX Brands order from either of the below mentioned website by using the code FALL4ALEX at checkout!

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Special thanks to our friends at ALEX Brands for allowing us to review this wonderful set of CitiBlocs, which has provided so much fun for our family. We can't wait to see B's imagination continue to soar as he builds to the skies with these wonderful blocks!

What would you love to see your little ones build with CitiBlocs?

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  1. This looks like the perfect Christmas present for my daughter (yes, I'm thinking about Christmas already!). She just loves to build things. She discovered dominos the other day and had a blast building "bridges"! This would be so much better. I think she would love the Camo Colored Building Blocks.


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