Weekends with the Wigglesworths- Summer is Winding Down

We have been back from our Florida vacation since last Sunday, and I have been missing it every day since. This summer went by entirely too fast, and it is almost time for Drew to head back to school, this time as a second-grader!

First Day of First Grade!

I am trying to squeeze every last bit of fun we can out of the 9 measly days we have left of vacation. I am really sad to see it end. This weekend, we have a baby shower and I have plans to attempt making homemade laundry detergent and dryer sheets! Since we have fellowship at church tomorrow, I am also going to be making something delicious to share. We still have a trip to Quassy Amusement Park to take (hopefully before school starts back up) and I really want to have a few more Mommy/Daughter sleepovers. I think I might also work with Drew on making a list of things she would like to do during the weekends of the school year, kind of like our Summer to do list, so that going back to school doesn't seem so.....blah!

We did accomplish quite a bit this summer, and I am so glad we got to make such awesome family memories. I know she is going to have a blast at school and it will be nice for her to see her friends that she missed over the summer.

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