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Getting to Know You Thursdays

Thanks for dropping by to get to know the MBP team of bloggers a little better. This week, we're catching up with MBP Founder, Ondria Witt.

Good Eats- What's for Dinner Tonight?
Tonight will be something quick after musician's rehearsal at church.

Whatcha Reading?
I am currently reading a lot of articles, rather than books, most of them about worship leading, the emerging church, etc.

Listening to Anything Good?
Elevation Worship (Elevation Church out of Charlotte, NC)

Whatcha Been Watching?
I just binge watched Season 3 of New Girl this past weekend. I was sick, especially Sunday afternoon, and just chilled out and watched the whole season... seriously... all afternoon. I'm glad that the new season debuted recently- love that show! I will also look forward to watching The Middle, Modern Family, and will probably also watch The Goldbergs, since they moved to Wednesday nights.

I Dreamed a Dream of...
I tend to dream about stuff that's happening in real life. I had a dream that I got into a stupid fight with a good friend (which hasn't really happened).

What I'm Loving This Week...
Not much of anything. I've been sick since Sunday, and hubby's schedule is insane this week. I'll just look forward to next week, when things go back to normal for us.

I'm So Done With....
Cold season! It just started and already, everyone in my house has been sick! Ugh!

What I'm Looking Forward To?
Seeing my sissy in a week or two. Can't wait for us to be together for a few days. Watch out, Carolinas!

I'd love to hear about what's been going on in your world lately! If you feel so moved, feel free to select a question from the list above and answer in the comment section. I look forward to chatting with you!

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