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With a Dash of Magic & Touch of Whimsy, Servane Barrau Serves Up a Sweet Recipe for Children's Fashion #Review

Even though I am not the most fashion forward person on the planet, I must admit that a part of me totally LOVES shopping for my girls! There is just something about picking up a frilly little outfit (or even a not so frilly but equally adorable outfit) and imagining either of my daughters parading around in it.

Recently we got to work with the fine folks at Servane Barrau Designs! Servane Barrau is designer from France, now living in Montreal. She was born to very creative parents, and they noticed at a young age, that Servane emebllished things differently. Servane recognized that all children are unique individuals, and have different ways of doing things and expressing themselves. Servane began to explore the world of children's fashion, and began designing pieces, perhaps like a child would- pieces that reflect whimsy, dream-like scenes and colors. They are getting ready to release their charming fall/winter collection, called "Servane and the Chocolate Factory" and we got to sample a very sweet dress!

How Adorable is the Servane Barrau Logo? 

Once Drew realized that 1. There was a dress in the package and 2. Said dress was for her, she nearly cartwheeled around the house. If she knew how to do a cartwheel, she would have cartwheeled around the house for sure, she could not wait to try this dress on! 

I Could Barely Snap A Picture, She Kept Jumping Around! 

Drew has got quite a fashion sense already, even though she is not even 7 yet! She helps choose (or more accurately she chooses and I usually agree on) outfits for herself and Reese. Her personal style is slowly transforming to include more than just dresses and skirts, but she still has a strong preference for the "dress-up" look. 

Reese Getting in on the Picture- Yes Drew Picked Out Reese's Outfit!

Because Reese is quite the skilled photo-bomber, we decided to wait until naptime to get a few pictures of Drew in her new Servane Barrau Designs dress. Drew was ecstatic to play "fashion show" and all the poses pictured are self-directed. I seriously have no idea where she comes up with this stuff!

This Might Be My Favorite!

Not Too Sure What to Do With Her Hands?

She Feels Pretty, Oh So Pretty!

Okay, Maybe THIS ONE is My Favorite!

But This One is Pretty Darn Sweet Too!

So Precious!

This Reindeer Bib Dress is so precious. The print is just so sweet, I love the small reindeer, snowmen, and peppermint candies. The pom-poms are also a big hit because they remind us of Tinkerbell (a big star in our house), who wears similar pom-poms on her shoes! Drew cannot wait to wear it later this year and has already been coming up with different ways to "rock it". She's also been studying the Chocolate Factory catalog we received with the dress, making a wish list of the items she would like to see in her closet. By the way, her closet already has way more clothes in it than mine does!

Pointing Out One of Her Servane Favorites!

Check out a few of the designs we love...

Ice Blue Panda Dress-
Ice Blue and Panda Dress

Little Black Dress-
Little Black Dress

Strawberry Dress-
Strawberry Dress

Grey Panda Turtleneck Dress-
Grey Panda Dress

Servane Barrau's designs are truly unique, and magical. Any little girl would be delighted to dress up in one of these frilly, lovely designs! The Fall/Winter collection is full of whimsy, so if you're doing a little back to school shopping, and are looking for something extra special, look no further!

Want it? Buy It! 

Visit the Servane Barrau Website and check out all of their designs, including those in the new Fall/Winter catalog. You can also check out their Store Locator to see if there are any stores near you that carry Servane Barrau items. Remember to keep in touch with Servane Barrau on  Facebook , Pinterest,  and  Twitter

Special thanks to the kind folks over at Servane Barrau, for allowing us to be a part of the excitement around their new Fall/Winter clothing launch, and allowing to share about it with out readers!

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