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How many times have you found yourself with tons of perfectly good gifts bags, leftover from gifts you've received? We love using gift bags when we give gifts, because they can be reused, plus- they're tons of fun! Since we tend to receive a lot of gift bags at birthdays and Christmas, I like to save those bags, store them, and save them for future gift-giving occasions. We have a whole bunch of family birthdays from July through October, with baby showers in between, and then before you know it, it's Christmas. I always need gift bags, and really like having them on hand, because it saves time and money. My hubby loves that this saves us money, and is better for the environment, but he has never liked my crazy mess of gift bags, just sort of scattered everywhere, and then dealing with the aftermath of me looking for a specific bag, which is an explosion of bags, tissue paper and ribbon from the gift bag box!

I could understand where hubby was coming from. I hate making messes, and I dislike being disorganized. I believe that everything should be in its rightful place, even gift wrap. I have had a gift wrap organizer on my Christmas list for a long time, because I have been longing for my mess of gift wrap and accessories to be organized. No one has purchased a gift wrap organizer for me, though, because I don't have a lot of storage space. I was determined to find a solution to my gift wrap mess, and when I found Wrap iT, I knew my search was over.

Wrap iT was created by Adam Levine, who was tired of the gift wrap mess situation in his own house. He loves spending time with his family (Adam is married with two children), and celebrating life's special moments- from birthdays to baby showers, etc. Adam and his wife enjoy keeping gift wrapping items at home, and re-using gifts bags, etc, but kept running into gift wrapping snags- 'where's the tape? Do we have a card? Do we have any bows? This paper is so mangled!' So, Adam set out to create a gift wrap storage solution, which impressed his family and friends, so Adam decided to take a chance and share his creation with the world, and introduced Wrap iT! The coolest gift wrap storage system in the world!

I had a chance to chat with Adam on the phone, and he was incredibly nice, and very passionate about his work, and product. I chatted with Adam about my personal gift wrap storage nightmare, and he said that he could relate, and would love to have me try out Wrap iT, so I could see for myself how awesome it truly is! I was thrilled, and envisioned never having to search high and low for a gift bags or the tape again!

Adam packaged and inspected a brand new Wrap iT Deluxe Organizer for me, himself, and we agreed on him packaging my Wrap iT in a previously used box, which was in very good condition (for shipping only). We both like to do our part for the environment.

Our Wrap iT arrived within just a few days, and my little gift wrap helper couldn't wait to help me open it up!

Our Wrap iT Deluxe Model (in its brand new box).

Time to see the Wrap iT!

Our Wrap iT Deluxe was neatly packed inside of a brand new product box. I loved the product packaging, especially the colors on the box, and loved that all of Wrap iT's contact and social media info was directly printed on the box the Wrap iT came in. I was so excited to get my new Wrap iT out of its box, and unroll it, so I could take a look at it, and plan my gift wrap storage!

Here's a peek at the Wrap iT Deluxe, which is shown here, folded over. Look at all of those pockets!

I could hardly wait to drag out my gift wrapping items and start organizing them with the Wrap iT Deluxe! I knew that it was going to take a bit of time for me to go through my gift wrap, and figure out where to put everything. I was pretty sure that I had tons of ribbons and other loose bows, tags, etc. I grabbed my gift wrap box, and headed to the dining room. I laid the Wrap iT out on the table, and then opened up the gift wrap box (which was a total wreck!).

Here's the large storage box we'd been keeping our gift bags, ribbons, tags, tissue paper in, etc.

What a huge mess!

I was actually embarrassed as I looked through the gift wrap box- a mess of my own making. Everything was jumbled, tangled, bags and tags were torn or crumpled, and I was a little upset with myself for letting this box of wrapping supplies get so out of control! I began removing items from the box, and little by little, I placed them into the pockets of the Wrap iT Deluxe.

It didn't take long for me to fill one side of the Wrap iT Deluxe with gift bags and other items.

I was sort of amazed by how quickly and easily I was able to organize my gift bags, alone. The Wrap iT Deluxe features six pockets on one side, of various sizes. These pockets feature Wraplastic technology, making them extremely durable, and even expandable. The pockets feature a strong Velcro closure, which ensures they will stay closed, and your items will be protected.

The larger pockets were the perfect sizes for housing some of my gift bags.

