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Another Visit with Indosole

Back in early July, we brought you a review about a cool company, Indosole, that was helping reduce Indonesian landfills, by using discarded tires to create fun and functional footwear. To read more of that review, click here. Today, I wanted to focus more on what they actually do, so that our readers can see what a truly amazing company they are.
Indosole, was an idea conceived in Bali, Indonesia, back in 2004. Some young people from California were inspired by a pair of unusual sandals they found and also struck by the environmental issues Indonesians were facing. Based in San Fransisco, but produced in Bali, Indosole has found a way to salvage (directly from the landfills in Indonesia), sanitize, and create handmade products to help skilled Balinese artisans and also promote fair trade practices in their workshops. This unique solution to repurpose trash and tires has helped the pollution problem Indonesians are facing.
Check out this video to see more about Indosole's mission
 Indosole focuses on Re-Purposing, Re-Imagining, and Re-Birthing:
Repurpose: With “Re-purposed” products, Indosole offers the most organic, toxic free and environmentally sustainable production process. There is no melting down, off gassing, or reforming of any material—, just strong hands and minds.
Reimagining: Repurposing” is an art of transformation. We learned this from our commitment to the local Balinese crafts people, the wise and resourceful artisans who taught us that waste could be reimagined, transformed into something purposeful. Through our strong relationship, we have saved thousands of tires from overflowing and overcrowded Indonesian landfills. And the thing is, we’'ve only started to get our hands dirty. The more tires we save means a lower production of tire-derived fuel on the island, less landfills; and also, more shoes, more ideas, and an altogether healthier way of living.
Rebirthing: To enhance every aspect of your life, Indosole uses only locally sourced and animal free materials during its transformation of waste into fashionable and functional items. It is our dream to provide you with footwear that not only eliminates waste, but also, can give it a new life. Please join us on our quest to save 1 million waste tires from Indonesian landfills.
Indosole is on a quest to save 1 million tires from landfills and give them new life as soles for their  footwear. Check out the Indosole Tire Ticker at the top of the page to see how many tires they have repurposed and help them get to their ONE MILLION goal. On July 7th, they were at 216,810 and today, as of this post, they are at almost 250,000. That is a lot of tires in just over 2 months, but with your help, we can help them reach that million goal even faster.
 Indosole is also filled with great people, people who want their products to be known about and loved. They shared the opportunity with us to try out the Sambal sandals, which I loved. My sizing was between a 7 and an 8, so they graciously sent me both sizes to try out.
 You can shop their men's collection here or their women's collection here.
The Sambal Sandal
These shoes retail for $45 and were named after a spicy Indonesian chili sauce. The Sambal sandals are really cute, with a very thin platform wedge that gives just enough of a boost, and a lace up front. I like the classic black, but they also come in pink palm,  navy floral, and light pink floral. They are really a great looking sandal and I love wearing them, I get tons of compliments. 
They also feature:
  • Has slight heel - .5 cm
  • 3cm wide toe strap
  • laces in the front
  • Vegan Suede foot bed
  • Batik dyed - Canvas uppers
  • Available in black and all 4 batiks
  • repurposed tire soles

Like I said before, Indosole really wanted me to get great customer service and experience all they offer, so they sent me a size 7 and size 8 Sambal sandal. We had a small issue trying to return the size I did not need, so they asked me to share the other pair with a friend. I had just recently had dinner with a friend, who commented on how cute and comfortable they looked, and I knew she would love to have a pair of her own Sambals. She was super excited to get them and immediately sent me a picture of them. She said they were really comfy and a definite wear for her!
I thank Jessica too, for providing us with the opportunity to work with and share Indosole!
Want It? Buy It!
 Ready to wear some Indosole of your own? Shop the catalog here now. You can also follow Indosole on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram,  Vimeo, Twitter, Tumblr, or Pinterest. You can read more about Indosole and their journey on their blog here. You may also be able to find a store near you, check out the store locator to see, unfortunately there is not a store near me. Indosole is having an end of summer sale, please use the code BTS14 for 20% off your order.
Thanks again and again to Indosole!

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