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Apple Car Activity & Snack #MBPKidsCorner

Happy Friday! I can't believe that September has pretty much already come and gone. B has been in school for just shy of one month, and though I miss him during those few hours a week that he isn't home with me, I'm getting quite a lot done. On the days that B is home with me all day, I am trying to be better about planning activities to keep him on track and continuing his learning at home. I thought it would be cute for us to do a few apple themed crafts and activities before the month ends and Halloween rolls around.

I saw a cute idea for making an apple car, which is both a fun activity, and turns into a snack, as well.

Here's what you'll need to make a fun apple car with your kiddo(s):

1 apple, washed and cut in half (skin on)
Peanut butter or an alternative (maybe marshmallow fluff), if you cannot use peanut products.
Round shaped pieces of foods for the steering wheel, tires, headlights, etc.
(Oreo Minis, Banana Slices, Chocolate Chips, M&M's, Dried Cranberries, Dried Yogurt Bites etc.)
Driver (We used a Halloween Marshmallow Ghost)

I put a variety of items in mini muffin cups, so B could pick and choose what he wanted to decorate his apple car with. He doesn't have a peanut allergy, so we used peanut butter for the 'glue.'


Make the cab...

With a paring knife, carve out a small square in the apple for the cab of the car. This is where the driver will sit, and where the steering wheel will go. Be careful not to carve all the way through the apple- don't make a complete hole.

Apple car- with tail pipe!

Set out the apple and the 'decorations.' I placed a spoonful of peanut butter in a little cup, and set out one of B's plastic knives, so he could be creative in making his car. I did help him spread the peanut butter in the spots he directed me to.

B couldn't wait to place the marshmallow driver into the apple car, and place an M&M in with him for the steering wheel.

We used dried yogurt bites for the wheels...

Coming along, and looking like an apple car!

We also added yellow and red M&M's for the headlights and tail lights... plus, a dried cranberry for the brake light.


Back of the apple car...

B, super proud of his apple car, and rightfully so!

We had so much fun making a special apple car together. After we made it and scooted it around on the placemat for a bit, B had even more fun deconstructing the car and eating everything off of it- eventually eating the apple, as well. This made for a fun, creative fall apple activity, and took care of our snack time, as well. While B enjoyed his snack, we also read a selection of short stories from Richard Scarry's Busytown Treasury of Stories. B loves the character of Lowly the worm, and his cool apple car!

This activity is a fun idea for kiddos of all ages. It allows them to be creative, and you can tie other activities in with this one, or do what we did, and tie a story in with it.

We hope you enjoyed this special Apple Themed Activity & Snack idea, and we hope you'll try this out with your little ones!


  1. What an adorable idea! I'm definitely going to do this with my little guys!

  2. This is a real Cool Project. Not only do you have fun making it, But twice as much fun eating it! Awesome really like this one!!


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