I was able to quickly store and organize my 50+ gift bags of various sizes, in the Wrap iT Deluxe! I had all sorts of bags left over from birthdays, celebrations, Christmas, and I wanted to hold onto those for future need. I couldn't believe how many bags the Wrap iT was able to hold, without either larger pocket feeling overloaded or crammed full!

The pockets stay closed, thanks to their strong closures. No more worrying about items falling out and getting lost!

The smaller pockets were perfect for holding smaller gift wrap necessities, like tissue paper, ribbon, tags, tape, etc. These are the items that I usually wind up searching for in the deep abyss of my former gift wrap storage box. One of the greatest features of Wrap iT, is that it's made of clear plastic, so you can plainly and easily see what's in each pocket, and quickly find what you need, each and every time!

This small pocket is the perfect place to store folded tissue paper, leftover from previous gifts (that hasn't been tattered or torn).

The smaller angled pockets are wonderful for storing loose bows, ribbons, tape, tags, etc.

In less than ten minutes, I had all of these bags, ribbons, bows, tissue paper and more stored and organized!

I couldn't believe that I was able to take the contents of my big, messy gift wrap storage box and organize all of it (quickly and easily) in my new Wrap iT Deluxe Organizer! I could have squealed with delight, I was so happy! I could see all of my supplies, and would now know right where I needed to go to grab what I needed.

That's not all, friends! I have only shown you one side of the Wrap iT Deluxe Organizer! The Wrap iT opens up, and feature more storage inside! The inside storage is for even more miscellaneous items, and there are mesh pockets to hold all sorts of things. Plus, there are two sides with elastic loops, to store and organize your actual gift wrap (wrapping paper), and the loops are positioned to hold both regular length and extra long rolls of wrapping paper!

This is how I was storing my wrapping paper prior to being introduced to the Wrap iT Deluxe. Pretty pathetic! Look how tattered the bag is, not to mention that paper that has been wasted, due to it becoming all ripped and mangled!

Here's a quick look at the inside of the Wrap iT Deluxe. It features mesh pockets on both sides, as well as loops for holding your wrapping paper rolls.

I really thought that I was just going to have to toss some of my wrapping paper. Some of the rolls were all bent out of shape, and the paper was just so tattered that I didn't think it was worth holding onto. However, I really don't like to throw away perfectly good paper- it's so wasteful. I decided that I would give it a go with trying to fit the super long rolls into the Wrap iT, and see if they could be salvaged and used in the future.

I was able to easily slide the wrapping paper rolls through the elastic loops of the inside of the Wrap iT Deluxe, and push them up to the top, slide the second elastic loop over the top of the roll, and voila- the roll was neat, and securely held in place!

Bam- ten rolls of wrapping paper (large and extra large) neatly stored!

Is this not beautiful? All of my wrapping paper rolls are neat, and in place, each one of them easy to see, and can be easily removed for use, and then slid right back into place!

Just slide and pull on the elastic loops for a snug fit around the wrapping paper rolls to keep them in place!

I was so impressed that I was able to fit ten rolls of wrapping paper on just one side of the Wrap iT Deluxe! Actually, there was room for even more rolls on that same side, and then the other inside  (side) of the Wrap iT Deluxe also had more loops for more wrapping paper storage! I had been holding off on purchasing new wrapping paper, because I had no place to store it, but now, I can go ahead and purchase a few new rolls here and there, and have them on hand when I need them, without having to worry about the possibility of dealing with mangles or torn paper when it's time to wrap a gift! The Wrap iT keeps the rolls neatly in their places, and protects the paper!

Even more pockets for additional storage!

The extra mesh pockets on the inside of the Wrap iT Deluxe provide extra storage space for all of those little extras! I have some ribbon spools that I have stored there, and they fit perfectly. They never really fit well anywhere else, because they're sort of big and bulky. It's also a great place to store extra tissue paper, tags, stamps, decorative scissors, etc. I can't wait to pull some of my extra wrapping supplies out of craft storage and put them in the Wrap iT so they'll actually be used!

Everything that was in the storage box is now in the Wrap iT Deluxe! Wow!

I was so pleased after I organized all of my supplies in the Wrap iT Deluxe. I just sort of stood back and admired it for a while, amazed, really, that so many items could fit into this awesome storage system! I folded the Wrap iT Deluxe back over (like you might close a book), and then zipped it closed. You can store the Wrap iT Deluxe however you like- slide it under the bed, stand it up, or you can use the built in hanger to hang it up in your closet, in the garage, or wherever you like to keep your gift wrap! And remember- it's clear on all sides, so you can see what's inside, and find what you need in a flash! There's also a convenient carry handle on the side, so you can move it with ease.

