Choosing the Right Special Occasion Dress

I love to dress up. When I think back to all of the special occasions that I have attended or been a part of through out my life, there's always been a special dress to go with it. From recitals to prom, fraternity formals and weddings, there are many occasions that call for special attire, and it can be overwhelming to narrow it down to just one or two favorites.

Here are some helpul hints and tips to follow when shopping for a special occasion dress.

*Browse several styles.

There are so many different styles of prom dresses and special occasion dresses available today. Don't lock into any one style before you leave your house. Be willing to try different styles to truly see what might work for you.

*Bring some heels.

Be sure to bring along a pair of shoes with a slight heel, similar to what you might plan to wear with your evening gown or prom dress. Trying the dress on with a pair of shoes gives you a better idea as to how the dress might need to be altered, length-wise.

*Grab two sizes for the fitting room.

If possible, take two sizes of the same dress with you into the fitting room. You'll want to try the size you think you need, of course, but also take one size up with you. It's better to purchase a dress that's a bit too large and have it altered than to buy a dress that is snug, and might not fit by the dtae you intend to wear it. Remember- dresses can be taken in or taken up, but they can't be let out, unless they were large to begin with.

*Listen to opinions.

Don't go dress shopping alone. Take one friend, and your mother, if you can, and ask them for their honest opinions on the dresses you select and try on. Just because something looks good on the hanger, doesn't mean that it's the right dress for you. And remember- don't take offense if they don't like a particular dress on you... they're trying to help you select something that flatters you and that you'll feel comfortable and confident in.

*Let the sales people help.

The sales people in the shop or department store you are in are there to help. Let them help you find the styles, colors and sizes tyou're looking for, and listen to their opinions, as well- they tend to know much more than we think they do regarding what styles flatter different body types. Remember- this is their job, and they're there to help you.

*Give yourself enough time.

Start shopping for your special occasion dress months before you actually need it for your event. For proms taking place in the month of May, start shopping in January or February, giving yourself plenty of time to make your selection, place a special order, if needed, and to have alterations made.

*A high price tag doesn't mean it's better than all the rest.

It's true what they say- you get what you pay for, but I'll never understand folks who spend hundreds and thousands of dollars on their special occasion dresses. When I bought my wedding dress, it was on sale, and I had a special $100.00 off coupon from a bridal fair I had attended the month before. The discount and coupon brought the total cost for my weding dress out of pocket to $99.00! Talk about a deal! Pay attention to sales and special discounts, and take advantage of them if and when you can! has tons of great deals on beautiful dresses!

Need help with styling your dress? Turn to the experts for great tips and style advice!

At the end of the day, remember that you are the one who will be wearing the dress chosen. Be sure that you can breathe while wearing the dress, that you'll be able to easily use the restroom, that you can dance and move around in it, etc. Also, choosing a dress that you can wear for more than just one event or occasion can really save you some money in the long run! Enjoy the shpooing experience- in store or online, and remember that you'll be making some wonderful memories in whatever you choose to wear!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post on behalf of OK Dress, written by me. All thoughts and opinions shared are my own. Your experience may differ. This post does not contain affiliate links.


  1. This is some great advice! I like the tip about taking someone with you!

  2. I love these tips! I always bring someone along with me when I go shopping.

  3. Great tips! I love dressing up too but I rarely get to!

  4. great tips. i wish i had more chances to get dressed up and go out. I really enjoy it


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