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Healthy School Snacks with Crispy Green {Review}


My kids love to snack. I admit, we have a snack drawer that the kids hit as soon as school is over for the day. I am trying hard to fill it with items that are not only tasty, but healthy. It is always promising to see them making good choices and actually enjoying them too. Choosing healthy snacks can be hard, I know as parents it can be a struggle, but with this next company, you can be sure you are getting something easy, healthy, and good for the whole family to enjoy.

Crispy Green, based in New Jersey, is a company that creates pure, tasty, and wholesome food products. Founded in 2004, Crispy Green has continued to grow by creating innovating products using the latest food processing technologies, marketing high quality, healthy snacks, while at the same time offering excellent customer service. Over the years they have developed and introduced new items to their lines, including their Crispy Fruit (freeze dried fruit) snacks.

We are busy people, with school, work, parties, and practices, our lives are go, go, go. I know other families can relate too. It can be especially difficult to fit in fresh fruit, but now Crispy Green is offering convenient and tasty ways to get more fruit in each day. Their freeze dried snacks use only the best natural ingredients, 100% pure fruit, nothing else, they are also non-GMO project verified. The Crispy Fruit is offered in a variety of options, and was sent to us to sample and share with our readers.
With flavors including Apple, Asian Pear, Mango, Pineapple, Banana, Cantaloupe, and Tangerine, these single serving packets are the perfect solution to anytime snacks.  All of the Crispy Green Fruit flavors are available in a Grab and Go 6 pack with a retail of $7.99 or an individual single serve bag with a retail of $1.49. All single servings are approximately one serving of fruit.  

Our Crispy Green package is here!
We were going to try out an assortment of Crispy Green samples, which one would we like the best?
Safely packed in packing peanuts, these weren't going anywhere.
7 individual packages of Crispy Green Freeze Dried Fruit
An easy to read, informative brochure came with. "Healthy, natural fruit at your fingertips...anytime!"
  • Sourced from certified, carefully selected growers
  • Processed at HACCP-certified and US FDA registered facilities
  • Certified Kosher by Orthodox Union
  • No processed sugar, no additives, no empty calories, no cholesterol, no fat
  • No gluten, no dairy, no nuts
  • Maximum satisfaction with zero guilt (55 calories or less per bag)
  • REAL fruit slices with REAL fruit taste
How does Crispy Green capture all of the taste and nutrients of fresh fruit with no additives or preservatives?
With a sophisticated freeze drying technology, 99% of the water from sweet, fresh fruit is removed, leaving behind its true essence in a light and crispy texture, perfect for snacking. An estimated 10-15 pounds of fresh fruit is needed to produce 1 pound of freeze dried fruit, resulting in a delicious, nutrient packed fruit treat that is easy to add to school lunches, after a workout, or whenever you are feeling snacky.
No skin or core, a plus for all little kids! Freeze dried Fuji apples. These had a sweet apple flavor with a slight crunch, just like a fresh apple, and were really a group favorite.
These looked like real orange slices, we were pleasantly surprised. These are the newest addition to the Crispy Green line and I think will have a good response. They tasted pretty good and were enjoyed.

Sweet cantaloupe flavor, light crunch, but not our favorite. Cantaloupe is the fruit I just never enjoy, even fresh, so I think I was already against this one to start. The kids seemed to be impartial as well, but still ate them.

Slicing and peeling mango is a huge pain for me, I actually avoid buying mango that often. These had a nice flavor, not too strong, they weren't my favorite of the group but not in the bottom either. I think these would be great in some vanilla yogurt.
Bright yellow and smelled just like a pineapple should. These would also taste delicious with some yogurt.

In my top two for sure, these were some really yummy treats. I am a fresh banana fan and these hit the spot. These were high on everyone's like list.

Light and crunchy slices of pear, these were eaten quickly by all of us.

Overall Favorites in the House
S's favorite: Apple
B's favorite: Banana
C's favorite: Pineapple
My favorite: Apple
Hubby's favorite: Banana

B said yes to the bananas right away!
S loved the apples
Quick sweet treat on the way to soccer practice, these make great grab and go snacks. I don't have to worry about extra calories or sugar with these Crispy Green Freeze Dried Fruit snacks.

We will definitely be picking up some more Crispy Green snacks soon to keep stocked in our snack drawer! 

Want It? Buy It!
Crispy Green freeze dried fruit is available online and in local retailers (Fresh Market, Harris Teeter, Shop Rite, Earth Fare, Whole Foods, and more). Check out the retail locator to see who carries Crispy Green near you. For photos, product information, special offers, and updates, follow Crispy Green on any social media-Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest. You can also follow the Crispy Green blog here.

Thank you to Crispy Green for letting us try out some yummy and healthy snacks!


  1. These look so delicious. I would love to try the Mango and Banana and Pineapple flavors. I will have to look for these in the store. These fruit snacks look healthy!

    1. Karen, they were good. I recommend both the banana and the pineapple for sure!


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