Keep Track of Your Family's Belongings with the Epson LabelWorks Iron-On Kit #Review

We have had quite a busy September, and I can hardly believe that the month is pretty much over! September has been a month of getting back into the swing of old routines, and even starting some new ones. B began preschool this month, and has really adjusted so well to being away from mommy for three mornings a week. We are so impressed with his school, and he loves being there, and loves his wonderful teachers, too.

Preschool is new for us. B is in the three-year-old class, even though he will be four in just a couple of weeks. The birthday cutoff is at the end of July, so there wasn't much we could do about that. Orientation was a lot of fun for us, and we enjoyed B's open house, where we got to know his teachers, their expectations and we got to browse through the curriculum. One of the things that we were asked to do, was to make sure that any extras that were brought into school, like coats, jackets, hats, gloves, etc, were labeled with our son's name... that way, nothing would wind up in the lost and found! I love labeling, and being organized, so of course, I saw this as a fun project, and I had just the right tool to help me get the job done.

Every mom wants to have great products on hand that will do what they promise to do, and dare I say- exceed her expectations? When I received the opportunity to try out the Epson LabelWorks Iron-On Kit, I pretty much jumped for joy, because it was right after we had been asked to label our child's belongings for the school year. 

Since 1942 Epson's long tradition of introducing efficient, precise products continues into the future - with the continued development of some of the most advanced micromechantronics capabilities for ultra fine, high precision processing.

If you've ever worked in a professional setting, chances are, you have used an Epson product. I have used several, and have never been disappointed by one's performance. I had great expectations for the Epson LabelWorks Iron-On Kit, and couldn't wait to try it out at home!

Here it is- the handy Epson LabelWorks Iron-On Kit, in a convenient carry-case.

The Epson LabelWorks packaging included easy to read language, highlights, photos, and more!

The back of the case had even more information, plus it also listed a ton of cool features of the printer.

I removed the colorful slip-over info, and peered through the see-through plastic carry case. I spotted the label printer, and two label cartridges. I also received six AAA batteries, which are not included with the kit purchase, but they are needed for using the printer.

Contents of the kit through the case...

And here are the contents, laid out on my dining room table- User Guide, Printer, and Cartridges.

Before I did anything, I read through the User Guide. If my husband has taught me anything through the many years we have been together, it's to stop and read the manual or directions before attempting to use something new, or put something together. The guide was a quick and easy read, and had pictures, which I found very helpful (I am a visual person, for sure!). The kit came with two label cartridges- white and blue. I love that they are available in different colors!

I took a moment to look at the keys on the label printer, and then identify some of the keys by using the guide book, so I wouldn't waste time while trying to use it.

When I felt that I was ready, I set the printer up for use.

I inserted the six AAA batteries into the battery slots, and inserted the white cartridge into the cartridge area. Easy as could be, let me tell you! Next, I touched the power button on the printer to turn it on, and it was ready to go! I played around for a minute or two to adjust the label tape length, and then played around with the different fonts, and then typed in B's name. 

Here are a few key features of the 
Epson LabelWorks Iron-On Kit...

There are 14 font types, and 10 styles to choose from!
There's a built-in memory, which stores up to 30 label design files.
Print up to two lines of text.
Accommodates different tapes.
Works with the included iron-on tape, as well as sticky labels and printable ribbons (sold separately).
Automatically prints with a split back for easy peeling.

I felt like adding a fun frame around B's name, so I grabbed the User Guide, which shows all of the symbol and frame options, and tells you which number they are on the printer.

I quickly and easily found the frame I wanted to use (there are 75+ frames!), set it with the 'enter' button, and then I was ready to print my first label!

Ta-da- B's very own personalized label with his favorite sport symbols... soccer!

Is this not precious!?

Here's another cute one with a space frame around it! B loved this one!

The printer has a built-in cutter, and all I had to do was press the cut button, and out came my label!

Of course, making that first label was so much fun that I couldn't just stop there! With over 300 symbols, and over 75 frames to choose from, I was about to go label crazy! I realized that this kit would be the perfect Christmas gift for my mom, who makes quilts, and other quilted items. She loves to put a personalized label on her handiwork, and with the Epson LabelWorks Iron-On Kit, she could quickly and easily print labels with her business name, and iron them right onto her finished products!

I wanted to give it another go and create a couple of labels for my mom to use on her quilts.

I printed a couple of different labels for my mom, and she loved how they turned out!

The neat thing about my mom seeing this and trying it out with me, and loving it, I might add, is that now I know what I'll get her for Christmas! She sells her products through her Etsy shop, and also sells at a local shop here in our town, which features items from local artists. Being able to iron a personalized label directly onto her product saver her from having to re-stock business cards, deal with them getting lost, etc. The LabelWorks Iron-On Kit would also allow her to personalize special messages and put those on her products when she gives them as special gifts, or donates to charities.

Whether we're labeling clothing or labeling handiwork, we think the Epson LabelWorks Iron-On Kit rocks!

I have been so pleased with this kit! I love the fact that the printer is cordless and runs on batteries. I can take this just about anywhere, and label whatever I need to! My dad might even find this useful for labeling things in his office or music library. I can't wait to make labels for some of B's fabric toy bins, his days of the week clothing pockets, and of course, finish labeling his winter gear before it gets super cold. It's super easy to put the labels on, too- just peel off the backing, stick the label where you want it, and use the iron to seal it with heat. I love this product so much, and I think that every mom needs one of these, plus- there are so many wonderful things you could use this for. It would make a fabulous gift for a crafter, parent, teacher, etc!

Want One? Buy One!

The Epson LabelWorks Iron-On Kit is available at, for $69.99 (includes printer and two cartridges). The Printer is available for $39.99, and selected tapes are available at OfficeMax (in store and online),, and Epson is social and would love to connect with you through Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.

Special thanks to our friends at Epson for allowing us to review and share about their amazing LabelWorks Iron-On Kit!

Happy organizing!

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  1. Something like this would be great to have. My daughter just started going to a daycare/preschool and it would be nice to be able to keep track of her clothes and other items.


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