Getting Back to School with Catalogues

The end of the summer holidays will typically involve parents kitting out their children with the clothing and equipment they need for the school year ahead. There are various ways to go about this and getting back to school with catalogues is one of the options.

 Specialist Uniform Catalogues

 Most schools require that pupils wear a formal uniform and as kids grow this will generally need to be replaced regularly. This is usually a skirt and blouse for girls, trousers and shirt for boys, with both also expected to wear a blazer and tie at many schools. There are a few specialist companies that produce catalogues of their uniforms and they will commonly manufacture the correct style for a number of primary and secondary schools. Examples of this include Academy School Uniforms, Price & Buckland, and Initially Yours. It should not prove too difficult for parents to find the catalogue of a company that produces the uniform their child should wear. 

 Store Catalogues

A number of store catalogues also have more general school clothing on offer and this includes Sainsbury's, Asda, and Tesco, to name a few. These typically have a variety of styles on offer for parents to find something suitable for their child to wear to school. These catalogues also have some of the accessories that a child will need and this includes items such as schoolbags and shoes. 


Kids also need a variety of pencils, sharpeners, rulers, pencil cases, and other accessories for school work. The Ryman catalogue has a back to school section that has this type of equipment and others to consider include the Argos and Identity Direct catalogues. The stationary pieces can be bought individually although they also come in sets.

 Finance Options

 If you're currently strapped for cash you can make use of spread the cost or buy now pay later finance plans too! For those who have been refused credit can opt to go with a no credit check catalogue, but remember, no credit checks usually means higher interest rates! Getting back to school with catalogues is a convenient way to provide your child with everything they require as they return to the classroom after the long summer holiday.

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