Zip closure, built in hanger, and side handle.

When my husband came home from work and saw the Wrap iT all filled up, and sitting upright in our dining room, he beamed with delight, exclaimed how cool it was. He was thrilled that he would no longer have to riffle through the messy gift wrap stuff box to try to find what he needs for wrapping gifts. I have cards organized in a different box, but it's also overflowing, so I plan to place select holiday and occasion cards in the Wrap iT Deluxe, so we can also quickly and easily find cards when we need them (which is often!).

I don't know how we got along without the Wrap iT Deluxe before now. I don't ever want to go back to using a big, messy box to store gift wrap. The Wrap iT is keeping everything so neat and tidy, and I can easily hang the whole storage system up in my laundry room, on the extra wardrobe rack we have in there. We were previously keeping our gift wrap in there, in the big box, on a shelf. This saves space, and frees up that storage box for B's tiny toys!

Wrap iT Deluxe

Details of the Wrap iT Deluxe

** Wrapping supplies and accessories not included,
fill with your own collection.

Weight................ 1.8 lbs, 0.82 kg (empty)
Max Weight........ 22 lbs
Length................. 44"
Width................... 19.5"
Thickness............ 4" (When packed)

Price: $59.97

So- Just How Much Can It Hold?

Here's an example of how much the Wrap iT Deluxe can hold...

                    Specs        Deluxe Standard
Wrapping Rolls 26 26
Jumbo Gift Bags 3 3
Large Gift Bags 4 4
Med. Gift Bags 6 2
Small Gift Bags 6 3
Greeting Cards 12 6
Adhesive Tape 2 2
   Scissors    2      2
Ribbon Rolls 3 1
Bows 6 2
Gift Boxes 4 2
Tissue Paper 3 1

Check out the Wrap iT product options...

Wrap iT Original

Wrappy Original (NEW- Pre order now!)

Wrappy Deluxe (NEW- pre order now!)

Deluxe 2 Pack
Wrap iT 2-Pack Deluxe

Combo Deluxe & Original
Wrap iT Deluxe/Original Combo Pack

I love that Wrap iT is available in various sizes and colors, not to mention that you can double up and purchase combo packs, or two of the same organizer. These would make phenomenal Christmas gifts gifts, folks. If you're thinking ahead and you're already starting to make your holiday purchases, don't overlook the Wrap iT! This would make a neat gift for crafters, neat freaks and organizers (like me), for moms, new parents or newlyweds, or it would be a great item to purchase for yourself, if you are in need of a gift wrap storage solution that will work!

I can honestly tell you that the Wrap iT Deluxe has changed our life. We're notorious for bagging/wrapping gifts minutes before we need to head out the door to an event (believe me, it wasn't always like this!), and now, we can quickly and easily find what we need, grab it, wrap our gifts, sign our cards, and go! No more stopping off at the store for a gift bag or a card at the last minute! No more searching the house high and low or tearing through drawers looking for just one roll of tape! The Wrap iT Deluxe is already saving us time, money, and saving our sanity, too!

I can't thank Adam enough for working to perfect such a handy, practical and functional gift wrap storage system that is affordable, and just plain awesome!

Want It? Buy It!

Head on over to Wrap iT Gift Bag to learn more about Wrap iT! You can now pre-order Wrappy, and get that for a 25% discount. These will ship in November- just in time for the holidays! Don't miss out on this awesome deal! Stay up to date on all things Wrap iT by signing up for their e-mail newsletter. You can also connect with Wrap iT on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, and  YouTube, and check out the Wrap iT Blog!

Want It? Win It!

One super lucky MBP reader will win their very own Wrap iT Deluxe (color choice will depend on availability- this is currently only available in blue), a $59.97 value! This awesome giveaway is open to US residents, 18 and older. No PO Boxes. Just use the handy RC entry form below to enter for your chance to win!

*Please note that you MUST complete BOTH mandatory entry options for your entries on this giveaway to count as valid entries. After completing the mandatory entries, the additional entry options will unlock, and you may complete those tasks for extra chances to win.*

Special thanks to Adam at Wrap iT for allowing me to experience the awesome organizing and storage capabilities of the Wrap iT Deluxe, and for offering this wonderful giveaway for our readers!

Good luck, and happy organizing!


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